Animal Communication Class Testimonials

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Kim just letting you know that if it were not for you coming here and teaching the animal communication class , i do not know how long I would be in a deep depression of my cat’s leaving…. well short story, healing is taking place… the wound being filled.  Thank you for helping me move the stuck energy and look at it with clarity.   GW

Thank you, Kim and Alison, for the best ever animal communication class (took teleclass) I have ever taken.  Yes, yours is the one, and I am sticking with you guys (ladies).  Everything is timing.  Sandra, USA

Thank you for such a beautiful workshop in Animal Communication (teleclass). You both had prepared our small class so well. I so much appreciated the fact, that you took care to connect with me to check the systems prior to the workshop and fit the same to my timezone. The heads up that you gave about preparing our bodies for the energy to flow helped me to also get into your timezone and not feel fatigued at all. Through the workshop, thank you both for holding space or each of us, answering every small question that popped up, giving each of us enough and more time to speak and eventually gently nudging each of us to trust our own intuition and connect with the beautiful sentient beings in body and spirit. After the whole day’s workshop, I was absolutely energized. It was 3 AM when I wrapped up registering for the advanced teleclass. This experience was so enriching, surreal, and life-changing. Still blown away with yesterday’s experience. I do believe you now when you say that anyone can connect with animals after a day-long workshop. Thank you once again, for this beautiful experience. Love and light, Bonnie, Germany

Without this course, I never would have broken through the insecurities I held and self-doubt about talking to animals. I took a course prior to The Lightfoot Ways and was so disappointed. I thought I was never going to be able to make a connection and successfully talk to animals. On a whim, I took Kim’s animal communication course level 1. I appreciated the style and layout of the course as well as having the opportunity to communicate with animals in real time. That alone made me extremely nervous BUT helped me push through my anxieties and forced me to just do it and believe it! The responses from the pet’s parents are confirming and encouraging, the proof someone might need to realize that they are doing it. That alone was priceless. Without this class I may have quite simply given up. Kara, USA

I recently had the privilege of attending the Animal Communication class with Kim offered by The Lightfoot Way.  I was amazed by the wealth of information presented and astounded that we were able to put our newly discovered abilities to immediate use.  Meeting other like-minded individuals was the icing on the cake!  I am excited to continue my pet education with The Lightfoot Way and feel extremely blessed to have found them.  Much love, Nancy, USA

Kim thank you for an amazing day yesterday at the animal communication class!  I felt so at peace in your Montana home and so enjoyed meeting you.  I am very grateful for the opportunity you are providing to allow me to step deeper into who I am.  Lonnie, USA

When some stray pups (two on their death beds) in a public park “adopted “ my son, little did I know they would lead me to The Lightfoot Way..very soon the number grew to a dozen, and we already had two at home. Though we took care of the ones in the park, we could not prevent the abuse by humans, so consequently, a couple of them developed behavioral issues, mainly fear based aggression. While searching desperately for a solution, I thought of animal communication (having read “The elephant whisperer” years ago).  It’s still a novel concept here in India, so I searched online.  Meanwhile, I had subscribed to The Lightfoot Way newsletter and found the articles very interesting….finally, I was able to take the Animal Communication basic and advanced teleclasses in March 2018, when I was 65.  It seemed the best option among the many I had looked at—for more reasons than one, including the time span and affordability.  It couldn’t have been a better choice!  The guided meditations and exercises are wonderful, and the amount one can learn (almost hands on, even online) in one day (our whole night!) is astounding. The regular mails/articles continue to give strategies and tips to enhance what we learn in the classes. However, the rest of course depends on practice, which I have to admit I’m lacking in, despite the many opportunities offered through practice groups and practice den. However, the little I have tried has been amazing. We live in a remote village in the foothills of the Himalayas, so monkeys are frequent visitors…this agitates our three dogs, so on a couple of occasions, I decided to appeal to the monkeys to please help me and move away, and it worked!! It is even turning my skeptical son into a believer in animal communication! As they say, animal communication is indeed life changing!  Despite this lengthy write up, I have not been able to encompass the blessings of knowing Kim and Allison….not just through the Learning Center and classes, but as the most patient, supportive and kind individuals who have helped me navigate (and continue to do so) through serious challenges with over a dozen dogs, including one whom I could not have rescued and brought home after a year’s efforts, without their help and guidance. Heartfelt gratitude and blessings, Kim and Allison, and may The Lightfoot Way grow from strength to strength! Nita, India

Since the teleclass, I am much more aware of everything I am thinking about my animals, or I’m way more tuned into that they have a lot more understanding of me than I knew, and they are more tuned into me than I knew, and I have to be careful and honor the relationship on a different level than I have before.  I’ve always loved them but it’s been more like a “pet” relationship; now it feels more like an equal relationship and it’s a bit of an adjustment for me.  Since the class, I’ve been much more aware of all of the communication that has been going on between me and my animals, that I hadn’t been conscious of, but now I realize there is a lot of communication going on all the time.  From the class I got the feeling that animals are very wise, maybe even wiser than we are.  Mellie (one of my cats) is teaching me things.  When I come out of meditation, she immediately comes to sit on my lap, as if to say, that was real and we really are doing this together.  Ellen, USA

I first heard of The Lightfoot Way when I was exploring my spirituality when I was 15, but I didn’t first contact Kim until I was 16.  We began talking over email until I took her animal communication class.  Kim’s class helped me to become a more confident communicator and trust in myself more.  It took time but she continued to mentor me and help me communicate with my animal guides who I still am close with today.  If it was not for Kim I do not believe I would be as experienced in my communicating skills or trust myself as much.  She is a very compassionate person and I have to say she is a good friend.  I believe she will inspire people to change their ways for many more years to come.  Eric, USA

Oh yes, I’ve used animal communicators in the past to ask my horse if her saddle was causing her back soreness or to negotiate a peaceful living situation between a found dog and my elderly fur baby; but, did I ever dream that I could communicate with animals…. Never!!  I recently took a giant leap of faith and signed up for just such a class with the Lightfoot Way.  I was so excited and so incredibly nervous the day of the class – which I was assured was very common.  Fortunately, much of my  anxiety quickly  dissipated in the presence  and support of the like-minded women I met there.   We all shared  a  deep passion for animals, nature, and our amazing planet!  Kim was our leader and guide on this adventure; and who better than this  amazing woman whose passion and  mission it is to holistically enhance the lives and relationships between  people and animals .  Throughout the class Kim was an awesome facilitator with a wealth of experience not just in animal communication, but with animal wellness in general and what I loved most was  how freely and  generously she shared  her knowledge with us. Kim was relaxed, patient, and highly creative in the way she led nervous Nellie’s like me into calmness through meditation, visualization and writing exercises.  She was extremely supportive and created a safe and sacred space within which we might step out into a new dimension of awareness.  To me, she made novel experiences fun and surprisingly easy.  The morning’s exercises laid solid ground work for our afternoon session and I know we all surprised and amazed ourselves and each other with the detailed, verifiable readings we were able to give about  beloved pets both living and in spirit.   As it is sometimes easy to be carried by the collective energy of a class , Kim also had us  complete two homework assignments to cement the skills and self confidence in our minds and hearts.  The  entire Animal Communication experience was life altering for me and I now find myself on a quest to want  greater knowledge about holistic  animal wellness.  I am exceedingly grateful to Kim and Alison for making that possible through their Learning Center and have already signed up!  So, if you get an email about animal communication that makes you pause, read it a second time, save it for another day…. If it speaks to you heart and to your soul…. I say: Take a Leap of Faith!  Rita, USA

My soul needed this teleclass!  Thank you both for a great experience!  Thank you Kim and Allison for all you do for the animals and for sharing it with us!  I’m looking forward to opening up even more!  Marlene, USA

I have had the most amazing experience with Kim and Allison’s Animal Communication Teleclass.  I was curious how much I could achieve via teleclass, but I was thrilled and shocked at what I was able to accomplish.  I had amazing feedback and felt my communications were accurate, more than I ever thought possible.  It’s been two days since the teleclass and I had an incredible adventure this morning.  I have two large Rhodesian Ridgebacks that I took on a hike, one off lead and one on a flexi-lead.  As we hiked the trails they both went on scent and took me off trail (it’s very difficult to deter a Ridgeback from something they have on sight or scent).  The piney woods here are extremely thick, so it took all of my concentration not to fall or become entangled in thorns.  They were totally consumed with this scent, zig-zagging all over and I do enjoy when they are able to act in a natural, primal way. They kept going further and further into the woods and I suddenly became worried about finding my way back to the trail.  I stopped to catch my breath and out of nowhere, a Red Tailed Hawk flew overhead.  Raptors and birds-of-prey have always been a totem animal for me.  Out loud I casually said, “Hello Red Tail,” and it flew out of view.  Moments later, the hawk flew back over head this time just barely above the tree tops.  He circled twice, each time turning his head to keep eye contact with me.  Without asking, I heard him say in my mind, “Hello!  You’re looking for the trail… it’s this way!”  As he flew away, I marked his direction with the shadows made by the trees and headed that way with all the confidence as if I’d had a compass in my hand.  In no time at all, we were back on the trail.  Red Tail had led me on the most direct route possible.  I thanked him and my dogs for such an amazing hike and will treasure it for the rest of my life.  I can’t wait to continue learning from Kim and Allison!  Jennifer, USA

I always had a love of animals, but because I am a pretty type-A person who struggles with meditating and relaxation, I thought that I might not be the best fit for learning to communicate with them. But I had to try it out. I took the animal communication class and I discovered that the process of talking with animals calms me and opens my heart in a way that no other form of meditation/spiritual connection has been able to. The time I spend in connection with an animal seems so purposeful and interactive, yet it somehow clears my mind and relaxes my entire body. It’s an amazing experience, and I would recommend this class to absolutely anyone who desires to learn from the creatures that surround us. To me, animals are my angels, my teachers, and my guides. I just have to be willing to open my heart to what they have to say. Thanks Kim and Allison for making this experience accessible to everyone! Stephanie, USA

I want you and Allison to know how much I appreciate the spirit (no pun intended) of your work and the dedication and follow through that were evident in all aspects of your teleclass.  The assignments, pre-seminar work, seminar format and follow-up have been incredibly impressive and thorough.  I thank you for reaching out to me personally as well and truly have a heart felt connection for the both of you.  I look forward to continuing this journey as I morph from my current circumstance in a demanding business environment to doing things that make me happy such as being with animals.  Dawn, USA

The Lightfoot Way Animal Communication Class is a class that every animal lover and pet owner should learn!  We had the privilege of taking this class and it has truly enlightened us in a very powerful way.  Every one that loves animals can tune in and communicate effortlessly.  Kim Shotola, the owner and class coordinator, is amazing and gives everyone the guidance and support needed.  The world is a better place with The Lightfoot Way and our hope for these classes are to be universal.  Our animals need a voice and this class gives them one.  Deb & Jeff, Canada

The animal communication class is a heart consciousness expanding experience that shatters conventional notions of reality. This class is taught through a series of systematic exercises that awaken the student’s intuition and gently lead him or her into a different reality. Animals are ready to talk to us! Kim and Allison are the guides who show you the way. They are compassionate and will inspire the trust and confidence of any student who has the good fortune to be under their guidance. I recommend this class to anyone who wants a better understanding of animals and what they have to teach us. Nina, USA

I now get better communication with my cats. I just tell them with visions of what I want them to do and they just will do it!!!  Especially when I want them to avoid bad behaviors that in another time would have taken me days to make them understand. The last amazing thing that happened to me was these holiday vacations when I returned home and couldn´t find my cat. She has a cat door so can be outside or inside the house. I was worried about her since it was kind of late and usually when we are not home she would rather stay in. So I telecommunicated with her asking where she was and she replayed “I am exploring the night” and asked me where I was (before leaving home I talked to her and my other cat that we were going to be out for a couple of days), at this point I was quite amazed because I realized that she was communicating without realizing that I was still out since I kept communicating with her from the beach where we were. I let her know that we where at home and she said “I am coming right away!!” – after a minute or so she appeared at home. Pretty amazing!! Lucy, Mexico

I have only been to 2 of Kim’s workshops so far, but I plan to take many more! Kim is an excellent teacher who explains everything in a way that’s very understandable. She also takes the time to answer any questions that come up. She is a warm and openhearted person – one of those rare individuals who is able to maintain a spiritual/intellectual balance. I am grateful for the experience of attending Kim’s workshops. I enjoy meeting everyone and always feel like we’re all old friends by the end of the class! I learn so much and gain so much with each workshop. I’m able to apply everything she teaches directly to my life – with wonderful results.  Shannon, USA

I would highly recommend taking the animal communication class. It is definitely something that everyone can do. Even some skeptics in the class I attended were blown away by the messages they received from the animals of others in the class. Things they could not possibly have known unless the messages truly came from the animals. It was great fun and Kim is a wonderful instructor. Very gentle and encouraging. This is a “must do” for anyone with pets at home or for those who work with animals in any way.  Kathy, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed both animal communication classes. I learned alot about communicating with animals and about myself.  I’m grateful to Kim for all she did and recommend the classes to anyone interested in helping or working with our four legged companions.  Susan, USA

I want you to know that I really enjoyed the class…it was better than I anticipated!  🙂  Your home has a wonderful energy about it (as do you) and you are an excellent instructor.  There is definitely a reason I was supposed to be there today and I think this experience will be even more important for me in the near future.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, I just know something more is coming.  Even though I was exhausted by the time I got home, it was that “good kind of tired” you get when you feel like you really accomplished something.  Today’s class was a wonderful experience for me and I thank you for making us all feel very  comfortable and important.  I look forward to seeing you again some day.  Donah, USA

I’ve enjoyed participating in the Practice Den and all the articles you and Allison have written.  So many helpful tips and information.  I hope to continue learning – I’ve kept a log of everything and it’s been just an amazing adventure.  Most importantly thank you for helping me learn to communicate with animals.  The animal communication class helped me find my way.  I knew I could do it I just didn’t know how to get there.  Best wishes.  Delilah, USA

Allison, I just wanted to thank you especially for your support & the loving emails you have sent in response to my two solo readings. Your encouragement means SO MUCH!! It was a whole lot easier for me to approach this week’s ‘homework’ than last week’s–mainly due to your extremely kind email of last week. The class & the follow up assignments & support have been invaluable. You and Kim are both so generous & wise. I am awed at the door you have opened for me. Talk to you again in a few hours…with much gratitude, Ellen, USA

Oh Allison, it’s starting to really sink in that I actually communicated with animals!  I’m so grateful to the universe for this gift and for the level I’m on, even though it’s beginner it’s HUGE. – Robin, USA