Angels are truly amongst you and your animals.

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I’ll never forgot my first class that I took on angels.  I communicated with angels for the first time.  I could hear their thoughts they wanted to share with me.  I knew how to speak to animals and so when I realized I could also converse with angels, I was literally on cloud nine!

That one class started my adventure with the angels, learning as much as I could from different teachers over the many years.  Allison joined me for some of these classes, and we had such an angelic time together.

The word “Angel” originates from the Greek word “Angelos”, which means messenger.  Angels are celestial beings that have never existed on Earth as humans, though they may take “human” form temporarily so we can see them.

How can you define the existence of angels or the timeline in history when these winged beings became what we think of as angels? It is known that angels in some capacity, were recorded and recognized by humans since the beginning of civilization. Angels are found within three key religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. However, angels or divine, benevolent beings, were also found within Sumerian, Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian and Greek writings and depictions, and played a major influence on the ideas regarding “angels” within the key religions themselves.

The angels have taught us so much and perhaps you have learned from them, too.  They have amazing qualities such as:

  • Promote your deep spiritual growth
  • Help to create harmony within yourself and among cultures
  • Support and guide you in very practical ways like sending career opportunities or nurturing relationships
  • Offer energetic healing
  • Help raise your connection with your Higher Power
  • Promote child-like thoughts and freedom
  • Facilitate energetic shifts to a higher vibration
  • Aid in the divine communication between the earth and heaven
  • Symbol of love, hope, faith, innocence, purity, intelligence, and strength

We have learned that you can call on angels anytime for immediate assistance, as they love you unconditionally.  They are always present, but because of our free will, we should reach out and ask them for assistance.

Did you know that animals can often detect the presence of an angel?  Animals can tune in more easily to other energies than most humans can.  They can sense when the spirit of a person or animal is present, along with their awareness of angelic beings.  When animals seem to stare at something you can’t see, it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t focused or are experiencing dementia.  Perhaps they are seeing a loved one that has crossed over or an angel.

Just like animals, angels are often trying to give us signs and guidance, we just don’t realize it.   Even numbers are significant with the angels.  Like this week, I was walking my dog and five blue birds appeared in a row on the nearby fence line and I hadn’t seen any blue birds in quite some time.  Five can mean change is about to occur.  I’ve been seeing 5’s lately, and immediately I knew this was a reminder of upcoming changes that are happening with my family, which have been weighing on my mind.  But with the beautiful blue birds as deliverer of the angelic message, the ‘5’ is confirming in my heart that these are changes that will ultimately provide happiness for my family.

There are all kinds of angelic signs, from even ringing in your ears to flashes of light, so you can’t always chalk up these types of occurrences to a physical issue going on with you. Might it just be that an angel is trying to reach you?

One of our angel teachers used to joke about how the angels are unemployed, because most people don’t think to call on them for their guidance.  Many people are familiar with the archangels, like Michael, but there is so much more to the angelic world.  It is thought there are different levels of angels and within each level, the various angels have different responsibilities.  Understanding individual angels and their roles can truly help you to see how the angelic realm is capable of assisting you in your daily life.

The angels continue to help myself and Allison in both our personal and professional lives.  They are a constant celestial presence, reminding us of the divine light that embraces our world and humanity.  If you are not aware of the angels in your life or would like to have a closer relationship with them, perhaps this interests you, especially during this monumental time in history as Mother Earth and humanity are shifting into fifth and sixth dimension.

We have been guided by the animals and St. Francis of Assisi to teach a class on angels as part of our Fantastical Beings series.  In this final class of the series you will learn:

  • The enchanting history of angels
  • Levels of angels and their roles
  • Individual archangels and their attributes
  • Metaphysical properties of angels
  • Creating sacred space to attract specific angels
  • Sensing angels along with signs and symbols
  • Receiving angelic guidance
  • Healing with angels

Sign up for any of the Fantastical Being courses or register for the live, two-part Zoom Angel Class that begins October 27th.  

Click here to learn more and register for this angelic class or any classes from the series.

If you desire, you can earn a certificate for each class.  While it’s more beneficial to attend the Zoom classes live, you can also watch the recordings and still earn a certificate if you desire.

We hope you’ll consider joining us for this angelic adventure that starts October 27th with registration due by October 20th.

Angelic Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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