Animal Wellness Coach Directory

This directory is of The Lightfoot Way students that have completed our Animal Heart & Soul Wellness Coach Program and are presently offering services.  Please note the levels are a recent addition, which will allow graduates to receive further professional training in the various modalities.

Laurie Neri, Synchronized Kneads, Animal Wellness Coach Level 1

Laurie has decades of experience in alternative methods of wellness and healing for both animals and humans.  Muscle testing is used to customize an appropriate wellness program for your loving pet and you as well.  Whether it be nutrition, homeopathy, flower essences, aromatherapy, crystal and color therapy, the perfect treatment in the moment will be given for you and your pet.

Other services provided are animal communication, massage, and both Reiki and SASA energy healing.  Laurie is also a Shamanic Practitioner which allows her to journey to non-ordinary realities to explore the beautiful world of energy medicine.


Contact:; 713-781-1555 Central Time Zone

Located in Houston, TX.  Available for house calls and remote services.

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Penni Polivy, Whole Body Health for You & Your Pets, Animal Wellness Coach Level 1

Penni focuses on overall wellness and healing for both humans and animals.  Specializing in animal communication, body scanning, muscle testing, nutrition coaching, energetic healing, and acupoint stress relief.


Contact:; 619-850-7601 Central Time Zone

Located in the Highland Village area of Houston, TX.  Available for house calls and remote services.

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Jamie Burton, M.S./Animal Wellness Coach/EFT Tapping Practitioner, Animal Wellness Coach Level 1

Holistic Hippo, Holistic energy services for all living things

Animal communication, nutrition, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, Bach flower essence, color therapy, energy transference, EFT tapping, essential oils, crystal wrapping/jewelry making, animal lover

Contact:; 424-224-9887 Pacific Time Zone; Located in California

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Cheryl L. McCathran, Animal Wellness Coach Level 1

As an Animal Wellness Coach and Buddhist pastoral caregiver, Cheryl supports, mentors, and empowers both animals and people into a life of balance and well-being.

Contact:; 518-944-0540; Eastern Time Zone; Located in New York


Ruth Bradshaw, Animal Wellness Coach Level 1

Ruth works with cats, dogs, horses and small furries to help you and your animal come to a deeper level of understanding, work through issues and create a more harmonious home.


Contact:; 07565903753; Located in the UK.

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Cheryl A. Parrett, Animal Wellness Coach Level 1

Connecting animals and their people through the magic of grace and gratitude.  Muscle testing, energy work, nutrition, flower essences, crystal therapy, animal communication.

Contact:; 574.596.1194; Eastern Time Zone; Located in Indiana