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With Holistic Animal Care you can help the animals in your care live happier, healthier and longer lives by transforming your passion into reality.

Holistic care means looking at the animal as a whole, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. We have over 30 years experience in holistic animal care.  With our knowledge and expertise, we have created a ONE stop shop for holistic animal care learning.

Whether you are an animal professional or desire to become one, learn how to utilize holistic care to expand your practice, increase your revenue and increase the value of your current services.  Our tools are also beneficial if you are a pet parent.  You can learn to provide professional quality care to your animals while deepening your relationship plus saving time and money.

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Holistic animal care and animal communication classes, The Lightfoot Way Houston, Texas, USA
Professional holistic animal care training, The Lightfoot Way, Houston, Texas, USA

You can learn how to do everything we do.  Let us awaken ALL the abilities in you.  You’ll find we make learning fun & simple!

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