Kim’s chinchilla and stepdad recently passed.  We hear about loved ones crossing over daily.  You may have experienced a recent loss or know of someone that has.  Or perhaps you are struggling with a loss that happened years ago.

The heart and soul connection with an animal or human loved one is eternal. After a loss, it can be hard to move forward in life.  This grief cannot only be devastating but feel never-ending.

Many people also believe they won’t see their loved ones again or be able to communicate with them.  This is heart-wrenching, as it doesn’t need to feel that way, but it does require an open mind to the beautiful possibilities.

Those that have crossed into the spirit world, both animals and humans, are often trying to reach you in tangible ways such as:

  • You had a dream about them.
  • You see an indentation on your bed or other furniture.
  • You notice something of theirs has been moved.
  • You see a glimpse of a shadow, an outline, or their physical likeness.
  • You notice an animal in your home is staring intently at ‘something’, like at a wall.
  • You sense their presence near you or feel their touch on your body.
  • You see a meaningful sign that’s connected to your loved one such as a feather, butterfly, dragonfly, coin, etc.

Patty’s beloved cat, LC, passed away. She deeply missed him, especially since she was challenged with many debilitating health issues. When Kim let Patty know about the signs, she noticed LC would visit her whenever she wasn’t feeling well. She could see indentations on her bed. Patty could feel him next to her. Sometimes, she could even see LC. When he visited, she enjoyed talking to him. Years later, Patty still lets Kim know that LC comes to see her, and she is forever grateful for his devoted love.

Cindy lost her son, Jason.  She wanted to know what happened to him at his time of passing and Kim shed light on the details, which made sense based on what Cindy knew.  Jason’s personality came through and he used a phrase that was well-known to him.  He answered his mom’s questions and encouraged her to continue on with life with the help of specific activities.  While Kim was speaking to Jason, another soul briefly came through, which seemed to just want to reach out to Cindy to let her know he was here.  This was thought to be the son she miscarried many years ago.  The conversation with Jason brought Cindy some peace and comfort.

Love is everlasting. If you pay close attention, you can notice the signs. If you aren’t sure, you can picture your loved one in your mind or look at their photo. Then speak out loud to them, as if they’re right in front of you. Let them know you’d love to see a sign that they’re present.

You may have noticed that many animal and human souls are departing right now. Some are actually leaving to aid in humanity’s consciousness expansion. Did you know that those in the spiritual realm can provide incredible wisdom and guidance for you? Speaking with them can even increase your overall innate and intuitive abilities at a faster rate because of the nature of functioning at such a high vibration.

Consider some ways that you can continue to have a relationship with your loved ones that have passed on, for instance:

  • You can speak out loud to them regularly and tell them your thoughts and wishes.  It helps to write things down you’d like to say to them and then speak from your heart.
  • You can ask them to visit you in your dreams.  Be as specific as possible.  Like you can say you’d like them to appear to you in their normal bodily form in a dream in the next three days and answer a specific question you have.
  • You can meditate with intention and ask them to come forward to be a part of your meditation.  Your meditation can have a purpose, such as you would like them to make you feel safe and loved or provide needed guidance.
  • You can have a conversation with them with the assistance of a medium or animal communicator.  This can help to not only provide closure, but to answer any questions that you may want to ask them.
  • You can learn to telepathically communicate with your loved ones in an animal communication, mediumship or intuitive development class.  When you learn to connect on this deep, heart and soul level, the knowledge, wisdom and awareness you receive is simply incredible.

Know that you’re forever connected to your loved ones that are in spirit, both animals and humans.  The heart and soul bond is undeniable and can even be taken to profound heights of connection, empowerment and love.

Kim’s specialty is not just teaching animal communication, but she’s honored to be a bridge for those in spirit:

  • With consultations, she’s most known for speaking with animals and humans that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Click here for animals and here for humans.
  • Kim is teaching Animal Communication teleclass (with your phone or laptop) on March 6 (today is the last day to register.)  Click here to learn more. 
  • With her strong connection to those in the Spirit World, she’s offering the new Spirit World Ambassador certification program done through Zoom, from the comfort of your home.   This program starts on April 5, and you can learn more here. 
  • On May 21, Kim’s teaching an Animal Communication class in Kalispell/Columbia Falls in Montana.  You can learn more here.  

When you try to connect with those that have crossed over, you have the ability to expand your heart further to unlock and discover more about your innate gifts involving the spiritual world.

Open your heart fully to all of the beautiful possibilities that the spirit world is capable of – and YOU are, too.

Rainbow Bridge Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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