Animal Wellness Coach Certification Program FAQ

What do I do about food for course 1, 5 day training?  

For Houston, you should bring your lunch with you.  If you are unfamiliar with the area, we can provide a list of places to purchase food.  If you are coming to Montana, we will go to the grocery store so you can purchase your food for the stay.

Where can I stay for course 1 as I do not live in the area?

We will provide you with a list of possible hotels if you are coming to Houston.   If you are coming to Montana, complementary lodging is available with Kim at her log cabin home.

What do I do about transportation to and from course 1?

For Houston, you will need to provide your own transportation.   Some students use  For Montana, Kim provides Bozeman airport pick up and return service for a fee.

Will you offer course 1 again?

Houston will be offered again in March/April 2019.  Montana semi-private instruction has ongoing dates but not normally January-March.

Do the techniques I learn apply to all animals?

Yes absolutely!  Everything you will learn can be applied to any kind of animal.

Can the techniques be used on myself?

They sure can!  What you learn is also applicable to people.  The animals want you to learn so that you can also help yourself and others.

Can I work with animals after course 1?  

You can practice with animals after course 1.  Professional training consists of courses 2-4 with course 5 being a business course.   You will take courses 2-4 for each modality you choose to pursue professionally.  After you complete the program, you should have the skills and confidence needed to offer professional consultations in your chosen modalities.

What if I have more questions about this program?

You can email Kim and Allison here or contact Kim at 713-822-4382.

Join us for this life changing program.