I learned a very valuable lesson at my last NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work) certification trial for my dogs, Bob and Petey’s continuing education trials.

An aside, yes, they both rocked it! Petey got his very first NW3 title, finally, yay! Bob got his Level 2 title in Exteriors and second place best time.

Here is the lesson I learned. The second day of the trials, I was volunteering and I saw the most amazing thing that moved me greatly, and I realized in that moment that life with your animals is what YOU make it! The fact that every person can learn skills to enhance their relationship and bond with their animals on a higher level is so amazing, everyone should take advantage of that! I just want to shout it out from the mountain top to tell everyone. I want everyone to know that the ability to do anything holistic with animals could bring beautiful relationships like this one to a higher level at any age!

There was a dog/handler team that had traveled to the trial site just like all the other competing teams had done. This team set their crating area up by themselves like all the other teams did, this team persevered through the heat of the day just like all the other teams had to, this team had the same amount of time to find or “sniff” out the odor in each element (vehicles, interiors, exteriors and containers) just like all the other teams had, BUT the true beauty of this team – the dog handler was 81 years old!! Yes, 81 years old, and she and her precious, scraggly haired little pup were a sight for young to middle-aged (sore) eyes, ha. (Our oldest animal communication student learned at 82!) This handler was having a blast and it never even crossed her mind that she was too old to be doing this. She was giving positive energy to her life, to her dog’s life and to the people around her that could see it is never too late to change your life or the animals’ lives you care for. She was creating a beautiful bond with her dog and gaining support of like-minded people just by doing “stuff” that others might not even think is possible at her age.

No pressure… but you hold the key to your animal’s happiness. Your animals are happy because YOU are happy. Positive energy begets positive energy. As they say, you cannot help others unless you help yourself first, right? RIGHT! We often forego our own well-being to offer the best possible care to our furry loved ones, but it is important to know that our animals will give of themselves to take illness away from us or to give us healing we may need. Therefore, if we are keeping ourselves active, practicing self-healing and living life to its fullest, guess what? The animals in our lives win!! So goes the circle of love.

Devote time to learn new skills so you can increase the bond you have with your beloved animals and remember to offer yourself, as well as your animals, basic energy work or SASA. Boost your energy level with self-healing, which will not only strengthen your bond with your animals, but will give you time with your animals. It only takes 5 minutes and it will give you a day of clarity and cleansing that will flow to everyone around you, including your animals. When we are happy and positive our animals are too, and they want to be with you, unconditionally, so it matters not if you are good at whatever activity you are doing, just Do it!! How nice would it be to be able to ask them what activities they like or how they feel or their favorite treat is…? Or just Know the answer because you are so in tune with them?

Our animals consciously give us unconditional love. We owe it to them to be on top of our game to ensure the animals we adore and care for can achieve optimum health and well-being. Empower yourself with holistic methods for yourself and your animals whether it is animal communication, energy work, nutrition, muscle testing, flower essences or just putting energy in doing activities with your animals – remember to do it for yourself, as well.

Make holistic care a way of life and you will see how they can benefit every aspect of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Rise to the occasion! After all, aren’t your animals worth it? Remember, my lesson learned, it is never too late to start living a healthy, holistic, active and fun life with your animals!!

Heart & Soul Blessings!

Allison & Kim


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