Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ FAQ

Why did you create the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™?

We care deeply about all animals and each incredible person that provides care for them.  We realize that we can only reach a limited number of people through in person workshops.  By offering an online learning center, we can accomplish our goal of reaching as many people as possible, regardless of where they are in the world.  We want everyone to know that they can learn to do EVERYTHING we do.  We make learning fun and simple!

Why should I pay a fee when the internet has free resources on holistic animal care?

Kim and Allison have practiced holistic animal care for over 30 years combined.

  • They have taught 15 modalities to hundreds of students from all over the world and educated thousands of readers in their newsletters.
  • They utilize holistic animal care as part of their daily life for their animals and families.  Kim and Allison know how much it can make a difference on a profound level and want to share this knowledge with the world.
  • They way they teach is fun and simple.  There is no reason to make learning holistic animal care complicated.
  • You can learn by video, notes, calls, bonuses, and more.  So you will learn by visual, audio, and written format – this helps to make learning more solid and lasting.
  • Providing this depth of information and being there for their members requires a lot of preparation and time commitment.  By charging a fee which comes out to less than $1 a day, they can make this a learning community with more benefits, gifts and bonuses being added regularly.   For those that want the very best for the animals in their care and want to make a difference in this world, this is priceless!

What if I take care of many types of animals?

It does not matter what kind of animals you care for as you will find holistic animal care can be applied to any type of animal, big or small, young or old.

Can I apply the holistic techniques I learn to my own life?

Absolutely!  The more you incorporate holistic care into your own life, the better you will be able to provide it for the animals in your care.  And that is what they want for you!  So EVERY healing method you learn in the Learning Center, you can apply it to yourself and others.

Can you answer questions I have about the animals in my care?

Sure!  We are happy to provide you with guidance on what has helped an animal in the past (in a similar situation) or suggestions on what may help.  Also, our Learning Center may offer assistance through the private chat group or you can submit the animal for a possible case study that we offer quarterly as the featured monthly video.  Our ultimate goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to learn and apply those skills.

Does holistic animal care replace veterinary care?

Holistic methods are complementary, not an alternative to, traditional veterinary care.  We encourage you to find a holistic vet that will support you on your holistic animal care journey.

What kinds of holistic animal care will I be learning about?

Each month will feature a holistic animal care topic such as avoiding hidden environmental and topical dangers, creating the right diet (crucial to know how as any other methods or treatments are a temporary bandaid without the proper diet), using crystals, working with essential oils, applying color therapy, making flower essences, tapping with EFT, doing basic energy work and more!  A case study in action will be featured as the monthly topic on a quarterly basis.  See all the many topics featured here.

What if I am interested in just taking online courses that are more in depth?

That is great that you want to further your holistic knowledge!  We offer online courses and teleclasses on a variety of holistic animal care modalities.  Our online courses go more in depth than the monthly topics for pet parents and animal professionals that want to learn more extensively about professional quality animal care.  These courses are available to our members at a discount price along with the option to earn a certificate of completion.  Coming soon, you will be able to take the online courses if you are not a member, but at the regular price.

Will I learn animal communication?

We want to set people up for success and feel that animal communication is best learned in a group setting in an all day workshop (in person) or teleclass (learn by phone or web phone.)  We feel the energy and interaction of the students with us is key to success.  We have taught students from all over the world.  If you are interested in becoming a professional animal communicator, we offer a professional certification program.

Besides the bonuses, what other rewards do I receive if I join the Learning Center?

There are many rewards you receive when you join the Learning Center.  Check out the great value.

Why are there only certain fee options?  

Good question.  We are not your typical organization. There are not any other organizations out there that offer what all we do.  We offer tremendous quality and quantity for the fee.  We want quality students that are ready to make a commitment to the animals in their care.  The average pet parent or animal professional is not our student.  The pet parents that join are extremely dedicated to professional quality care and doing the most they can for their animals.  The animal professionals that join understand the true value of holistic animal care to enhance their business on both a quality and revenue level.  For those that want to be animal professionals,  they will have amazing knowledge that can help their career.

What if I join and find that the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ is not my cup of green tea?

During your term, cancellation is not available.  Our goal is to have serious animal professionals and dedicated pet parents that want to be a part of this special Learning Center.  You will have the option to renew at the end of your term.  Should you decide to join again at a later time, it will be at the current fee listed on our site at that time.  But all the documents, recordings, gifts and bonuses are yours to take with you if you decide to not renew.  The videos are accessible only to current students.

I’m interesting in becoming an animal professional, but am not one yet.  Will the Learning Center be beneficial to me now? 

Most definitely!  Because you want as many tools in your tool belt as possible to help your future clients, start building your holistic animal care knowledge and skills now.  The Learning Center will teach you how to work with clients.