Let’s talk about ways you can change the lives of animals in your care to help them live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

When we think about holistic animal wellness or holistic modalities, most people think about using them when an animal is ill or injured.  But for the sake of animals, it’s ideal to get in the mindset of thinking of holistic animal care (HAC) as a way of life, not as a last resort.

Animals bring so much love, joy, laughter, wisdom, companionship, comfort and more to our lives.  That want us to remember that when we learn and offer holistic wellness for them, that this knowledge and action translates to our lives, too.  How beautiful and harmonious!

Holistic care looks at animals and people on a physical (body), mental/emotional (mind) and spirit/soul (spiritual) level.  With traditional care, normally only the physical symptoms are considered and addressed.  Holistic wellness looks at the WHOLE, the complete picture, including discovering the root cause of any issue.

Using holistic wellness on a regular basis can keep the whole family balanced and healthy, both animals and humans. Holistic Animal Care (HAC) is simple to learn and use.

All of these holistic methods are done energetically, using energy. Masuru Emoto wrote the book, Hidden Messages in Water.

  • Masuru discovered that energy transcends what we think, say, and how we are act towards ourselves and any other living entity (everything is made up of energy).
  • In his experiments, petri dishes filled with water and positive or negative words were spoken out loud or taped to them. The dishes were then frozen, and the water was examined.
  • The dishes that were addressed negatively did not form any crystals.
  • The dishes that that were addressed positively, including beautiful music played to, formed amazing crystals that often resembled intricate snowflakes.
  • In another experiment using jars of rice, there was a third test group that was completely ignored.  Now which jar of rice rotted first?  The one that was left alone.  Animals need our positive interaction to keep them healthy and thriving. Get involved with your animals and your animals will get involved with you – see a deep and rewarding relationship evolve!

Learn to think outside the box. Get creative, be bold and have fun! Enrich you and your animal’s lives and create harmony by learning something new: 

  • Animal communication involves connecting your heart to the animal’s heart, which can improve your connection with them at any time in their life. You can learn to telepathically communicate with all of life.  Bringing this innate ability to the surface brings about an awareness and connection with all life forms.  It is amazing the information you can receive from domestic and wild animals and nature – a life-changing skill for sure!
  • Muscle testing is a foundation of HAC because it is used in conjunction with other HAC methods. It’s used to determine the proper nutrition and show you what holistic methods are the best along with their order of importance.  You can muscle test topical products like shampoos, too.  Learning muscle testing can help your animals and client’s animals emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Muscle testing allows you to personalize everything for that animal (and humans, too.)
  • Nutrition is at the core of optimal health for your animal. If you don’t have the right diet, other holistic methods or even medications can be a temporary fix.  Muscle testing can show you the best type of diet, proteins, supplements, and amounts.  Keep in mind that nutrition doesn’t only affect physical health, it applies to emotional well-being.  Behavioral issues can be a result of an improper diet.
  • Energy work can be offered to your animals. Sit 5-10’ from your animal.  On the floor or in a chair is best.  Tap your fingers on your thymus, which is your heart chakra, and then tap your collarbone.  Rub your palms together and direct your palms towards the animal.  Set your intention to offer healing energy from your hands and that you animal take only what they want, for their highest good.  Watch your animals to see how they react.  If they move across the room, you can offer energy but do not go after them.  If they leave the area, they’ve had enough.  They have to get used to the energy. In time, when they are comfortable, you can move a little closer.  And don’t forget about yourself! Offer healing energy daily. You can simply place your hands on your stomach or chest and intend to send energy.
  • Color therapy is the easiest tool to use as far as holistic care goes. There is always a healing color that an animal can benefit from that you can determine by muscle testing. It can be administered by offering your animal a towel, sheet or blanket to lay on or near. Light blue is calming and light pink helps with separation anxiety. Green can help an animal to feel more grounded and yellow helps those that are ill or depressed to feel sunshine and joy. When you pick out a shirt to wear, notice what color it is. It is very likely that the color you selected has to do with what chakra needs balancing the most. Use caution with red as it can aggravate health conditions and behavioral issues.
  • Crystal therapy can be effective because of their individual color and healing properties.  Crystal beads can be placed inside a pouch that goes on your animal’s collar or halter. Amethyst and turquoise are the best general purpose healing stones because they are master healers. Crystals that are specifically selected for an animal or person can really work wonders. And how do you know which crystals are best, how to offer them and for what duration? You muscle test, of course!
  • Flower essences work on an energetic level to get rid of unwanted emotional baggage and bring the body back to balance. Flower essences have amazing results and can be used on an animal with any issue because they are so gentle. If the physical condition is a result of an emotional issue, which is very likely, then the essences can possibly relieve or resolve the physical issue. But the real secret to having success with essences is to muscle test to create a customized blend from the 38 Bach essences.
  • Essential oils like lavender and chamomile can be relaxing. Frankincense and Helichrysum can be healing. While there are safety precautions when using oils with animals, opening up the bottle and letting an animal smell the oil is the simplest and safest way to offer aromatherapy.  Use muscle testing to determine if oils should be offered in the first place.  If so, a customized creation using muscle testing is very beneficial. Then you will know what method to offer the oils, which specific oils, quantity of drops of each, frequency and the duration.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) involves tapping on acupressure points that tie into emotions and organs. Muscle testing helps to show you if EFT is needed for an animal and if so, the best way to offer it, as there are multiple methods.  Normally, tapping directly on an animal is not the way to go.  Often if an animal needs EFT, the pet parent needs it, too.

Empower your life and that of your animal by learning these modalities and other holistic methods.  Learning is fun, simple and life changing!  And when you learn how to do holistic care for animals, all of these skills apply to humans, too!  And the animals would love for people to have these abilities.

If you are a professional that works with animals, think about adding these tools to your tool box. The more you can become a “one stop shop” for your clients, the more services you can offer.  Knowing a variety of holistic skills can really make you stand out, especially when others see how your actions are improving lives.

When you add holistic modalities such as these to your life, you can prevent and overcome many challenges.  You and animals are a team and in this world, together.

We’d love to help you change the lives of animals and people.  Here are a few upcoming HAC educational opportunities:

  • Our annual FREE Holistic Wellness Presentation is on Thursday, January 27th.  We’ll discuss more on the 8 holistic methods and answer any questions, including those about our Animal Wellness Coach program.  Learn tips you can utilize right away.  Click here to learn more.
  • Animal Wellness Coach course 1 by distance where you can learn 8 HAC methods from the comfort of your home.  Apply and register by January 31st for the special savings.  Click here to learn more.  
  • Animal communication may be calling you. Our next teleclass (by phone or laptop) is on February 6th with registration due by January 29th.  Click here to learn more.

When you look into your heart and soul, you have the ability to make every day an opportunity to change a pet’s life, in your own way.

We are always happy to answer questions about HAC via email or chatting.

HAC-On Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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