Animal Communication Zoom Class

Learn to Communicate with Animals in Our
Animal Heart & Soul™ Communication Zoom Class!


Animal communication classes are the most popular workshop we teach! Everyone has the ability to communicate with animals.  It is only a matter of awakening this ability inside yourself.  Through meditations and exercises, you will learn how to communicate with animals!

Join veterinarians, vet techs, trainers, groomers, boarding facility staff, shelter volunteers and staff, animal lovers and more from around the world that have learned to communicate with animals with us. Established professional communicators have also studied with us.

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Is your animal shy or anxious?
  • Is your animal tearing up your house?
  • Is your animal aggressive? Is your animal depressed or grieving?
  • Is your animal going to the bathroom on the carpet or outside their litter box?
  • Does your animal react to thunderstorms or loud noises?
  • Do you worry about your animals when you are not at home?
  • Have you ever experienced the heartache of dealing with a missing animal?
  • Does your animal have skin problems?
  • Does your animal have mobility issues? Is your animal coughing, sneezing or wheezing?
  • Does your animal have urinary problems?
  • Is your animal not eating?
  • Is your animal not feeling well?
  • Is your animal facing a serious illness or disease?
  • Is your animal ready to cross over?
  • Has your beloved animal passed on?
  • Are you wanting to help clients with their animals?

If so, don’t you want to know WHY & WHAT they want? Learn to communicate with animals in our animal communication 5-Part Animal Communication Zoom Class!

When you KNOW how to communicate with animals you CAN:

  • COMMUNICATE with ANY animal, even those in spirit.
  • NEVER feel that you’re making a decision for your animal they don’t want or you might regret.
  • KNOW that you are providing your animals with a happier, healthier and longer life.
  • MAINTAIN peace and harmony in your home.
  • REALIZE that your animals are supporting your spiritual journey.
  • DEEPEN your relationship with the animals in your care like never before.
  • STRENGTHEN your connection with yourself, nature and all of life.

Do you DOUBT your ability to communicate with animals because you THOUGHT:

  • You had to be gifted with this skill
  • You had to be born that way
  • It’s just not possible to know what your animals want or think
  • The animals won’t want to talk to me
  • I’m not worthy
  • It would take years to learn

Do NOT fall for these MYTHS!

Instead, allow your HEART and SOUL to know the TRUTH!

  • This is an innate ability everyone is born with.
  • We learned as adults, and you will, too.
  • Wake up call! You have intuitive abilities that allow you to understand what animals want and need.
  • Animals have always been trying to communicate with you – they are just waiting for you to hear them!
  • If you are reading this, it is for a reason. You only need to open your heart and have the desire to be worthy.
  • You will learn animal communication the fun and simple way.

The Lightfoot Way has communicated with thousands of living and in spirit animals.  Since 2006, in our animal communication classes, we have taught students from all over the world how to communicate successfully with animals EASILY.

I’ve always had a love of animals, but because I am a pretty type-A person who struggles with meditating and relaxation, I thought that I might not be the best fit for learning to communicate with them. But I had to try it out. I took the animal communication class and I discovered that the process of talking with animals calms me and opens my heart in a way that no other form of meditation/spiritual connection has been able to. The time I spend in connection with an animal seems so purposeful and interactive, yet it somehow clears my mind and relaxes my entire body. It’s an amazing experience, and I would recommend this class to absolutely anyone who desires to learn from the creatures that surround us. To me, animals are my angels, my teachers, and my guides. I just have to be willing to open my heart to what they have to say. Thanks Kim and Allison for making this experience accessible to everyone! Stephanie from US

The animal communication class is a heart consciousness expanding experience that shatters conventional notions of reality. This class is taught through a series of systematic exercises that awaken the student’s intuition and gently lead him or her into a different reality. Animals are ready to talk to us! Kim and Allison are the guides who show you the way. They are compassionate and will inspire the trust and confidence of any student who has the good fortune to be under their guidance. I recommend this class to anyone who wants a better understanding of animals and what they have to teach us. Nina from US

I now get better communication with my cats. I just tell them with visions of what I want them to do and they just will do it!!!  Especially when I want them to avoid bad behaviors that in another time would have taken me days to make them understand. The last amazing thing that happened to me was these holiday vacations when I returned home and couldn´t find my cat. She has a cat door so can be outside or inside the house. I was worried about her since it was kind of late and usually when we are not home she would rather stay in. So I telecommunicated with her asking where she was and she replayed “I am exploring the night” and asked me where I was (before leaving home I talked to her and my other cat that we were going to be out for a couple of days), at this point I was quite amazed because I realized that she was communicating without realizing that I was still out since I kept communicating with her from the beach where we were. I let her know that we where at home and she said “I am coming right away!!” – after a minute or so she appeared at home. Pretty amazing!!  Lucy from Mexico

Do you DREAM about talking with your animals?
WAKE UP! Stop dreaming and do it NOW!
We are looking for pet parents and animal professionals that are 
READY to make an impact in the lives of animals in a 
This is our most popular class! Everyone has the ability to communicate with animals. It is only a matter of awakening this ability inside yourself. Through meditations and exercises, you will learn how to communicate with animals EASILY.

How the 5-part Zoom Animal Communication class works:

  • Each of the 5 Zoom classes is 2 hours long 6:30-8:30 pm Mountain Time.
  • It’s ideal to attend live to get the most out of this incredible experience.  Zoom classes are recorded if you are unable to make it.
  • You will be emailing photos of your animals to us so we can create documents for the class.  You will receive all of your documents in PDF format.
  • You’ll complete homework for each class.  Should you miss a live class, you’ll watch the recording and also complete the classwork that you missed.  Upon completion, you will earn your certificate.
  • A small group situation provides an ideal learning environment. (maximum class size is just 9 students!)

What you will learn and receive in the 5-part Zoom Animal Communication class:

  • With exercises and meditations, you will work on grounding and expanding the right side of your brain, the intuitive side.
  • You will learn communication techniques and how to speak with animals.
  • Through photos of workshop participants’ animals, you will learn to communicate with animals, including the opportunity to speak to those that are in spirit.
  • Learn about the many ways your animals and also animal guides (those other than your own animals) are trying to reach you to guide you on your soul path in life.
  • You will leave this class looking at animals, nature AND yourself with a profound awareness on a deep, spiritual level.
  • You will get more comfortable with your intuitive abilities by completing homework assignments.  You will be emailed a PDF certificate upon completion of the homework.
  • At the end of the class, we’ll also review ways to feel more confident speaking with your own animals and how to expand your intuitive abilities.
  • All the Zoom classes will be recorded so that you have recordings you can listen to or download.
  • Students who complete the class are invited to join our Animal Heart & Soul Communication Community.  Click here to learn more about this amazing and complementary (no charge) community just for our animal communication students!
  • Click here to read what students have to say about animal communication classes.
  • Read the document 10 Things You Should Know Before You Select an Animal Communication Teacher.
  • Click here if you are looking for an in-person class to attend at a location rather than a Zoom class.
  • Click here if you are already somewhat comfortable speaking with animals but want more help with speaking with your own animals.
  • If you want something that’s not a scheduled class, our Introduction to Intuition Package consists of an ebook, intuitive expansion checklist, audio meditation, techniques to improve your energy and intuition guide, an intuitive abilities video, a nature connection video, and elemental cards.  Please note this is package is a special bonus for those that take this class.
  • Please note that despite being asked, we will NOT teach an online/self-guided course in animal communication because too many students fail – We’ve heard too many comments from students who’ve done these types of courses offered elsewhere and were about to give up on themselves.  We want to always set up students for success and a do-it-by-yourself course is not the best way to learn this skill.  For most people, a live class with a live instructor, students and feedback seems to be what truly makes a difference in learning successfully and feeling confident.
  • This 5-part Zoom Animal Communication Class is open to anyone that is willing to open their heart and soul and be a voice for the animals.

Taking this class does not qualify you to say you are a professional communicator or received your professional training with us though it is the beginning of your incredible journey.  Click here to learn about our professional animal communication certification program.

5 Part-Zoom Animal Communication Class Dates: 

  • Wednesday, September 4
  • Wednesday, September 11
  • Wednesday, September 18
  • Wednesday, September 25
  • Break; complete any outstanding classwork (classwork for those that miss a live class) and homework from each class
  • Wednesday, October 9

Class Time:  6:30-8:30 pm Mountain Time

Early Bird Pricing Registration by August 13:  $497 in full or first installment of $257 now and the 2nd installment of $257 before the first class.  This is an investment in your life and the animals in your care that can last a lifetime.  If a different payment plan is desired, please contact us.

Regular Registration starting August 14:  $597 in full or first installment of $307 now and the 2nd installment of $307 before the first class.

Special Bonuses:  You will receive the meditations from the class in audio downloadable mp3 format along with opening and closing meditations set to music and a chakra intuition expansion meditation – 7 meditations in all!

Students who complete the class are invited to join our Animal Heart & Soul Communication Community, our amazing and complementary (no charge) community just for our animal communication students!

Extra Special Bonus:   As our additional gift to you for registering for this class, we’d like to give you our Intuition Package to assist you on this heart and soul journey. And if you already have this package from us, we would love to provide a message to you from an animal guide that wants to share important information with you.

Cancellation Policy:  Due to the small size of the class, payment is refunded if cancellation is made 14 days or more from first class date.   You will be refunded amount minus any non-refundable transaction fees. Payment is forfeited if cancellation made less than 14 days from class date.  Sorry there are no refunds or transfers due to fees involved and the limited number of students accepted.  If you have paid for this class and are unable to attend live or watch the recordings, you will receive the documents, class recordings and the bonuses.


If the class is full or you are unable to make the scheduled date, complete the form below to be placed on our wait list for our next class.

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