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crystal and color therapy, The Lightfoot WayThis Crystal & Color Therapy Online Course is $97 which includes a certificate.  Learning Center members go to the Special Benefits box on your home page to purchase course for $45.  

This online course teaches you how to use various types of crystals and colors in many different ways on the animals you care for.  Learn metaphysical properties of basic colors and over 26 different crystals.  You will learn how to choose the best crystals for each animal.  This is a great course that is fun because who doesn’t like crystals?  In this online course you will learn about:

  • History of Crystals
  • The Benefits of Crystals for Animals
  • How to Administer Crystal Healing
  • Healing Properties of Crystals
  • Creating Crystal Essences
  • Using a Crystal Massage Wand
  • Animal Reactions to Crystals
  • Cleansing Crystals
  • Crystal Resources
  • What is Color Therapy
  • How to Administer Color Therapy
  • Color Therapy Guide

Thank you Kim and Allison for this amazing ‘ Crystal and Color Therapy for Animals ‘  course. I love it very much.  I always was pulled to the crystals and stones but never studied or used them till now.  As an animal parent I am so happy that I found The Lightfoot Way because my eyes , heart and ears opened to so many wonderful spiritual growth and understanding, that without Kim and Allison never would have.  As a new student to this crystal therapy, I was a little nervous how I would understand and put it in use because there are so many crystals.  But this course is so wonderful. I love the video teaching , it is very detailed and explains easily and clearly everything.  I really like the hands on demonstrations. This course has helped me to understand the crystals’ healing power and how it can help our wonderful fur Angels and use it in our daily life also.  And also , I can’t forget to mention that I am so grateful that Kim and Allison made this course affordable so anybody can have it and put it in use immediately.   If you love your animals and want to help  without harsh  medication and have results in a gentle, loving way , I highly recommend  ‘ Crystal and Color Therapy for Animals ‘ for everyone.  Thank you so much for your hard work , dedication and  knowledge  that put these courses together to teach and show us how we can save and give better care naturally to our fur Angels.  Appreciate this very much.  Hugs and Blessings, Eva

I knew nothing about crystals and for a long time did not understand why so many people were using them and getting results.  For some unknown reason I shied away from them?  Being a student of Kim’s and Allison’s, I saw they offered a very affordable on line course so I took it.  I so trust Kim and Allison and knew I would get accurate information so I took it and was blown away!  And to be sure you knew and understand what you were learning, you had to take a short quiz which was very helpful so I did not skim through it and remember nothing!  I so enjoyed this workshop that I bought some books and DVD’s on crystals! Thanks Kim and Allison for opening up many doors to healing with your crystal/color course!  Karen


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