Advanced Animal Communication Teleclass

The advanced animal communication teleclass will help you take your animal communication skills and your relationship with animals to the next level.  If you thought the first class was amazing, just wait!  In this teleclass you will:

  • Receive an angelic attunement by distance that opens up your intuitive abilities even more
  • Do a special meditation that provides guidance and help you on your journey of communicating with animals
  • Learn how to determine what physical issues are affecting an animal as a “medical intuitive”
  • Learn how to help resolve behavioral issues through problem resolution
  • Learn how to get answers to more complex questions

Special Bonuses:

  • Learn the detailed format of how to help lost animals
  • Students who complete this teleclass may attend the complimentary monthly call dedicated to students who are serious about taking their skills to the next level.

Class Format:

  • A small group situation provides an ideal learning environment in the advanced animal communication teleclass.
  • Teleclass will be recorded.
  • Upon completion of 2 homework assignments via email correspondence, you’ll be emailed a PDF certificate of completion for Advanced Animal Communication.
  • There is a 1-1.5 hour follow up group class call after the homework completion
  • An animal communication class/teleclass is a pre-requisite to the advanced class. You may have taken animal communication with any teacher.
  • Taking this class does not qualify you to say you are a professional communicator or received your professional training though it is the second step of your incredible journey.  Click here to learn about our professional animal communication certification program.

Laurie and her two dachshunds, The Lightfoot WayThe best thing I have ever done to improve my relationship with my animals was to take the animal communication class with The Lightfoot Way. Such a wonderful bond you can share with your animals no matter where you are. And it only got better and stronger after taking the advanced course. The techniques Kim and Allison share with you in this course will take your skill to an unbelievable level of communicating with your furables!! So glad I didn’t put off taking this course thinking “I wasn’t” ready. This course gave me the confidence I needed to go beyond my expectations. Laurie from Texas, Owner of Synchronized Kneads

The idea of the intuitive communication with animals had touched my soul long ago but I didn’t really move on this way. I needed some nudge, some guidance. I tried to develop the skill on my own before but there was a lack of someone who would tell you: “Yes! You’re doing right! That’s it!” Kim and Allison became such guides. They directed me and infused confidence in me. I have known… or to be more precise… felt, experienced so much with my heart and soul. I did commune with animals, I asked them questions, I felt their presence, I received the visions and messages from them. And that tremendous unconditional love… I also have known wonderful people, so opened, kind and sincere. This whole experience also brought me so much comfort to deal with the lost of my beloved cat companion, whose passing actually pushed me to embark on this journey. I thank Kim and Allison so much for opening my heart and for their great input to make our world full of love and wonders.

The advanced animal communication teleclass was even more amazing and thrilling. It touched my heart so deeply. It teaches you not only to create more profound connection with animals and resolve more serious problems. But it also helps you to connect to your true self and uncover your soul.  I felt as if I was born again. That was really fascinating… I give thanks to Kim and Allison for their guidance and care and all the beauty they bring.  Galina from Russia

I have always felt a connection to animals and I always wanted to know what they were thinking and feeling, but had no idea how to do that.  Taking the Animal Communication teleclass with Kim and Allison opened my channels!  For the first time in my life, I was able to see, feel and hear what the animals I connected with were trying to tell me or show me.  When they announced that there would be an advanced class, I signed up immediately.  The Advanced Animal Communication teleclass opened my channels even further!  I was able to connect with several animals and see and feel where they hurt, or where they had been injured in the recent as well as the distant past.  This helped to understand some of their current issues or behavioral problems.  Being able to tell an owner the hows or whys leads to an understanding and gives them a path to help their pet overcome a problem and/or a health issue that had not been know or recognized by the owner.

I am so looking forward to continue my path with all animals and I have Kim and Allison and all of my classmates, who gave me the encouragement and conviction to keep opening my heart and connecting with all living beings!

Thank you just seems so inadequate for all that I have learned and continue to learn from the animals!  Love and light, Jan from Florida

The advanced animal communication course really spurred on my capabilities and helped me hone my skills while working with behavior problems and health issues. Being able to work directly with my own animals in this capacity has been priceless as I have many older animals under my care, and I have successfully been able to understand their illness and pain as well as how to help them be more comfortable.  Kara from Montana

Teleclass Date:  Sunday, October 23rd; registration due by October 15th

Teleclass Time: 9 am-6 pm mountain time with breaks throughout day  (Click here to learn what a teleclass is.)

Follow Up Phone Session Date:  to be determined by poll

Follow Up Phone Session Time: 6:30 pm mountain time (1-1.5 hours)

Phone or Web Call:

  • You can call on a phone.
  • You can use a a web phone on your computer with a microphone and speaker (the web phone is provided by company we use at no charge.)  You must use the Firefox or Chrome browser in order to use the web phone.  You must have a computer or laptop with a microphone and speaker (not a tablet or ipad.)
  • If you are outside the U.S., you can use local numbers here if you would like to.

Cost:  $297 or 2 payments of $157   Click here to register.  Should you need an installment plan let us know and we will work with you.  (If you want to retake the teleclass for $197, please click here.)

Bonus:  Students who complete this teleclass may attend the complimentary monthly call dedicated to students who are serious about taking their skills to the next level.  Click here to see student comments about these exciting calls at the bottom of the page.

Cancellation Policy:  Due to the small size of the class, payment is refunded if cancellation is made 14 days or more from class date.  Payment is forfeited if cancellation made less than 14 days from class date.  There are no transfers.

Hello fellow students, my name is Tere and I just finished taking the Advanced Animal Communication Teleclass.   I’d like to encourage any and all of you who have taken your first step into the world of “communicating with  animals” to take the Advances class. This class went so much deeper in understanding the how, when and why.   Just imagine, learning how to listen to behavior problems, as well as finding out how and what your pet is feeling when he/she hurt.   Whoa! A whole NEW avenue.   And then to top it off with a cherry, can you imagine, losing your pets and how much better of a chance to find them.  

So to me this would be like buying a pair of shoes and only leaving with one shoe.  Ha! Ha!  I know, my analogy is a little quirky…. but that’s just what it feels like to me.  Last but not least! Kim introduces me to my SPIRIT ANIMAL!  He’s a Bear 🐻 he came to me and his name is Tam Tam!   He’ll always be with me to help me out. So, thank you for reading my message.  I truly hope and encourage each and everyone to take the ADVANCED TELECLASS. WISHING EVERYONE LOVE, LIGHT IN YOUR JOURNEY INTO THE WORLD OF COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR ANIMALS. 💚💙❤️💚  Tere from Texas

barbGAACAfter taking the first animal communication class long distance, I was very excited to take the advanced animal communication teleclass. I learned so much in the first one and the advanced class rounded out my communicating abilities.  By early afternoon I was able to help sort out behavioral problems (with possible solutions offered by the animal themselves) from physical problems. A few of the animals were acting out because of food allergies or uncomfortable (to them) litter. It was fascinating and helpful.

After the class I kept in touch with one of the classmates and we were able to work through some issues with her horses as well as pinpoint some physical ailments.  Shortly after taking the advanced class, one of my barn cats became ill and with the training I was able to talk with him. He let me know the first day he was going to try and fight but the next day he asked me to let him go, which I did. As I was leaving the vet’s I heard him thank me and saw him running across the sky. I wouldn’t have had those experiences without Kim and Allison’s classes.

If you are able to, I would highly recommend continuing with the advanced course right after the basic. It adds so much! Kim and Allison are so very helpful and patient with all questions. They are truly a blessing!  Barb from Oregon

Thank you Kim and Allison for being awesome leaders and teachers. You are well organized and so very helpful. I have enjoyed both communication classes very much. I still feel like I have a long way to go, but I feel very supported for the journey ahead.  Terri from California