Your animals are trying to reach and teach you all of the time.
Read on to learn powerful messages your animals want you to know, that might surprise you – AND cause you to take action right away.

In chapter 3 of The Soul Watchers, Animals’ Quest to Awaken Humanity, I discuss soul purpose and soul contracts, along with 14 very common life lessons that animals want you to be aware of.  This will be a brief synopsis of some of them and questions to ponder.

The Healing Touch

Why is an animal laying on a particular part of your body?  Often, it’s not just to cuddle. Did they happen to make you fall or injure yourself?  They could be trying to alert you to something going on in your body.  Are they trying to help heal you?  You can talk out loud to your animal and acknowledge this.  If you know how to speak to them, you can ask them why they are doing this.

Look in the Mirror

Did you know that animals can mirror you when you have a health problem or an emotional issue?  They often try to take on our illness or behavior to show us that we need to work on ourselves.  They often will keep being sick or acting out until we acknowledge what’s going on with them – and ourselves, AND take action.  You can speak out loud to your animal about what’s going on.  Let them know the steps you are taking to see help.  If you know animal communication, you can ask them what will help them – and you, to get better.

Listen Closely

If an animal continues to have health problems or emotional challenges, it could be that you haven’t gotten the message they want to teach you.  For instance, if your animal is peeing on the carpet, what might they be trying to tell you?  Most cases like this are not due to a physical problem (and definitely get it checked out), but the fact that your animal is irritated with you or someone else in the house.  Is another animal being dominant over them?  Are you not spending enough time with them?  Is your schedule erratic?  Perhaps you can think on this, determine the reason why and make changes.  You can also ask an animal why they are behaving that way and they can tell you so you can work on a mutual resolution that will make you both happy.

Rainbow Bridge Surprises

When an animal leaves us, do you know why they chose that particular time?  Maybe it’s to help guide you from the other side.  When their time is near, what do they want you to know?  Perhaps it’s not what you can do to help them, but what they want to see happen in your own life before they go.  They have such unconditional and caring love, until the very end.  Just like us, animals are going to pass at some point, but there is more to their story and what they want you to know.  It’s wonderful when you can understand their messages or be able to ask them yourself.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Never for a moment think that death is final, for the soul lives on, including those of your animals.  Did you know that your animal may have been with you before?  Did you know that most animals want to return to continue their life with you?  And what’s really cool is they can give you a time frame of when they’ll return, what they’ll look like, how you’ll know it’s them and how you can find them!  All you have to do is speak to them.  Yes, you can communicate with an animal in spirit just as easily as one that’s alive.  We think it’s even easier, as do most students, as the conversation just flows so beautifully.  That’s why we love to speak with animals that have passed.  But this is something anyone can learn how to do.  Know that you have an everlasting connection to your animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

This is just a quick sample of the life lessons animals have for you.  You can learn so much more in the book.  But think about how empowering it would be to be able to speak to your own animals, including those you miss so dearly.  Consider learning animal communication in an in person class or from the comfort of your home.

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Life Lesson Blessings!

Kim & Allison

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