Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ for Pet Parents


The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™

The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ is the global community where

dedicated pet parents can learn professional quality holistic animal care in a fun and simple format

Most pet parents wait until they are desperate to explore holistic animal care.

  • Our goal is to help you make holistic animal care a way of life, not a last resort.  If you do this, you can prevent so many physical and behavioral issues instead of being faced with the expense and pain of treating them.
  • Is an animal in your care suffering now?  You can help resolve these conditions with holistic animal care!

Why does holistic animal care succeed? 

  • It looks at the WHOLE animal – body (physical), mind (mental and emotional) and soul (spiritual).
  • It is impossible to achieve wellness, harmony and balance without each element.
Diane - USA
“My pony Sunny was in need and I was, too. He is a recovering carnival pony living in Las Vegas. He is missing his left eye and only seeing shadows in his right, but the real challenge is his suffering from laminitis. The Lightfoot Way gave me hope. I first signed up for hetIntro Course … a taste of all there is to learn and I wanted more. As soon as I learned about muscle testing, my Sunny’s life would never be the same. I muscle tested and my first decision was new farrier. My farrier gave me advice and I muscle tested her suggestions and she was 9/10 times right on target with what he needed. I could go on and on, but bottom line is, what I learned via studying with the Learning Center saved my pony’s life. We muscle test for everything – for my horses, dogs, my kids and myself. It all starts there, vets and farriers said “Put him down.” I am so grateful I invested in my learning. Saving money, too, on pointless supplements and treatments he no longer benefits from – I only figured this out by muscle testing. There are so many topics to learn about. My second most used skill I am practicing now in my daily life is the EFT tapping. I plan on using this in my classroom as well. Thank you so much for sharing all of this….you are both making the world a better place. The Learning Center is wonderful for all fur babies and us humans. Thank you!”
Elena - USA
“I just want to say THANK YOU for all of the great information you provide on the Pet Parents page. I have used many of these healing modalities on myself over the years so it is great to learn how to use them with my dog. He’s a very willing participant. What I really appreciate is the videos.. I learn best by watching and this helps with my understanding. I also make use of the forms (some bonuses are forms) and instructions sheets (notes of wisdom) that you provide. I think this is so helpful…saves me time from having to create my own. I appreciate all the time and effort you both put into this to help us all become better Pet Parents! “
The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ - Features & Benefits
Holistic animal care can prevent, reduce or eliminate:

  • Stress levels in animals, resulting in a calm and peaceful environment
  • Health issues such as skin problems, ear conditions, gastric problems, urinary issues, arthritis, obesity, dental conditions
  • Behavioral conditions such as anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression, mental confusion, depression and grief
  • Training challenges such as lack of focus, lack of control or reactive
  • Phobias such as thunderstorms, fireworks, floor surfaces, animals and people

If you are a pet parent, would you like to:

  • Help your pets live happier, healthier and longer lives?
  • Save time and money in the comfort of your own home?
  • Deepen your relationship with your pets like never before?
  • Know in your heart you are doing everything you can for your pets?

The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™  can help you to:

  • Learn holistic animal care methods that help your pets to live their best lives.
  • Reduce expenses while helping your pets stay healthy.
  • Apply what you learn and bond with your pet on a profound level.
  • Never be faced with regrets and the dreaded “If only I had known.”
Leslie - France
“The Lightfoot Way and the Animal Heart and Soul Learning Center have helped me so much in being the best pet parent that I can be. Kim and Allison walk you through different topics with love and joy that radiates out to you. And if you are ever in doubt, they are always available to answer your questions. The Learning Center has lots of useful, practical information to help you learn and also to take care of your animals in a natural and holistic way. I am proud to be a member and I look forward to continuous learning and growth.”

Become A Pet Parent Member

The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ is the quick and simple way to holistic success.  Quickly gain access to exclusive resources on holistic animal care.  Members will be the first to access our latest holistic animal care tools and resources.

Features & Benefits you receive EVERY Month

freeplaysmallInstructional Video:  Watch the how to video on the monthly holistic animal care topic.  Each video is based on 20 minutes to your success!  You will be able to apply what you learn right away.  Three times a year the video will be a case study in action.  As long as you are a member, you will have access to watch the videos over and over again.  When you join, you have access to ALL of the videos since March 2016!
freedocumentblue2smallNotes of Wisdom:  The downloadable notes on the holistic animal care topic in PDF format will help you take action with what you learned in that month’s video.  When you join, you have access to ALL of the notes since March 2016!
freechatbluesmallPrivate Community Chat Group:   Connect with other pet parents that are interested in offering professional quality holistic animal care to their animals.  Get the answers and support you and your animals need.

freespeakerbluesmallQuestion & Answer Live Call:  Call or Skype in and get your questions answered.  The call will be recorded so that you can listen to it whenever you want to.  When you join, you have access to ALL of the recordings since March 2016!

freegiftbluesmallBonus:  In addition, each month you will receive a special bonus that you can utilize right away!  When you join, you have access to ALL of the bonuses since March 2016!

Other features include Surprises Bonuses and…

freeplaysmallCase Studies:  Watch and learn the complete process of how Kim and Allison help animals.  You can submit your pet for a possible case study.  Case studies are offered three times a year as the month’s featured video and topic.
freevideocatsmall Special Members Discount:  For topics that you want to learn more extensively, members receive a special discount on online courses and can earn a certificate.  You also receive a members special discount on teleclasses, consultations and products.
Stephanie - USA
“Wow, can’t say enough about how blessed I am to have found The Lightfoot Way and how they have changed me for the better, opened my heart and helped me help the creatures that God has put in my life. My experience with The Lightfoot Way goes beyond words – it’s literally changed my life and the way I perceive any living, breathing being. I started with Kim and Allison back I think in 2008. I remember it well because I was literally at a cross roads with my cat “So So”, he had serious behavioral issues and the vet recommended we put him down at only 8years old. Because of Allison and Kim, my cat lived to see 14 years of a great life and I became a true believer. The Lightfoot way has come a long way in 9 years and its great what technology can put at your fingertips. With the Learning Center, I truly have enjoyed having the opportunity to learn online and also being able to download helpful information on Muscle Testing and also my favorite, creating a custom Bach Flower Remedy blend. But we can’t forget the Color Therapy which has helped all 6 of my animals in one way or another. Because of my current job, I haven’t yet taken full advantage of my membership and all the information Kim and Allison have available in the Learning Center. However, I have listened to several of the call recordings and it gives me a chance to listen while I’m at home. Next summer, I plan on taking more classes and upgrading to the Animal Professional membership.”


Lori - USA
“There is so much great information in the Learning Center. I love the instructional how to videos. I can go back to review them anytime. I am a visual person, so watching the videos is so helpful to me in learning. It is just like being there in person. The community chat group is a great way to learn and share ideas on different topics. I have found this very helpful on several occasions. The thing I like about being a member is that I get to review the monthly membership videos such as holistic first aid, homeopathy, flower essences, and EFT tapping. The heart and soul special rewards are amazing because there are muscle testing videos and flow charts that are so helpful and easy to learn and follow. I have printed out the animal chakra chart for my long distance healings and this has proven to be so helpful. I feel truly happy and blessed that I am a member and benefit greatly by all the wonderful information and teachings available in the Learning Center. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Kim & Allison are the #1 resource for muscle testing people and animals in the world.  

  • While you can utilize what you learn in the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center right away, muscle testing sets you up for even greater success with holistic animal care.
  • Join now and get access to the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center plus all four gifts.
Jessica, DVM - USA
“Upon hearing about the study of applied kinesiology (muscle testing), I found it very intriguing that the body could give you answers on what it needs. After Kim Shotola of The Lightfoot Way taught me more about how to do muscle testing, I started using it myself not only in practice but also in my personal life. There have been many times when I have wanted to use herbal medications on certain patients, but have had 3 different herbs to choose from that were similar in action that be used for that particularly patient. In those cases I have been able to use muscle testing to narrow down to the one that the body says will work the best. Personally, I have used muscle testing for a variety of things including figuring out and resolving chronic GI issues. Muscle testing is just one more tool I’ve added to my “tool box” full of ways to help my patients and myself. “
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Join our learning center now and get exclusive access to all of this.  If you are a heart and soul centered pet parent, then the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ is for you!

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Have you ever felt…

      • You were not getting all of the answers that could help your pet?
      • Worried that you were doing something that could harm your pet?
      • That there has got to be a quicker way to help your pet?
      • That you are letting your pet down because you can’t afford the choices you were given?
      • That you have invested so much into your pet’s care and not seen the results you want?
      • That you are not doing everything you can to provide the best possible life for your pet?
      • All alone with no where to turn?

The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center for Pet Parents can help:

      • Provide the best opportunity for you to learn holistic methods that can provide answers.
      • Relieve your anxiety by learning about safe and natural remedies.
      • Understand how to get to the root of a problem and see results quickly.
      • Teach you affordable holistic care that you can do yourself.
      • Give you guidance on the ideal ways to achieve the best possible results.
      • You to learn the most holistic animal care methods available in a fun and simple way.
      • Offer ongoing support in a safe and loving community founded on Kim and Allison’s 30+ years experience.

Join our learning center now and get exclusive access to all of this.  If you are a heart and soul centered pet parent, then the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ is for you!


If you are an animal professional or desire to become one, click here.  (Only $5 more a month!)

Melanie - USA
“Kim and Allison of the Lightfoot Way are wonderful teachers. I feel so grateful that I found my way to their website and joined the Animal Heart and Soul Learning Center. I originally joined as a pet parent after having taken several of their teleclasses. The number of topics covered and amount of information provided in the Learning Center continues to exceed my expectations and is well worth the very reasonable membership fee. I get excited every time I log-on and see what new bonuses (checklists, meditations, holistic information) are there. I often re-watch the videos or review the notes of wisdom. I have learned things that I never knew existed, like muscle testing, and have developed new ways to help and deepen my relationship with my pets, like aromatherapy and crystal therapy. Every month Kim and Allison host a pet parent call and provide highlights of upcoming courses, discuss new topics, and are available to answer all questions about any topic relating to animal health. Even if I can’t join the live call, I know that I can always access the archives and catch up on my own time. I greatly value their vast knowledge and guidance, their cheerful voices, and strong spiritual commitment to their students, members and the animals we so dearly care for. This is something anyone who loves animals should not be without.”
  • Monthly membership is just $19.95 a month.
  • The 1 year for $219.  The annual membership includes one month for free (12 months for the price of 11!)

If you need a payment plan, please let us know and we will work with you.




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Cindy - USA
“I joined the Learning Center as soon as it was offered and have enjoyed it every month. The monthly topics have opened my eyes to holistic care and have really opened my mind to consider different modalities of treatment for my animals, as well as myself. I particularly enjoy the videos and the written notes. Being able to see some of the techniques is very helpful and I refer back to the notes quite often. I would recommend the Learning Center for anyone wanting to expand their horizons and learn about new things. I have a list of holistic modalities I never knew existed that I want to master and it keeps growing every month with the new topics presented in the Learning Center.Thanks Kim and Allison!”

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