When you think of “animal communicators”, you may think they are “special” or “gifted” people.

Often, you may call on an animal communicator to find out something really big about your animals or just on occasion, if something major is going on in your life or with your animals.

But in reality, communicating with animals can be an everyday occurrence that everyone can do – we all have this ability.

Don’t you want to unlock this ability and amazing skill yourself?

Your animals are waiting for you to hear them!

They have been communicating their entire life with you, if you think about it I am sure you will recall times things just all of a sudden became clear to you – that was your animal connecting intuitively and trying to connect!

Let me tell you how the simplicity of being able to talk to your animals can help you in your everyday life! I realized this during this covid pandemic this year in many different situations, here are a few.

I have a wonderful network of “doggy people” that train together, camp together, play together and do canine freestyle together. We have not been able to see each other or each other’s dogs in a many, many months this year, but we all stay in touch via text.

Reckless Rosey

Well, one of our doggy peeps texted me and asked me what was going on with her dog, Rosey. She was tearing up everything in the house – getting into cabinets, and making a big fuss, which is completely out of her normal behavior.

So, I immediately tapped in and Rosey told me instantly, “I am no longer the princess” – Well, that was all she had to say, and I asked if her husband was at home during this time with all the other dogs (They normally go out of town during the week). She said, “YES!”

Well, that was it. Rosey had to share her one on one time with many others that had invaded her castle. She was pouting and acting out. How easy was that to solve? No running to the vet to see what was happening.

Just by listening to her and hearing her concern, they were able to give Rosey some one on one time and training games for stimulation and she no longer needed to rearrange the house! 

Here is an example of how important it is to always tune in to our animals – they are always talking.

A Dirty Situation

I went to practice nose work with my dogs this past weekend and on this lovely day, we set up hides outdoors and indoors. It was Bob’s turn and as we entered the building for his first indoor search, he was not engaged in the “game” and kept looking out the front doors to outside… well, after he reluctantly found his hides, as we went down the hall he abruptly stopped, and poor baby, he pooped! Yep, he had to poop the entire time and was TRYING to tell me, but I was not in communication mode, so he was trying to send me visual signs. 

Our animals are always connecting to us, and if we open our intuitive side we can connect at all times with them. This was such a wonderful blessing to be able to connect and know instantly what was happening with Bob after he pooped.

I told him I was sorry and asked if that was why he was not playing and he said, “ Yes, now I can focus.” Ha, I guess so…. No one else could breathe the air in that hall, but that is another story, LOL.. You see, the simplest of reasons to learn how to communicate with your own animals can save a lot of heartache!

Ready to Say Goodbye

Even in times of sadness, communicating can bring peace and comfort.

One of our students recently lost one of her cats that was 20+ years old, but she expressed to us how amazing it was to be able to talk to her and hear her cat’s messages that she would have never known if she could not communicate.

She was able to express her love and say goodbye before she crossed over the rainbow. This brought her great peace to a very special relationship that will continue beyond the rainbow bridge. Just another example of how great it is to have this incredible heart and soul relationship with your animals that animal communication opens up and enhances.

This next story is Allison’s own story. I am going to share it with you so you will know how amazing our animals are and that they may have been with you in many past lives.

This is so cool to know. Wouldn’t you want to know?

He’s Morris!

My unbelievably sweet boy, Bob, is a dog that we adopted when he was only 8 weeks old. I often tell this story to students how I had never owned a dog before (only cats) and when we walked in the Petsmart to visit the adoptions, I immediately ran to this one puppy in a crate, picked him up and held him in my arms – I could not put him down.

My husband walked in after parking the car and asked “What are you doing?” I answered, “I have NO idea!”

Well, we took him home and he has been my love ever since – not only has he completely changed my life and opened my mind up to the wacky world of woo-woo (everything energy – SASA, animal communication, muscle testing, etc.) but also to find a holistic way to care for him and my other animals – you know, HAC!

Here is the crazy part, I NOW know why I could not put Bob down in that Petsmart 14 years ago… you see, I know lots about Bob and we talk often, but I have never asked him before if he was ever in my life before this one.

One of Kim’s professional communication students was talking to Bob for her course work and even though it was not a question I had her ask Bob, he knew it was time to tell me.

He told the student when she asked him if there was anything you want to tell Allison, that he was my cat I had as a child, named Morris!!! This student had no clue I even had a cat as a child, much less that his name WAS MORRIS!!

Bob showed her images of a ginger colored cat and he said the term “Meow Mix”. Unbelievable, we named him Morris because he was orange (ginger) and looked like the cat named Morris on the “Meow Mix” commercials.  He wanted to tell me he has been with me this whole time and will always be.

Just think if I had not known animal communication and given Bob the chance to tell me anything he wants, I would have never understood why I connected to Bob in such a strong way, but thanks to Kim’s student, I now know why and yes, it brought me to tears (and my mother) – but what joyful, connected and complete tears of love.

Don’t miss out on what your animals want to desperately tell you.

Animal communication IS for everyone. Once you learn it, you have it forever.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to learn how to talk to animals. Join us for a magical day where you’ll do just that on December 6th. Click here to learn more.

Communication Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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