It’s National Pet Wellness month.  But the animals want you to know that wellness is on a body, mind and spirit level.

Our well-being affects the wellness of our animals and all of life, and vice versa.  We are all intertwined in the delicate facets of life.

How can wellness truly be achieved?  It’s the ultimate goal of all life, and the animals want us to look much deeper at this.

Human evolution is at a crossroads.  The animals are desperately trying to reach and teach humanity in order to raise our consciousness, for an ideal, loving world is attainable only when a massive, global shift can be created.

That shift is happening now.  And, in the eyes of your animals, you are part of that integral shift.

The animals want you to know some simple ways to help create a shift that can ripple out into the universe:

  • Understand how everything is united, as one.  If you’ve read the last two articles, you will realize that ALL life is sentient, including plants and trees.  It’s even funny how even “animal” professionals will make reference and say “animals and birds”, “animals and reptiles”, “animals and insects”, as if they are separate.  Birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and invertebrates are ALL animals.  And we are mammals, therefore, we are animals, too.  Viewing that all life forms are sentient needs to happen.  Viewing that the term “animals” is inclusive of all animal species, and each are of equal importance, also needs to happen.
  • Live life with intention, from a state of love and gratitude.  The animals want you to get up each morning, filled with gratitude and love in your heart.  Think about what you want to accomplish for the day.  Of course, you can plan for the future, too.  Set your intention for what you want to manifest.  The more specific you are with the details, the better.  By saying your intentions out loud and/or writing them down, it helps to make them more tangible by putting this additional energy into them.  Never underestimate the power of intention.  We tell our students this all of the time.  The more you do this, coupled with love and gratitude, you will start to see your desires become reality.
  • Talk out loud to animals, plants, trees, and nature.  When you speak out loud to all life forms, not just humans, you are recognizing them as sentient.  They can all think, feel and reason, just like we can.  Sentient life is all around you, all of the time.  You can interact, just like you would with another person.  What we say to others, including ourselves, affects us AND them on a cellular level.  Yes, you may think it’s silly to talk out loud to various life forms, but you raise your energetic vibration when you do so and help to increase the energetic frequency of others.  When you speak to others, come from a place of love.  You can set your intention that you are connecting your heart to their heart.  You can even envision a cord of energy, light or fabric connecting you both.
  • Cat smelling essential oils.

    Utilize Mother Earth’s medicine chest.  The animals have incredible wisdom and respect for nature.  They realize how crucial the elements of Mother Earth are when it comes to the wellness for all of life.  Holistic care is for both people and animals.  It’s funny how even many human holistic professionals will not make the correlation that all of these holistic methods can be applied to animals.  Nutrition, herbal therapy, flower essences, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, color therapy, and homeopathy are all brought to you by Mother Nature.  Take advantage of these natural modalities and use them for the benefit of yourself and your animals.

  • Horse receiving energy work.

    Take your innate intuition to a higher level.  You were born with natural intuition.  You can call it a knowing, a feeling in your gut or simply just instinct.  Most people don’t understand how intuition can help us in both our personal and professional life and how it can actually be elevated to a profound level, beyond where it is right now.  Besides using the holistic methods listed above, interspecies communication, energy work and muscle testing are other ways that utilize and enhance your intuition.  Talking telepathically with different forms of life takes your intuitive abilities to a whole new level.  Energy work helps to increase your energetic connection with all of life.  Muscle testing uses your own body as a source of wisdom for both people and animals.  When you can develop your intuitive abilities more, you strengthen your connection with your animals and all of life.  Simply put, you are AWARE of more.  You KNOW more.

If you can work on any of these steps, the animals know the world can dramatically change for the better.  They want you to take it a step further, though.  SHARE.  Let others know how they can be a part of this shift.  Share with those you feel comfortable with.  Even sharing just one idea can make a difference.

You are powerful beyond your imagination.  We can always do more than where we are right now.  It all starts with taking a step.  For some, it’s a first step.  For others, it’s the next step.

Please know you have a special place in this world.  You are important.  Your life matters.  And the animals certainly know the power of ONE.  They know the power of YOU.

Shift Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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