It’s Earth Day on April 22nd and the animals want you to think about ways to honor Mother Earth and all of life.

You may do some of these things already or they may be new to you.  No matter what, Mother Earth, animals, nature and humans can reap the rewards that you sow.

Besides reduce, reuse, recycle, here are some Earth Day thoughts from the animals:

  • Plant a tree or garden.  This can be in tribute to an animal or person.  It can be a special kind of garden like those that attract bees, butterflies or hummingbirds.
  • Save seeds to help protect biodiversity.  Check out the Seed Savers Exchange here.  There may even be a seed exchange in your community, as there has been in my small town.
  • Understand water on a profound level.  Click here to learn more about the wisdom of turtles (Turtles are a symbol of Mother Earth) and life-giving water.
  • Take a hike and really become one with nature.  Click here to learn how to take particular steps while you are in nature to have a deeper connection.
  • Learn to communicate with animals and nature.  If you really want to strengthen your connection with all of life, including yourself and humanity, click here to expand your horizons.
  • Learn innate energy work.  Click here for a downloadable document on how to offer this natural healing ability that can open interconnection doorways for you and can be offered to yourself, humans, animals, nature and Mother Earth, including world situations.
  • Volunteer in your local community to benefit Earth.  Explore possibilities where live such as a community garden, beach or river clean up, etc.
  • Sign petitions that benefit animals and nature.  There are many wonderful organizations dedicated to conservation and preservation.  It’s something easy you can do from your home.
  • Remove chemicals from in and outside of your home.  Click here to learn more about how to avoid toxins, including pet, home and lawn products.
  • Attend children’s events if you’re a parent.  There are Earth Day events just for kids that can encourage and nurture their awareness and love of nature.

For more information on Earth Day Live and Earth Day 2021, please click here.

For this Earth Day, try something new to honor your animals and all of life on our beautiful Mother Earth.

Earth Day Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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