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The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™  is the global community where animal professionals and pet parents can learn holistic animal care in a fun and simple format

Why learn holistic animal care (HAC)?

  • More and more pet parents are seeking the very best for their animals and discovering how HAC can help their animals live happier, healthier and longer lives and save time and money.
  • Pet parents are searching for animal professionals such as animal wellness consultants, pet sitters, trainers, groomers, veterinarians, boarding facility staff, and more who can help their animals live their very best heart and soul life.
  • A growing number of animal rescue groups, shelters and sanctuaries are aware of the many benefits of holistic animal care and are using them to help animals become adoptable, find homes and improve the overall well-being of the animals.
  • If you are an animal professional or desire to become one, you can become recognized as a leader in your profession by providing the very best professional holistic care for your clients while increasing your revenue and success.
  • The more you learn and use holistic and metaphysical methods, the more your intuitive abilities and consciousness expand, and that’s a beautiful thing as Mother Earth and humanity are shifting into higher frequencies.

Why does holistic animal care (HAC) succeed?

  • Anyone can learn to prevent, reduce or eliminate stress, health issues, behavioral conditions, training challenges and phobias.  Preventive care helps to increase an animal’s longevity and quality of life.  HAC can help heal present issues, offering more quality time for pet parents to spend with the animals they love.
  • HAC looks at the WHOLE animal – body (physical), mind (mental and emotional) and soul (spiritual).  It is impossible to achieve wellness, harmony and balance without each element.  Traditional care tends to focus on the physical health only, often suppressing the issues, which can ultimately shorten an animal’s life.
  • HAC is for ALL animals of ALL ages.  While it’s best to start when an animal is young and healthy, HAC has the ability to help even a senior or sick animal to live their best life possible.
  • HAC can be learned from the comfort of your home or office from anywhere in the world.  You can’t beat that!
  • Not only do you get to know your animals on a deeper level, you get to know yourself on a heart and soul level.  This impact can be quite profound.
Kim, Balanced Being Holistics - USA
“The Animal Heart and Soul Learning Center is a terrific venue especially in which to continue one’s education after completing classes with Kim and Allison of The Lightfoot Way. It truly is a “leaning center”, a chance to go further and enhance knowledge of all things holistic for animals. I have discovered, that often when a class is completed, participants drift apart. The Learning Center encourages students to remain part of an ongoing and expanding group. There are excellent resources, videos (my favorite!), articles and phone chats that keep people connected. It’s a place to share, ask questions, learn case histories, clarify any techniques and pick up some tips and discuss findings. I look forward to the BONUS print-outs (my other favorite feature!), charts and lists — they are perfect to add to my notebook for future reference and as refreshers. The subjects (for the past 4 years) are timely and interesting and I have found the information valuable in my business as a professional in the holistic healing field for both animals and humans.”  Click here to see more testimonials.


The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ - Features & Benefits

Holistic animal care can prevent, reduce or eliminate:

  • Stress levels in animals, resulting in a calm and peaceful environment
  • Health issues such as gastric problems, ear conditions, skin problems, urinary issues, arthritis, obesity, dental conditions
  • Behavioral conditions such as anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression, mental confusion, depression and grief
  • Training challenges such as lack of focus, lack of control or reactive
  • Phobias such as thunderstorms, fireworks, floor surfaces, animals and people

Why learn holistic animal care (HAC)? If you are an animal professional or desire to become one, you can:

  • Help pet parents have more heart and soul quality time and understand their animals more deeply
  • Set your business apart as a leader in professional animal care
  • Increase your revenue by easily incorporating holistic animal care into your services
  • Have more tools in your tool belt so that you can meet your clients’ needs
  • Increase client trust in you and your services

The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center can help you to:

  • Receive solid basic training, tools and strategies in holistic animal care methods, health conditions, behavioral issues and case studies.  There are 4 years of monthly videos, class notes for both pet parents and animal professionals, and bonuses.  There are 5 years of monthly call recordings.
  • Stay current with the latest in holistic animal care knowledge to distinguish you from the rest of the pack
  • Set yourself up for success with the many different opportunities you can offer that your clients will love
  • Become your clients #1 resource for holistic animal care
  • Take action and produce results so that clients see the difference you have made in their pets’ lives
Sue - UK
“I began my journey in holistic animal health over fifteen years ago when my healthy three year old GSD developed kidney failure and began having fits, shortly after receiving his annual vaccinations. This set me on a path of questioning and looking for alternatives with my animals. I discovered The Lightfoot Way a few years back, (simply by chance when searching for information) and instantly felt a connection, as here were people who understood about animals, not simply physically, but emotionally, too. When the details of The Learning Center were announced I had no reservations about signing up and can honestly say that it has been very informative. I have increased my knowledge tremendously.The topics are varied, and I have added more modalities to my holistic toolbox as a result of Kim and Allison’s work. Also, their passion to promote holistic animal care and share their knowledge is very inspiring. I would highly recommend The Learning Center to anyone. The only downside is that I live in the UK as I would like to attend courses in person!”  Click here to see more testimonials.


Annual Registration $397; Semi-Annual Registration $247

Become an Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center Student

The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ is the quick and simple way to holistic success.  Quickly gain access to exclusive resources on holistic animal care.

Enjoy Five Years of Content!

freeplaysmallInstructional Videos:  Watch the how to videos on the holistic animal care topics including case studies.  Each video is based on 20-30 minutes to your success!  You will be able to apply what you learn right away.  We share some information in the videos that's not included in the notes.  As long as you are a Learning Center student, you will have access to watch the videos over and over again. When you join, you have access to 4 years (48 total) of instructional videos:

  • Nutrition Videos:  How to Create the Best Diet (for any animal), How To Create a Raw Diet (for dogs & cats), Herbal Supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition Updates
  • Holistic Method Videos:   Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Dog Yoga, Aromatherapy, Energy Work, First Aid, Intuitive Abilities, EFT/Tapping, Advanced EFT/Tapping, Massage, Advanced Massage, Acupressure, Crystal Therapy, Advanced Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Herbal Fusions, Nature's Energy, Sound Healing, Muscle Testing, Advanced Muscle Testing, Animal Spirit/Totem Guides, Deadly Toxins and Alternatives
  • Behavioral & Health Condition Videos:   Anxiety, Aggression, Shyness, Cancer Care, Arthritis, Improper Elimination, Ear Issues, Skin Issues, Seizures, UTI Conditions, Cushings, Hospice Care, Grieving
  • Case Study Videos:   Watch and learn the complete process of how Kim and Allison help animals in the case study videos. Nutritional Allergies Case Study, Pain Case Study, Anxiety Case Study, Fear Case Study, Immune System Case Study, Senior Case Study & Care, Cat Case Study, Mobility Case Study, Parasite Case Study

freedocumentblue2smallStudent Notes of Wisdom:  The downloadable notes in PDF format are on the holistic topic are from both a pet parent approach and an animal professional approach that will help you take action with what you learned with your business in mind.  This will help you to have insight into how to work with your own animals and clients.  When you join, you can view and download 4 years (48 total of each) of notes of wisdom for pet parents AND professionals.

freechatbluesmallPrivate Community Email Chat Group:   Connect with other animal professionals and pet parents that are interested in offering professional quality holistic animal care to the animals in their care.  Get the answers and support you and animals need as long as you are a current Learning Center student.

freespeakerbluesmallQuestion & Answer Call Recordings:  When you join, you have access to 5 years of call recordings that you can listen to and download.  

freegiftbluesmallBonuses:  The wonderful bonuses can be used by both animal professionals and pet parents.  When you join, you have access to 5 years of bonuses (60 total) that can be printed out or listened to and downloaded:

  • Nutrition Bonuses:  Nutrition Muscle Testing Flow Chart ($10 value), Pocket Cards of Raw Formula for Dogs & Cats & Ingredients to Look For/Avoid ($10 value), 4 Nutrition Recipe Cards ($10 value), Cancer Care Muscle Testing Flow Chart ($10 value), Sample Diet for Kidney Issues ($10 value), Five Element TCM Diagram ($10 value), TCM Food Therapy Charts ($20 value), TCM Seasonal Therapy Chart ($10 Value)
  • Muscle Testing Bonuses: 4 Muscle Testing Videos:  Muscle Testing Basics, Muscle Testing People , Muscle Testing Animals & Muscle Testing by Yourself ($100 value), 31 Page Muscle Testing Instructional Ebook ($20 value), Modality Muscle Testing Flow Chart ($10 value)
  • Crystal & Color Therapy Bonuses:  Our Crystal Pouch Pattern ($10 value), Two Flower of Life Patterns for Crystal Grids ($10 value), Crystal Metaphysical Properties Chart ($10 value), Advanced Crystal Metaphysical Properties Chart ($10 Value), Crystal Massage Wand Instruction Sheet ($10 value), Pocket Cards of Color Therapy ($10 value)
  • Energy, Nature & Intuition Bonuses:  Animal Chakra Chart ($10 value), Techniques to Improve Energy & Intuition ($10 value), 4 Nature Elemental Cards ($10 value), Singing bell audio ($10 value), Animal Guide Chart ($10 value), Healing Tree Diagram & Instructions ($10 Value)
  • EFT/Tapping Bonuses:  EFT Formula Pocket Cards & EFT Dog/Cat Chart ($10 value), Rainbow Bridge Tapping Instructions ($10 value), Advanced EFT Formula ($10 value)
  • Massage & Acupressure Bonuses:  Massage Flow Chart ($10 value), Acupressure Point Diagram for General Well-Being ($10 value)
  • Behavioral Condition Bonuses:   Calming Meditation to Help Fears ($10 value), Acupressure Chart to Help Clear Emotional Issues ($10 value), Anxiety Acupressure Chart ($10 value), 4 Aromatherapy Special Blend Recipe Cards (Hocus Focus, Mellow Fellow, Pest Busters & Peace, Love & Joy) ($10 value), 4 Flower Essence Special Blend Recipe Cards (Rescue, Mange, Thunderstorms & Confidence Formulas) ($10 value) Arthritis Muscle Testing Flow Chart ($10 value), Improper Elimination EFT/Tapping Script ($10 value), Aggression Acupressure Chart ($10 value), Connection Meditation ($10 value), Meditation for Animals & People ($10 value), Courage Meditation ($10 value)
  • Health Condition Bonuses:  Top 10 Mistakes Pet Parents Make that Can Harm or Kill Your Pets Ebook ($10 value), Cards & Pocket Cards of Plants & Chemicals to Avoid ($10 value), Recipe Quick Herbal Reference Chart for Top Health Conditions ($10 value), Pain Acupressure Chart ($10 value), Skin Condition Remedies Chart ($10 value), Acupressure Point Diagram for Aging ($10 value), Topical Herbal Fusion Recipes ($10 value), Parasite Remedy Chart ($10 value), Ear Issue Recipe Cards ($10 value), Skin Condition Recipe Cards ($10 value), Tree Essences & Crystals for Specific Conditions Chart ($10 value), Acupressure Chart to Help Seizures ($10 value), Immune Strengthening Reference Guide ($10 Value), Trauma Treatment Chart ($10 Value), Gastro-Intestinal Reference Guide ($10 Value), Cushings Information Chart ($10 value)
  • Other Bonuses:  5 Dog Yoga Poses Instructions ($10 value), Homeopathy Course ($97 value), Holistic Animal Wellness Record Chart ($10 value), Holistic First Aid Kit for Animals Checklist ($10 value), Holistic Travel Checklist ($10 Value), Memorial Tribute Guide ($10 Value)

freevideocatsmall Special Students Discount:  For topics that you want to learn more extensively beyond the training offered in the Learning Center, students receive a special discount on the limited number of online courses of Nutrition for Dogs, Cats & Horses, Crystal & Color Therapy, EFT/Tapping, Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA), Flower Essences, Aromatherapy and Natural Approach to First Aid. You also receive a special discount on teleclasses, consultations and products.

For a detailed comparison of Learning Center Student and Course Student features, please click here for the PDF.


Annual Registration $397; Semi-Annual Registration $247

Here are Hospice and Grieving Videos & Notes from The Learning Center.  You can watch the videos and download the notes.  We hope they will help you on a heart and soul level.

Pet Parent Hospice Notes

Animal Professional Hospice Notes

Pet Parent Grieving Notes

Animal Professional Grieving Notes

What all do you get as a Learning Center Student?

  • 4 years of videos (48 total) you can watch as long as you are a Learning Center student.  See above or check out all of the topics here.
  • 4 years of Pet Parent notes (48 total) you can read and download.
  • 4 years of Animal Professional notes (48 total) you can read and download.
  • 5 years of bonuses (60 total) that complement the monthly topics and case studies that you can read/listen to and download. See above or check out all of the bonuses here.
  • 5 years of call recordings you can listen to and download.  
  • You could create a beautiful reference binder full of all of this content.
  • Discounts to online courses, teleclasses, consultations and products.  Check out all of the discounts here.
  • A heart and soul email chat group where you can connect with like-minded students.
Peggy - USA
“I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how excited I am about The Lightfoot Way Learning Center. This is one of things I love about the topics, calls and newsletters. You are always coming up with new ways to help us improve our skills. You challenge us to step outside our comfort zones and offer us opportunities to try new modalities to communicate and strengthen our relationship with our animals. Each month there has been something I could use in my personal and professional life as a Boarding Facility owner. My Border Collie, Wings, was your first case studies back in 2016. Through your coaching and encouragement to muscle test I have been able to improve her nutrition, add supplements and give her energy work. The knowledge I have gained through the Lightfoot Way Learning Center has made a tremendous improvement in her quality of life. At sixteen and a half she still enjoys toddling around the ranch and watching her sheep. Thank you for all the love and attention to detail you put into each and every topic presented. You are truly a blessing to all animals and humans.Thank you”  Click here to see more testimonials.



Annual Registration $397; Semi-Annual Registration $247

For a detailed comparison of Learning Center Student and Course Student features, please click here for the PDF.

Caroline - USA
“The Lightfoot Way Learning Center is the heart and soul of Kim and Allison.I chose these ladies because they understand energy vibration, muscle testing, and how to apply this information to find the core needs of well and unwell animals through communications skills and holistic wellness coaching. The Lightfoot Way offers the best of all worlds. The curriculum offered is awesome. It’s non-invasive, natural, and provides a full curriculum of western and eastern energy based modalities. Each modality uniquely addresses a vibration that is out of balance showing up as an emotional/behavioral/spiritual issue or a physical health problem. They provide an amazing variety of learning opportunities such as video demos, monthly live chats, online learning and more. Living in Georgia, I really appreciate all they provide on-line plus the bonus of meeting people from all over the world. I was a teacher for 27 years. The areas of study are well put together from their years of education and hands-on experiences. Each month, I integrate the new information into my business. I read it, watch it, listen to it, use it and share it with my clients. I am very grateful that I found Kim and Allison and proud to share their passion and wisdom. I have a very successful and gratifying business.”  Click here to see more testimonials.

Kim & Allison are the #1 resource for muscle testing people and animals in the world.

  • While you can utilize what you learn in the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ right away, muscle testing sets you up for even greater success with holistic animal care.
  • Join now and get access to the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ plus all the gifts!
Jessica, DVM - USA
“Upon hearing about the study of applied kinesiology (muscle testing), I found it very intriguing that the body could give you answers on what it needs. After Kim Shotola of The Lightfoot Way taught me more about how to do muscle testing, I started using it myself not only in practice but also in my personal life. There have been many times when I have wanted to use herbal medications on certain patients, but have had 3 different herbs to choose from that were similar in action that be used for that particularly patient. In those cases I have been able to use muscle testing to narrow down to the one that the body says will work the best. Personally, I have used muscle testing for a variety of things including figuring out and resolving chronic GI issues. Muscle testing is just one more tool I’ve added to my “tool box” full of ways to help my patients and myself. “

Join our Learning Center now and get exclusive access to all of this.  If you are a heart and soul centered animal professional or pet parent, then the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ is for you!


Cheryl - USA
“The Lightfoot Way Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center is a treasure for animal lovers, pet parents, professional animal caregivers and animal lovers alike. I became a member of the Learning Center several months ago. I was instantly drawn to all the content that Kim and Allison have generously placed within it. The variety of topics is rich indeed, and the combination of videos and written content really helps me to dig into the material and learn in the way I need in any moment. And speaking of any moment, I can access the Learning Center at any time I wish, any time that fits my schedule, so invaluable. Even on a limited income I feel that it’s important to be a member of the Learning Center, because there is nothing like this anywhere on the internet! And certainly nothing that contains the depth of Allison and Kim’s knowledge, and the heart and soul of their love for animals as well as for my success as an Animal Heart & Soul Wellness Coach. Thank you Kim & Allison!”  Click here to see more testimonials.
Have you ever dealt with:

      • An aggressive animal that you could not work with?
      • Animals with anxiety that were difficult to calm and even disruptive to others?
      • Losing patience with animals that are stubborn or distracted?
      • The frustration of trying everything you know and nothing seems to work?
      • A product or service that worked well for one animal and didn't do anything for another animal with the same circumstances?
      • Wanting to go the extra mile for your clients or set yourself apart from other businesses?
      • The desire to grow your business but lack ideas, resources or support?

The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ can:

      • Teach you methods that can transform an aggressive animal into a docile and content one.
      • Help you calm an animal while bringing peace, harmony and balance to their surroundings.
      • Show you ways to gain and keep an animal's focus and attention.
      • Provide you with new tools for your tool belt.
      • Show you how to customize your products and services successfully for each individual animal.
      • Help you demonstrate to your clients how much you truly care by offering a higher standard of services.
      • Offer you the guidance and continuous support needed in a professional community founded on Kim and Allison's 30+ years experience.

Join our learning center now and get exclusive access to all of this.  If you are a heart and soul centered animal professional, then the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ is for you!



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Special Student Discounts: Receive special discounts on courses, classes, products and consultations - saving over $500. Find out more details here. tick
Pet Parent Notes of Wisdom:  Receive 4 years of downloadable PDF notes on holistic animal care topics. tick
Animal Professional Notes of Wisdom:   Receive 4 years of downloadable PDF notes on the holistic animal topic from a professional approach to incorporate it into your business. tick
Consultation Recommendations:   Included in the Animal Professional notes are consultation structures and pricing suggestions for your clients in the various holistic animal care modalities. tick
Private Email Community Chat Group: Connect with other animal lovers to get the answers and support you and your animals need. tick
Q&A Call Recordings:  Get access to 5 years of call recordings. tick
Product Resources: Our resources to purchase or create your own holistic animal care products. tick
Marketing Graphics: Receive graphics to help promote your business as a leader in holistic animal care. tick
Animal Heart & Soul Pledge: Pledge certificate to display in your business or your clients can take the pledge. tick
Help your intuitive abilities to grow through using holistic animal wellness. tick
Expand your heart-centered consciousness for the greater good of all of life. tick

Jan - USA
“I have printed out all the monthly notes and bonuses from March 2016 until now. It will go in a binder for reference. You are right, there is so much information! I will go back to listen to the chat calls and watch the videos. But I was pleasantly surprised with all of the information available to me.”  Click here to see more testimonials.


Enrollment Reopens July 1, 2024

Annual Registration $397; Semi-Annual Registration $247

For a detailed comparison of Learning Center Student and Course Student features, please click here for the PDF.

Remember you receive 7 special gifts for becoming a Learning Center Student!

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