Animal Wellness Coach Certification™ Program

For Animal Professionals, Aspiring Animal Professionals & Dedicated Pet Parents
Learn 8 healing methods!

Semi-private program available September 12-16, October 17-21, October 31-November 4 & December 5-9 at Kim’s home in Livingston, MT.

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Program will be held in Houston, TX again in 2019.

Kim & Allison invite you to 
become a  

Certified Animal Heart & Soul Wellness Coach

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 5 Day Holistic Animal Care Program

Next Houston Dates will be in March/April 2019

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In one day we will change your life.

In 5 days we will help you change the lives of others.

You will learn 8 different modalities in this incredible program:

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The Wellness Coach Program is beyond amazing!  This program is rich in content and I will continue to refer back to my notebook time and time again.  I have never encountered such a comprehensive holistic program like it anywhere, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take this program.  I use some aspect of what I learned on a regular basis.  From nutrition and aromatherapy, to color therapy and gemstones, to muscle testing and flower essences, there are so many holistic modalities that are available to animals and humans.  In addition, the most mind-blowing is learning about SASA (Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy)!  This is truly a gift from the animals!  If you are looking for a comprehensive course that will give you much more than just surface content, help you feel connected with mother earth and the animals, and provide clarity with who you are in spirit, then I highly recommend the Wellness Coach Program offered by Kim and Allison.  These are the gifts that I have discovered and keep discovering each day.  Kim, Texas

In the Animal Heart & Soul Wellness Coach™ Program you will:

  • Open your heart and awaken your mind
  • Cultivate the wisdom of holistic methods
  • Achieve balance and harmony in your space
  • Develop a deeper bond with animals
  • Set yourself apart as a leader in animal care
  • Increase client trust in your services
  • Learn valuable tools to boost your revenue

The coach program was life changing for me.  I went into the program expecting training for 8 modalities and a small foundation of business to start helping animals.  What I received was SO much more.  I learned that healing ourselves is so important in order to help others and animals.  Kim and Allison were amazing at tuning into the obstacles and challenges I faced in my learning experience and assisting me with tools that I could take home and use.  There is so much light, love and heart in this program, I left with the confidence that I can positively impact animals (and their people’s lives).  Meg, Masachussetts

Join Kim & Allison for this exciting, life changing program!

Holistic animal care is a growing field.  More people are seeking natural wellness for the animals in their care.  Kim and Allison have over 30 years combined holistic animal care experience.  They have taught classes to hundreds of students from all over the world since 2007.

I attended the Wellness Coach program by The Lightfoot Way.  The knowledge I gained about holistic animal care methods to add to my animal communication business was valuable, because I am now better equipped to serve my clients in all aspects of their needs.  Lanna Ashley, Sentient Beings Animal Communication, Texas

IMPORTANT:  Prerequisite to Attend Program:  Must have taken the animal communication in person class or by distance teleclass (phone or Skype.)  Why do we require animal communication as a pre-requisite?  It is because animal communication means that you are connected with animals on both an intuitive and spiritual level.  There is nothing like that experience.  We want our coaches to have that sacred experience first so that they can connect with animals on the deepest heart and soul level possible.

Program Includes:  

Manual, Forms & Charts: 
  • $75 Instruction manual
  • Client consultation forms for each healing method
  • Client instructions for various healing methods
  • Holistic animal wellness and nutrition charts
  • Quick reference charts
  • Flow analysis charts
  • Certificate of completion of the Animal Wellness Coach Program
  • Animal Wellness Coach logo for use in your marketing materials
  • Consultation pricing recommendations
  • Product resources
  • Marketing information
  • Featured in the online directory when you are ready
  • Opportunity to write articles for our email readers
  • Emails with business articles, tips and more

Special Gift:   After you complete the program and are ready, we will create a custom marketing material product for you such as a custom business graphic, custom business card or custom business post card.

Special Feature:  Special password protected website page for certified Animal Wellness Coaches to access all of the forms, instructions, charts, marketing information and logo.  It also includes prerecorded videos of all of the classes to refer back to. This webpage will remain updated with the latest information for your professional career.

Certification Process:  You will demonstrate throughout each day the skills required to be proficient in the various techniques of each modality.  After each class, you will take a written exam.  At the end of the program, you will receive your certificate of completion as an Animal Heart & Soul Wellness Coach.  Your certificate will proudly display the modalities you have successfully completed.

Tuition:  $1400 total ($600 non-refundable & non-transferable deposit required.)  An installment plan is available after deposit is paid if desired.  2 payments of $404, 3 payments of $272, 4 payments of $206  Balance is due by March 14th.   (Semi-private instruction with 2 students with Kim in Montana is $2,000 with complementary lodging.  Next dates to be determined.)

Cancellation Policy:  $600 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable upon registration.  Should you cancel prior to 2 weeks from the start date, the remainder paid after the deposit will be refunded.  Should you cancel after 2 weeks from the start date, you may transfer the balance after the deposit to a future animal wellness coach program.

Questions:  Check out the FAQ page that  may answer your questions.

Code of Ethics:  Animal Wellness Coaches agree to abide by the code of ethics Animal Wellness Coach Code of Ethics Agreement

Liability Release:  Please review and you can sign this form when you arrive.

The program was a fantastic, intense 5 days where we learned all sorts of different practical skills to apply to the animals we are working with.  We had plenty of opportunity to enhance the theory we were learning with practical application.  It was really fantastic.  The ladies are brilliant.  They make learning really easy.  I felt fully supported during the program.  I highly recommend doing the animal wellness coach program.  You won’t regret it.  Ruth, United Kingdom

Stop debating on whether or not you should invest in the 5 day long Animal Wellness Coach Certification with The Lightfoot Way and just do it!  I can say it was one of the most powerful and life changing weeks of my life.  Experiencing the energy of all the amazing people in the course was very intense and rewarding.  It was so wonderful to feel and be able to feed off of everyone’s energy.  I even saw a few auras which I’ve never done before.  Allison and Kim are wonderful teachers. They made everyone feel comfortable and are very encouraging. The lessons each day brought more growth and I left there with a library full of information and the confidence to proceed with my own animal wellness business.  By the end of the week I felt like I was part of a new spiritual family and it was sad to leave.  Actually, I wish we could have a reunion.  I traveled all the way from California to Houston for the course and do not regret any bit of it.  Meeting other like-minded people and learning not only from Allison and Kim, but everyone who attended was an experience of a lifetime.  Thank you Universe for guiding me to The Lightfoot Way.  Jamie, California

My 5 days in Houston were truly magical; when I read on the website about other people who had attended saying it changed their life, I thought, “yeah right.  That’s great marketing.  But really?”  Well, haa.   They were right.  It changed mine.  It’s difficult to put into words how impactful it was.  I’ve always loved animals; I’ve always been interested in holistic healing.  I’ve read articles; I’ve bought books.  I’ve tried to find holistic vets.  But those 5 days taught me more than anything I had done in all the years previous.  I can’t wait to keep applying what I learned!  Kim and Allison are amazing teachers.  They care.  The camaraderie of the group.  The whole experience.  I am indeed changed.  For the better.  And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Susanne, Oklahoma

Kim and Allison’s Animal Wellness Coach Program was such a joy to be a part of.  For the first time in my life I felt I was around people that share the same passion and compassion for animals that I’ve always had.  I wish the program could’ve lasted a whole month!  The skills I learned have become so invaluable for my own pets and I already have friends and friends of friends asking for my help.  I’ve finally found my calling and I’m looking forward to helping as many pet parents as I can have the same peace of mind about their pet’s health and well-being as I now have with mine.  This program has changed my life and that of my fur babies.  I am so amazed and so pleased that I have to tell everyone I know.  Trixie, my micro dachshund, used to have oily itchy skin and smelled like stinky dog. After changing her to a raw diet, she no longer has any of those symptoms, just a clean, shiny, pleasant smelling coat.  And she LOVES her food and turns her nose up at regular people food.  Faith, my Boston Terrier, has been on incontinence medicine for 5 years, ever since she was 4 years old. After transitioning her to a grain free, limited protein diet, she no longer needs her medicine. She hasn’t had one accident.  For me this is an absolute miracle, because she would start dribbling if she didn’t give her medicine every 24 hours.   Right before the program I noticed my cat Grace was throwing up frequently and losing quite a bit of weight. She would only eat treats, tuna and cold cuts, but not her kitty food that she used to love.   After the wellness class I took all 3 of my cats off grains, changed their kitty kibble and now Grace is eating like a champ and has quit throwing up.  She is now at a healthy weight and is back to her normal personality. Just from a change in diet. I am more than thrilled!   I could on and on about how wonderful just being in the program was, but to me these success stories speak volumes.  (And this is just from applying ONE class out of 9 that you learn in the program!) Jennifer, Texas

Nutrition is the principle of a good health for any kind of animal.  You are what you eat … so are the animals!  But the gift Allison and Kim give us is to learn how to muscle test the best diet for our pet.  I already knew about the Bach Flower essences when I took this class, mainly for people but I had to guess the best flower or the best blend I could create based on the characteristics of each essence.  Being able to create a blend that is perfect for the animal thanks again to the muscle testing is just magic!  I use the essential oils in the therapies I give to people. In that class I learned how to use them safely for animals, using the right oil, the right duration and especially the best way of administration. Working with energy is something I do every day but what you experience with Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA) is typically something very hard to explain because there are no words to express what you feel giving a SASA session.  It empowers you in a way that is just unbelievable… it makes you realize how divine and powerful (in the Light) we are. But what affected me the most was to feel how deep and natural is our connection with Mother Earth and the animals.  And in some way we became orphans forgetting this strong bond…  The EFT demonstration Allison made during the class was quite eloquent to understand how deep this technique goes to bring out repressed emotions.  Before taking crystal class with Allison and Kim, I was already aware that crystals are very powerful. I never had worked with them because I didn’t feel like I could. To be honest I was afraid of them. Yes, I know! It can sound weird to some people …but it was my reality.  Now, I can collaborate with them, mainly because I can muscle test if the animal needs it, which one is the best and how it can be offered. I learned how to make crystal essences and how to cleanse the crystals I use. I’m not afraid anymore, I’m just respectful for their Beauty and Magic! Color therapy was a fun and really interesting class. Everybody has noticed almost once in this life, the impact a color can have on our mood. Most of the time we choose a color instinctively, especially when we get dressed.  But Kim and Allison taught me how to use them to restore a balance in my life. I not only learned about the physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics of colors but also about the many different ways I can offer color therapy to animals.   And all the charts are already done for you: you just have to print them and begin to muscle test.  Christine, Spain

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