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The Animal Heart & Soul Communication Community is our heart and soul based community for those pursuing their highest good in the field of animal communication through targeted intuitive and spiritual development, practice sessions and ongoing support.

This community is available at NO charge for our animal communication students who have taken either an in person class or a teleclass (class by phone, webphone or Skype.)

As a thank you to our students, you receive:

  • A weekly article that focuses on intuitive or spiritual development (over 130 articles available we have written just for our AC students!)
  • A weekly article that focuses on holistic animal care that animals want you to know to help your life and theirs (over 175 articles written.)
  • An invitation to join our practice group to hone your animal communication abilities (2 great ways to practice)
  • The opportunity to contact us and ask general questions about intuitive skills (priceless)
  • Our students are also eligible to purchase the set of animal communication audio meditations (ones from class + bonus ones) after they have taken the class with us.  Get the password from us to purchase.

If you would love to join us:

Article comments from our students:

I thoroughly enjoy the articles by Kim and Allison.  Too many times to count they have resonated with what was going on in my own life, and the information contained in these articles is invaluable.  Often I refer back to them and look forward to what I will learn in the next email.  Thank you both for sharing your knowledge with us all!  Michelle, USA

As always, thank you so much for this información. You have helped me so much. God bless you!!  Lucy, Mexico

I am so grateful to have met Kim and Allison.  Thank you for your wonderful pioneering spirits.  You and your work continue to educate and inspire in me the desire to keep my focus clear.  We all need a lot of support for that!  Thank you for sharing!  Meegan, USA

Your articles are inspiring, encouraging and uplifting.  I read your articles faithfully and look forward to each one.  Deb, Canada

This article came at the exact perfect time.  I needed a push!!  Thank you for all the awesome articles!!  Love getting these!!  Blessings, Bridgit, USA