Color Therapy


Color therapy is simply utilizing color to help heal animals on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.   Every color emits its own energetic vibration.  It does not matter whether an animal can see the color – it is about the effects the energy from that color has on the animal.

Color therapy is easily administered.   The color light blue in your home or facility can help calm anxious or traumatized animals.  You can even raise the vibrational energy of food using color therapy.

How is color therapy for people and animals offered?

Color therapy can be easily administered in a variety of ways. Some simple methods are:

  • Wearing a particular color such as a shirt for people or a collar for animals.
  • Being able to lay on or near a particular color such as a blanket or sheet.
  • Placing a color pouch on the animal’s collar or halter. Some ladies have worn it on their bra. Click here to learn more about our custom made color pouches.
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