Custom Flower Essence Consultation

floweressencewebA custom Bach flower essence blend may help if your animal has emotional issues due to behavioral or health problems.

We use muscle testing to determine the correct essences for your animal as this tells us what your animal’s body, mind and spirit needs.  You can learn more about muscle testing here. 

This service provides the muscle testing to determine the proper flower essences for the custom blend.  A custom blend is created for your pet with up to 7 Bach flower essences selected from the 39 remedies.

If you were to purchase all 39 Bach flower remedies, it would cost a minimum of $500.00.  A custom Bach flower essence consultation is $65.  The fee is for the muscle testing service including the flower essence properties and the blend is included at no charge, which normally lasts 6-8 weeks.

A consultation can be done by distance with a photo of your pet. Most of our Bach flower consultations are by distance.

The flower essence is normally offered orally, directly into the mouth.  If that is not possible, you can place the drops on a small piece of food.  If necessary, as a last resort, you can also rub the drops onto their ears or on the pads of their feet (not hooves as won’t absorb well.)

While improvement may be seen within the first few days, situations involving more serious or ongoing issues may need several weeks or longer. If the situation with your animal changes, then a new remedy may be needed.

If you would like to learn more about Bach flower essences for animals, please click here. 

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With deep gratitude to Kim, I witness my young mare struggle towards health. My dear mare has been extremely ill for over 17 months. No medical tests could pinpoint it and no one could assist me in her recovery, though some did mask the symptoms for brief periods of time. With Kim slowly guiding us and creating a blend based on individual need, my mare improves a tiny bit each day. The Bach Flower Essence blend created for her obviously calms her emotionally, stilling the concern, allowing her to ‘center’ herself to eat and to rest…there is no greater gift. Kim, thank you.
Linda from Klamath Falls, Oregon

What I noticed with my dog after he had been taking the custom flower pet remedy for about 5 days was he really seemed more comfortable and engaged around other family members that he previously was a little guarded with. There seemed to be a lightness and happiness to him that I hadn’t noticed before. He even put on a few pounds, which he needed to.
Lorrie from Kingwood, Texas

Click here to add a custom flower essence consultation to your cart.   

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