Did you know that this month was considered National Cat Month?

This has prompted me (Allison) to write about my cat communication stories and things we have discovered from other cats we have talked to over the years.

It’s quite fascinating what you can learn from cats!

If you don’t have a cat or have never had a cat in your life, I want to tell you how incredibly bright they truly are and what wonderful companions they make. Many people think cats are aloof, independent and finicky. Well, they are not wrong, cats can be all of those things, but if you connect with a cat on a deeper level and learn to communicate, you will find that they are so loyal, loving and special.

I have a few touching cat “tales” to tell you. Hopefully, you will connect with a feline sometime in your future and tell your own story.

Flying Fur Ball?

My husband was not a huge cat fan, but he was helping me take one of my friend’s cat (my friend passed away from cancer) to the adoption center on the weekend.

Let me give you a little background about this cat, she was a calico kitten that my friend, Ruth, saved from a major freeway in Houston. She took her in, fed her and cared for her along with her 3 other cats. This calico kitten was wild. No one was ever able to see her in her entirety – she was but a flash of color flying by, usually jumping off the mantle onto the stairs and away she went. Her feet were never on the ground for more than a second when any human was around. She would hiss and growl and glare when cornered. With that said, here she is in my house in a carrier. I told my husband not to release her because you will never catch her.

The afternoon went by and it was time for me to come home and I could not wait to see how the adoption event went. When I opened the front door, the very first thing I saw was the cat carrier on the ground… wide open!! Yikes, I said, “Where is she?” I could NOT believe my eyes, this wild child calico was sitting on my husband’s chest looking up at him with such love, and she was purring. My jaw dropped, could not believe it.

He told me that when he arrived at the adoption event, she looked at him and just cried. His heart must have grown 3 times that day (not that I am in any way insinuating he is a grinch, mind you) because he looked back at her and said, “I am getting us out of here never to return.”

He put her back in the carrier and all the way home she cried. At home he opened the carrier to let her free and she rubbed up against him and followed him everywhere. To this day, she adores Thomas and people that knew her back then still can’t believe this is the same cat. She knows that Thomas acted out of love and they connected on a deep level – her loyalty remains. Cats really do understand love.

Go Saucey Go!

Saucey has been with us now for many years. She is now 21 years old, and I can’t tell you how it warms my heart to think of how her love and my love for her has developed and grown so much.

I am so thankful for the ability to connect and to communicate near or far with her. You see, even though, she was a loved member of our family for the first 6 years or so, she only lived downstairs. I wanted her to come upstairs with us and sleep in our bedroom and be with the dogs so badly. One of our professional animal communicator students talked to asked why she would not come upstairs.

Wow, about 3 days after she communicated, Saucey had climbed the stairs and I could feel her presence in the bedroom. I was so excited. She was upstairs! She has been sleeping with us ever since. Love the gift of gab. It has enriched our lives with our cat, Saucey, immensely.

Set Me Free

Kim and I work with students and clients all of the time with transitioning animals and those already in spirit, and we know how powerful and amazing the connection can be with those in spirit. We also help people and animals through the entire process of grieving because grieving and recovery are so important as I learned firsthand.

I lost my other cat, Lucy, that came to me from a friend that also passed away from cancer. I knew Lucy would be with us for a short time because she had stage 4 kidney disease, but I did all I could to keep her healthy and happy – she brought us so much joy – she was a mischief little thing, though.

It is when it was time for her transition, I had communicated with my other animals and with her to make sure everyone was ready for her transition. The beauty of communication is that you know in your heart what the animal wants and then to be able to ask is divine validation. Everything was lovely and peaceful.

However, in the next few days after Lucy has crossed over, I saw a black cat just like Lucy on my street corner (never in 18 years of living here has there been a black cat), the next day another black cat with green eyes on the other side of the street – had this cat just moved in? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Now, it is Monday and off to work as a regular day with regular routine. I walked the dogs without incident and no appearances from the “Alter-Lucy”. Well, that evening when I got home from work, I parked my car and went up the path to my front door – the minute I got on the path I looked up, and there was the black cat with green eyes! She was on my path way off the neighborhood grid and where there has never been a cat of any description anywhere on this path in 18 years.

I KNEW it was Lucy trying to reach me, but why? I knew I could connect to her at any time, what was she trying to say?

I finally connected to Lucy myself and it just came to me as a knowing (took me long enough, geez) communication will come into your mind as if it is just all of a sudden there – in that moment I KNEW! She was telling me I had NOT released her! I, myself, was holding on to her in my heart. I had allowed her to release, the dogs to release and my other cat to release, but I had not released her to the spiritual world and accepted her in spirit and recognized her as a beautiful spirit being in all her glory. I released her and I have not seen any “Alter-Lucy” sightings since.

Yet, again, the power of the telepathic and spiritual communication, still gives me goose bumps to know the depth of determination Lucy went to reach me and to communicate. The animals have always been able to communicate and just wait for us to realize we can communicate with them.

Discoveries from Talking Cats – Who Knew?

Communicating with cats over the years has helped our students and clients relieve many physical and emotional problems.

For instance, did you ever consider your cat’s litter box could be the problem? We have had many cats tells us when we communicate that they don’t like a certain litter or their box is too tall, not tall enough, they don’t like the hood, it is in the wrong location, they hate the litter are you using, etc.

It is so great to be able to ask, “What is the problem?”, and they answer you!!! By communicating with them we were able to resolve the problem with one conversation.

Here are some litter box bungles we have heard first hand from our finicky felines to consider:

  • The litter box might not get cleaned as often as your cat would like.
  • The product you use to clean the box may be too strong a smell or irritate their senses– always use natural cleaning solutions like water and gentle soap or vinegar.
  • The type of litter you are using may not be kitty approved. The natural litters are best because they don’t have the toxins and clay that can contribute to illnesses. World’s Greatest Litter, Swheat Scoop, Feline Pine and Cedarific are a few natural, chemical-free litters on the market. You can let your cat sample small amounts of several litters and they will walk towards the one they prefer or you can muscle test to see which litter is the best for your cat or multiple cats.
  • The litter box may be in a confined area the cat cannot get to or feels like they will be trapped or it could be too out in the open and the cat feels they have no privacy. Make sure the box is not close to where they eat or drink water or a noisy place such as the laundry room.
  • The litter box may be too tall If your cat is older or has joint issues – find a box that has a dip in the front for easy entry. Make sure there is enough litter in the box to provide soft, workable area. Your cat may not like having a hood on the box and not want to go inside. Make sure the box is large enough for the cat to move around and turn in the box.  We’ve even had cats request a specific color of a litter box.
  • You may need to add an additional litter box or more in your home if you have multiple cats.
  • The mat you have placed by the litter box may feel odd on their feet and they don’t like it, and this could cause them to not want to use the litter box. This was a surprise to us but yes, some cats are that picky.

Communication Brings Peace from the Other Side!

We have had cats disappear and the pet parent was able to get closure because when we connected to the cat they told us they had wandered off to pass away so their owner would not see the cat in any pain. Just knowing can bring peace and closure, in addition, you can communicate forever with them in the spirit world. The conversations with in-spirit animals are amazing.

I discovered my dog is actually my childhood cat that has come back to be with me as my dog, Bob! That is really cool!! His name was Morris and he was an orange cat – just like the student got. Awesome to know our animals can come back to us and you can even ask them for a time frame, what they might look like, how to find them, how to know it’s them and more.

Many animals do want to come back to you, especially your animals you consider to be your “heart and soul” ones, but it is also comforting to know that some animals will stay in the spirit world to help or do universal work as a guide cat or angel cat.

When you can communicate on a deeper level that heart connection can grow so much stronger. Keep the lines of communication open because your animals are listening and trying to connect with you any way they can.

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Purrfect Communication Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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