Custom Graphic Creation

We are happy to create custom graphics for you.  Most of the graphics with wording on them on our website and newsletters were created by us.

You can see some samples of our work on this page.

A custom graphic is just $25.  Let us help you create something special for your business.  Complete the form at the bottom of the page first.  We will then see if we can meet your needs.




      Nutrition Consultation, The Lightfoot Way




Custom Graphic Creation

  • What point are you trying to get across?
  • These should be images to suit your business. For instance, you would not use a horse image if you only want to work with dogs or cats.
  • If so, describe. The images must be your own, those that are legal to use for commercial use or those your purchased for commercial use.
  • Colors are great to tie in with your business colors if you have them.
  • Website, email, for print, etc.
  • If you need multiple sizes of the same image there will be $5 charge per additional size.