Halloween is tomorrow.

Holistic animal care (HAC) is sometimes referred to as natural or integrative. HAC may seem spooky or just plain ‘out there.’

You may already use HAC for the animals in your life or it may be newer to you.  We challenge you to take a closer look as we ‘demystify’ some misperceptions about holistic animal wellness.

  • Holistic care is solely product based such as pet food, supplements, shampoos, etc. HAC goes far beyond tangible products as there are methods that involve the body, mind and spirit like animal communication, muscle testing, energy work, SASA, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and even dog yoga.
  • Holistic care methods focus mainly on acupuncture, chiropractic services and laser therapy.  While these therapies are common in holistic veterinary practices, HAC consists of so many modalities in addition to the above such as flower essences, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, color therapy, acupressure, massage and homeopathy. Holistic animal care is a growing field and more pet parents and animal professionals are learning how to help animals of all kinds and all ages to live happier, healthier, and longer lives.
  • Holistic care only works on an emotional level. While most illness and disease are emotional based for both animals and people, HAC works to bring the whole body back into balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. When emotional/behavioral type situations are going on with an animal, we have found that animal communication often shows up as one of the top ways to help.
  • Holistic care is difficult to learn. The most common mistake people make is applying human holistic protocols to animals, because animals are far more sensitive than we are. With proper knowledge (put on your magic hat), most holistic methods can be learned easily from the comfort of your home. If anyone tells you they’re ‘gifted’, run from them, as that’s their ego speaking. Everyone is capable of learning how to offer HAC, including talking to animals.
  • Holistic care is expensive.  HAC can be affordable, especially if you’re looking at your animal’s whole quality of life. Muscle testing is the key to finding out exactly what nutrition and methods your animal needs and the order of priority, along with any respective amounts and time frame. For instance, if your animal needs aromatherapy, muscle testing can tell you the correct essential oils, application process, number of drops, frequency and duration. HAC can save you time, money, and your animal’s well-being.
  • Holistic care takes a long time to see results. You can have immediate results with HAC. Not every animal or situation will respond right away, but many will. HAC can help improve or resolve the majority of physical and behavioral issues.
  • Holistic care is only appropriate for occasional use. When HAC is part of your regular routine, you’ll see the rewards. Get hooked and you’ll crave the ability to provide the best for the animals in your care. Keep in mind that when you learn how to help animals, you can apply these techniques for your own benefit.

HAC can help you think outside of the “box”.  For instance, the color Orange can stimulate the appetite, help with congestion and circulation, and bring animals out of depression. Be cautious of too much orange as it is a derivative of red which can agitate an existing situation.  The color Black can aid blood pressure, provide empowerment and help with being grounded. Too much can be depressing, though.

HAC is a complement to traditional veterinary care. Team up with a holistic vet if you haven’t done so but don’t be afraid to learn some HAC methods yourself.  If you already utilize HAC in your life, challenge yourself to explore more options and perhaps share some thoughts with others.

Make holistic animal care a way of life, not a last resort. There’s nothing to be scared about. When holistic animal wellness comes directly from you, it comes from your heart and soul, and your animals will thank you!

Halloween Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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