There’s a week to go for September and one of the national topics featured for this month is Animal Pain Awareness.

Pain is a top reason that ultimately ends the lives of many animals.  Any animal at any age can experience pain for various reasons.

Being aware of pain and knowing various options of how to reduce or eliminate pain can make a difference in the length of quality time an animal has.

Animals can exhibit pain in a variety of ways such as:

  • Obvious signs of pain like limping, biting at their stomach, squinting an eye repeatedly and yelping
  • Changes in eating or elimination habits
  • Aggressive or unusual behavior
  • Lethargy or inactivity
  • Staring at you like they have something going on and want your help

It’s important to have a veterinarian check an animal out that may be in pain.  Sometimes the cause of the issue can be physical but with anything in life, so much is actually emotional based.  For instance, we’ve found that many UTI issues with cats are triggered by emotions.

Holistic methods can help prevent, reduce or eliminate pain such as:

  • Nutrition:  Keep in mind that grains and hot proteins like chicken and lamb can create inflammation in the body, resulting in discomfort or increasing the pain.  Understanding what the core diet should be is a major factor in your animal’s well-being.  Great health starts in the gut with proper nutrition.
  • Supplements:  Joint supplements like MSM and glucosamine and herbs such as yucca and Boswellia may help with pain.  Other supplements like CBD and omega 3 oils can reduce pain.  After you work on the core diet, then you can determine the correct supplements and amounts.
  • Energy Work:  Everyone can do basic energy work (Click here for Basic Energy Work Techniques) and it’s amazing how this can make a difference, especially when the pet parent is the one to offer it to their animal.  In return, that beautiful energy can flow to the pet parent.
  • EFT/Tapping:  This technique works on specific acupressure points on the body, but generally is not done directly on the animal.  Tapping is normally done on a surrogate, such as the pet parent, and both the animal and human benefit at the same time.
  • Animal Communication:  Asking an animal how they are feeling and where they’re having pain can be a big help.  There is even a method of going inside the body to understand what they’re feeling, as many animals are stoic and will say that they aren’t in much pain or “they can handle it”.  Animals can also tell you what you can do to help them to feel better.
  • Muscle Testing:  The body has wisdom to know what is right for it, whether it’s for an animal or a person.  You can muscle test to determine the right diet, supplements and amounts.  This technique can show you what methods are ideal for your animal, including the order of importance and the specific details for a particular modality.  Muscle testing can help to increase intuitive abilities, and vice versa.
  • Homeopathy:  Aconite and Arnica are common to help general pain but often, the pain is specific.  Like my dog needed Cactus grandiflorus for eye pain.  There are many homeopathic remedies so the key is to determine the right remedy, along with potency, frequency and duration.
  • Flower Essences:  When pain is emotionally based, a custom flower essence blend has the ability to release buried emotions that may be contributing to the discomfort.  Muscle testing will help you create the ideal blend of essences for your animal.
  • Aromatherapy:  Black Pepper, Helichrysum and Juniper Berry may help with pain relief.  When using essential oils, it’s important to know if this method is right for an animal and if so, the proper way to offer aromatherapy, which oils to use, how many drops of each oil, the frequency and duration.
  • Color Therapy:  Yellow can bring sunshine to an animal in pain.  Light blue can be calming if the animal is upset about their challenges.  Muscle testing can show you the best color, as there are many options.  Place a sheet, towel or blanket on the ground for your animal to lay on or near to get the color’s energy.
  • Crystal Therapy:  Crystals such as Amber, Calcite and Howlite may help.  Animals may wear the crystals or you may place them on the floor where they can lay near them, making sure that they are offered safely where they can’t be ingested.
  • Massage:  While some conditions are contraindicated by massage, often this can help.  Slow gentle movements with fingertips, avoiding bone or painful areas, can feel great for an animal.  You can check with your vet to make sure massage is safe for your animal.
  • Acupressure: This can be done by the pet parent at home.  There are specific points like the Aspirin point to relieve pain.  Acupressure can help keep the meridians flowing and balanced.
  • Acupuncture:   Some vets are trained to insert needles into the specific points, for deeper work on the animal’s body.  Animals often are so relaxed that they may doze off during an acupuncture session.
  • Chiropractic Adjustment:  When bones are out of alignment, this can cause pain and also affect the functioning of organs.  It can be a wonderful preventative to pain along with helping relieve discomfort.

While sometimes medication is necessary, there are so many incredible holistic methods that can help reduce or eliminate an animal’s pain, providing a better quality of life.

Having as much time as you can possibly have with your animals is priceless.

If you want to learn more in depth about how to help your animals with pain and arthritis, including learning muscle testing which is a game changer, we have put together an amazing package.

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Pain Free Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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