Animal Communication Consultations

ACsessioncollageedgesmHow do Kim and Allison communicate with the animals?

Animal communication sessions are available by distance.  Animal communication by distance is done with a photo that you email or mail. Kim’s skills are mostly auditory. While she gets images, emotions, and sensations, she mainly hears what the animal is saying, just as if you were talking to a good friend.  Because of this, she works best if the session is done in the comfort of her own home with a photo of the animal, where there are no distractions from animals, people, or the surroundings.  Allison hears too, but also receives alot of images which can be very detailed.  We also have wonderful students that have graduated from our Professional Animal Communicator Program.  You can learn about them at the Professional Animal Communicator Directory.

What kind of questions can I ask?

If you are interested in a session, we will provide a questionnaire for you to complete which has a list of questions you might never have even thought to ask, or dream that such a question was even possible to find out from your animal.  You can also come up with your own questions to ask.  Most animals have very special messages for their caregivers.  And some animals have such wise souls that the depth of the information received can be profoundClick here to read comments from animal communication clients.

Can I communicate with my animal that has passed on?

Oh yes!  If you thought you could never communicate with your beloved animal that has passed on, you are very wrong.  They can be communicated with just as easily as those that are with us and because they are in the spiritual realm, the information received can be amazing.  Kim specializes in talking to animals and people that are in spirit as her main focus is to offer spiritual guidance.  Not only can you receive peace and closure from your animal that has passed on, they can provide a life changing experience with incredible depth and guidance.  Death? There is no death, only a change of worlds. Chief Seattle

What types of animal communication consultations are available?

By Distance

  • Basic Session – up to 5 questions $197 for ONE animal.
  • After the questions are asked, we allow your animal to tell you anything that is on their mind.
  • Please note that this is NOT a phone session.
  • We talk to your animals from our home, type up the transcript and then email it to you.  If you need anything clarified, we will do that with your animal and email you what they say.
  • We offer a 15 minute follow up conversation that we will schedule if you want to chat perhaps about their health, well-being, yourself, guidance, etc.
  • Each additional question thereafter is $35 per question.

Click here to schedule an animal communication session.  Learning Center members please purchase from your home page to access your discount.

Click here for the Professional Communicator Directory to learn about our students that have completed our professional communicator program and are offering consultations now.

Can I learn how to communicate with animals?

Absolutely! We teach people how to communicate with animals in a class situation since people tend to learn animal communication better this way.  Our classes are limited to just 8-9 people to ensure an intimate and quality learning experience.

This is something that is inside all of us and everyone can reawaken.  It is not just for the gifted.  If you have ever wanted to know what your animal is thinking, feeling, their life purpose, or how to help them with a behavioral or physical condition, this workshop is for you.  A group situation provides an ideal learning environment.  Through photos of workshop participants’ animals and a live animal, you will learn to communicate with animals, including those that are in spirit.  Some people are worried they will be the only one that can’t learn how to do this.  But just know everyone comes feeling that way. It is only human nature.
The death of fear is in doing what you fear to do. Sequiche Coming Deer

Deepen your bond with your animal and experience your relationship like you have never done before. Learn more about taking this exciting workshop!  

Not in the Montana, Texas or Colorado area? No problem!  We teach animal communication by distance.  You can learn how to communicate in just ONE day from the comfort of YOUR home by phone or web phone!  Click here to learn about our animal communication distance teleclasses!  Learning Center members please purchase from your home page to access your discount.