Animal Communication Success Stories

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LC left me 7 years ago today.  I miss him always….Kim thanks to your readings you got him to visit me all these years.  Ever since my first reading with you in March of 2011….he visits from time to time.  I can’t thank you enough.  I feel him on my bed.  I talk to him a lot.   I leave his blanket on my bed and I can feel him on there.  Amazing.  You taught me over the years through your readings and articles how to cope with loss.  I am forever GRATEFUL that I found you and I know in my heart LC led me to you.  You’re a beautiful person for all you do.  You are one in a trillion.  I just love all you do.  You changed my life and I never even met you.  You’re so amazing with all animals and humans.  Blessings to you always.  Patty, USA

One of the most gut wrenching decisions in life is knowing when to free a beloved friend and family member from physical pain, whether they are ready, whether they want to go. Often this decision must be made very quickly. I faced this today. Allison was there for me at a moment’s notice. Her help gave me and my dear family member much needed peace for which I am forever grateful.  Susanne, USA

Kim’s communication skill with animals was instrumental in helping my family solve issues we were having with our new dogs. Without her help, we would still be living in chaos. After communicating with our dogs, she gave us advice that really opened our eyes to what was going on and helped them to become family members rather than family disruptors. Thank you for all your help, Kim!  Wayne, USA

Kim is a fully qualified and highly talented animal communicator. From only a photo she spoke with my deceased pet and gave me peace about his untimely death. He was my best friend and sadly, was hit and killed near my home. Her services are invaluable. Kim is an incredible animal communicator. She has worked from photos as well as without photos and every piece of information she came back with was true and helpful. The information she provided not only validated that she had spoken with my cats – but also resolved a few mysteries as to why they were acting in various ways.  Victoria, USA

Kim has communicated with one of my dogs and cat. She communicated with them about things they liked, disliked, and recent events in their lives. Once she recognized that one of our dogs was ill with a stomach ache. We knew about it from Kim before our dog showed any signs of being ill. Since Kim can communicate our animals’ needs we can better understand about their needs or wants. She has a special gift with animals as well as humans. I would highly recommend her for anyone that wants help with any health issues of their animals.  Robyn, USA

Working with Kim has given me much more than insight into my animals’ past.  She encouraged me to engage my own communication ability and has been an incredible teacher.  Her innate ability is honest and true.  Ann, USA

I found this to be very comforting.  We did cuddle on the couch and in the bed together.  Much of the time we had her in a red knit sweater because we keep the house chilly. We are keeping her sweater near for now.   She LOVED her long nylabones, to the point her teeth ground down over the years.  Her sister was black and blind and we let her go a couple of years ago.  She was blind for several years so I think Carly had practice for her role now.  So, there are some things pretty specific to Carly.  Again, I found this to be comforting.  Thank you so much Kim.  Malinda, USA

My beautiful dog Jessie has cancer. Recently Jessie went through a rough spell and I was feeling very conflicted between wanting to do what was right for her and what I could afford. I contacted Kim and asked her to communicate with Jessie for me. I was so worried that Jessie didn’t understand what was happening and wanted Kim to convey how much I love her. Kim not only communicated with Jessie, but with me as well. She was very comforting and helpful. Kim’s insights into how Jessie viewed me and her situation made me feel so much better. They allowed me to relax and recharge my energies on getting Jessie through this. Being able to communicate with animals is truly an invaluable gift, and Kim uses it with generosity and compassion for both people and their pets.  Kelly, USA

I contacted Kim for assistance when my dog developed a sudden, acute limp and I was having difficulty determining either the cause or the severity of the injury. Kim was able to establish a rapport with Henna with no trouble and passed on to me the information that Henna believed that she might have broken a toe, but that her shoulder pain was not serious, as it was only a pulled muscle caused by a squirrel-chasing incident. Our veterinarian later confirmed that Henna has slightly fractured one of the tiny sesamoid bones that form a channel for the tendon on top of a dog’s toes, and that she had no other injury. Kim’s assistance solved a mystery, relieved my anxiety, and saved me a much larger vet bill. It was also highly entertaining to hear what Henna had to say about the other dog in our household. The comments matched Henna’s behavior perfectly, even though Kim has never met either of my dogs in person. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for Kim’s help again in any similar situation, and I’ve recommended her to several friends who are wondering what is going on with their own dogs.  Liz, USA

I cannot speak highly enough of Kim with regard to the in spirit session she did with my recently departed Saluki, Raja. This session confirmed a number of things for me that I knew in my heart to be true, but needed to hear from someone who was “neutral” and gave images of places that only I knew about, to show me that it was indeed him. Although I don’t think we are supposed to “pressure” animals in spirit by asking if they will return, I was overwhelmed with joy that he told Kim he did plan to return. I also asked if he had anything unfulfilled in his life, as I always knew that he always, always wanted to pass on his genes, and was telling me this desperately in the months before he left. My Raja told Kim the word “record” as in “pedigree”, and I knew that was to do with his passing on his genes and I know I can give him that gift, even though he is in spirit, of doing that as I have his semen stored. He will get the chance to pass on his pedigree, his “record”, even though he is no longer physically here and this reading made me know that he is still conscious of this and this enables me to give a big gift to him…and he, to me. He also gave reference to the music that he loved and I would play for him and played for him even as he took his last breaths…and had some very special messages for me about my spiritual path. Kim’s session with Raja gave me the kind of “closure” that was less of “closing” but more of confirmation of the circle of life…that he and I would always be together…that I remained connected to him and could visit with him through my dreams and other ways…and that we would see one another again.  Cassandra, USA

Allison, I just read your session with Liz. I appreciate you so much.  Thank you so much for bringing a message from Joey.  That means more than you will ever know. Allison, thank you so much, you have a wonderful gift.  In a week or so I want to communicate with Lucy. God bless you. Faith, USA

What a wonderful surprise to find Sam’s reading today, Allison!  I wasn’t expecting it so soon.   It is just like the two of you sat down with a cup of catnip tea and had a cozy little chat.  You really got it!! Thank you so much. Anne, USA