Today is national Pet Bird day.  In honor of the domestic and wild birds, we wanted to do an article that featured some birds-eye view experiences with them and might open your eyes to their messages they are trying to reach you with.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when someone is speaking or in an article, they will say, “animals and birds”, as if birds are not animals and are an afterthought or even lesser than?  This happens more than you may realize.

Birds are incredible animals and can teach us many things.

Mozart, 29-year-old cockatiel

Muscle Testing for Mozart: 

  • When muscle testing for Mozart’s well-being, his best color is light green, like a pastel/baby green.  Energy work and nutrition, in that order of importance, are the only two modalities that tested strong for helping him.  Animal communication, crystal therapy, flower essences, aromatherapy, EFT, environment, music, and singing tested weak.
  • On the energy work, Mozart tested for offering it three times a week.  Susanne will set her intention for making him comfortable and happy and let him know to only take what energy he wants and anything else will go to the universe for the highest good.  Start at a distance of 10 feet and see how Mozart responds.
  • On the nutrition, his current pellets and sweet potato tested strong.  He also tested strong for adding lentils, mango and squash.

Communication with Mozart: 

  • Susanne has had Mozart since he was a baby.  He was an amazing father who helped incubate the eggs and did all of the feeding of his offspring.  When Mozart was communicated with, one of the things Susanne wanted to know was if he’d outlived his family so that he could help them transition.  While he didn’t know his body would hold out this long, his focus really was Susanne.  Mozart’s soul purpose in her life was to be near her to help her through things, to hold a spiritual space for her.  It has been his honor to serve Susanne in this way, like a spiritual guardian for her.  He has shared so much wisdom and love for her.
  • Mozart’s taste buds vary, and he likes some mashed foods.
  • Susanne shared that after a year of not wanting to leave his cage, that Mozart wanted to explore the house with her, and she’ll keep doing as long as he wants to.  Susanne sensed he may be looking for the birds.  Mozart said he sees his children sometimes.  Animals see spirits easily, especially as they get closer to the end of their life, just like people do.

Hans, 18-year-old Hahn’s macaw

Muscle Testing for Hans:

  • Hans came to Loran with ragged feathers, and he plucks his chest feathers as soon as they grow in.  Based on this, he tested strong for forest green.  The environment, singing, music and nutrition tested strong to help him, in that order of importance.  The order is crucial to understand what will make the most impact for him.  Communication, energy work, EFT, custom flower essence blend, oils, crystal therapy, and homeopathy all tested weak to help him.
  • On the environment, he muscle tested for a swing that’s high up in a setting that feel’s more natural like safe branches with leaves, and having his toys and puzzles rotated.
  • Singing is something he needs.  Loran can pick a simple song that’s positive. It’s her voice and him hearing it in a soothing way that will make a difference for him.  Loran remembered how she used to sing for a former bird she had.  She plays some lovely music for him now.  He tested strong for listening to some Beethoven.
  • On his current diet, his pellets and blueberries tested strong.  The current power treats, grapes and sunflower seeds tested weak.  He also tested strong for adding mango, peach, orange, kale, broccoli, carrots, squash and some almonds.
  • He muscle tested to impart his wisdom to Loran, rather than be in the role of “spiritual advisor”.  Sharing his knowledge is right up his alley.

Communication with Hans:

  • After Loran’s family adopted Hans from a bird rescue, he rejected everyone except her.  A dancing and music loving bird, Loran wanted to know why Hans was so affectionate towards her for years, then started biting her. For a class assignment, a student spoke to Hans and discovered that he’s exploring his wild-birdness, wanting to embody who he truly is, and wanting a “job”.
  • For Loran, the idea that Hans has an agenda in his life and she’s just a part of it was a surprise.  As a person who sees herself as a healer and caretaker, being in a position of not being able to achieve these goals with Hans in a physical manner is an invitation to a new perspective on her interaction with him, as well as with her other animal friends, and a reminder to let go of her own ego.   She’s both intrigued and challenged by the concept of helping him to find a “job”, beyond friendship and affection.

Pay Attention to Birds

If you have a bird in your life, look closely.  Each individual bird has their own wisdom and knowledge. 

  • They may be trying to give you a message or want your assistance.  I recall one night, after I’d already gone to bed, my chickens came to my mind so strongly to let me know something was wrong.  I got a flashlight and went out to their pen to find a raccoon was interested in them.  The raccoon quickly scurried away, and I was able to make sure they were safe.
  • You can use muscle testing, too, for any animal.  One day, when my rooster had a wound on his leg, I muscle tested what could help him and lavender essential oil, applied appropriately, tested strong.  His wound healed very nicely.

Wild birds might be trying hard to reach you. 

  • Are they flying by your vehicle when you are driving or perhaps creating a “near-miss”?  Maybe they are plentiful in your yard or one of them is doing something unusual.  Maybe you found a feather on the sidewalk or one floated down right in front of you.  You might even pass a bird that was sadly hit by a car or one that hit your own vehicle.  When wild birds are unable to reach you, they can come to you in other ways.  Do birds visit you in your dreams?  There could be repeat signs of seeing the same species of bird like on a billboard, a magazine and the TV in a short span of time such as several days to a week.
  • You can communicate with the birds using telepathic communication or muscle testing to see what they are trying to tell you.  You can also look up the bird species online such as “hawk animal totem” to see what message resonates for you or use muscle testing to determine the message they want you to receive.

As I was working on this article, a yellow-rumped warbler gave its life to share a simple but important message with you.  The warbler wants you to know that even though life is challenging, and you may feel small in this world, as an individual, you are part of the whole.  You matter.  You are strong and can persevere.  Life is a gift, and the world needs your gifts. Each day is a new opportunity to be embraced.

Animals are constantly trying to reach humans to provide them with guidance, including birds.  You can use muscle testing or communication to help you understand what message they are trying to give you.  Muscle testing enhances your body and mind’s innate wisdom, including interspecies communication.

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To the birds and their amazing wisdom.

Birds Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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