March 30th is Take a Walk in the Park Day.  While this is something you can do on your own or with your dog, think about this from a different point of view.

What is the one thing every living being on this earth shares? Mother Nature.

Nature surrounds us with the ground we walk on, the air we breathe, the sounds of the animals, the changes in the weather, the ebb and flow of seasonal flowers and plants, all of it brought to us by Mother earth and nature!

Do we appreciate it enough? Do we respect it enough? Are we giving back to Mother Earth?

When we walk outside, don’t we feel a sense of peace and a little more grounded? Yes, we do! It is important that we get back to nature, embrace nature and respect all of nature, good and bad, because it is all part of the circle of life and needs to be taken care of.

Even natural disasters are from nature and have their own benefits. Earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, ice storms – they all play a role in maintaining the balance of nature. There are many elements of nature that represent both light and dark. There is a balance to nature. Nature holds that yin and yang theory of keeping the balance, so it is important that we respect all that nature does on the universe’s behalf to maintain balance.

Another example of balance in the natural world is daylight provided by the sun and moonlight provided by the moon. Equal amounts of sun or daylight is crucial to our health. It provides natural forms of vitamin D, and moonlight or darkness at night is equally important to provide natural forms of melatonin and rest to keep our mood calm and rested.

Kim and I realized how important this was when we were working at the no kill shelter when the director told us the sick cats were not getting better and were not leaving the sick room. Well, we realized the sick room had no windows and the walls were gray. After painting the walls yellow (bringing sunshine, joy and warmth) and moving the “sick room” to the front of the new shelter with big windows, the cats started improving. That is huge – just sunlight can heal. Nature at its best, right?!

We want you to look at nature from a different point of view. Think about using nature as a tool in its natural state. The animals use nature every day in their lives. They are always connected to nature and respect nature in all of its aspects. Think about how they utilize nature and how they are so tuned in to the natural world. The animals want you to be aware of nature and become one with nature.

Look at nature with a fresh approach.

  • Touch a tree with the palms of your hands. Feel the energy. Your hands may even tingle or get warm.
  • Hold a small branch or a leaf in your hands. Feel the energy.
  • Sit under a tree or on a rock by a stream. Feel the energy.
  • Hold a rock in your hands and feel it.
  • Even the smallest item like an acorn can be powerful if you hold it in your hands.
  • Listen to nature’s sounds. Hear the “whoo” of an owl.
  • Sit by a creek and listen to the gentle water flow by.
  • Listen to the wind blow on your patio or in your backyard.
  • Feel the warmth of the sun or the caress of the wind on your face.
  • Walk on the beach and feel the sand between your toes.

Spend time outside. This can be very therapeutic on many levels. It can help ground you, it can increase your connection intuitively, it can calm your mind and soul and bring you joy. If you cannot get outside, then bring nature into your home like wildflowers. You can even ask nature if it is ok to take it from its home. Thank nature for sharing its beauty with you.

Know that when you look at nature from a new point of view, nature will appear to you in new ways and you will be more receptive to nature’s messages:

  • While you are touching or holding a piece of nature such as a tree or rock, you may receive images, words or thoughts. Information can come to you about that item or a special message for you.
  • A wild animal may also have a message for you. The animals are constantly trying to get your attention. If you are not sure what they are trying to tell you, then look up that animal. If you see a hawk, you can look up hawk animal totem on the internet. Read the information and something there will resonate with you.
  • Remember when you receive information from nature, you should act on it. Otherwise, the messages will keep coming in various ways until nature gets your attention.

If you have a piece of nature such as a wilting flower, a pine cone that is crumbling or a torn leaf that is deteriorating, don’t throw it in the trash. Return it to nature, where it came from. This keeps the natural cycle of life going.

Nature, in all of its life stages, has a purpose and must not be wasted no matter what form. Keep the circle of earth going.  Don’t break the chain – it is all about connection and rebirth!

Respect the nature around you, and it will respect you.

Mother Nature Blessings!

Allison & Kim


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