Grounding is very important for you and your animals.

Being grounded means that you are very present in the moment, easily focused, feel stable and aware, and connected to yourself and your environment.

Often, it is easy to forget such an important part of your daily life.

Those who are acting troubled, angry, or violent are certainly not grounded.  When you have this energy out in the world, it can affect many.  So knowing how to be grounded AND stay grounded is so beneficial.

While animals tend to be far more grounded than humans, and they can often help us ground, they also rely on us to help them stay grounded.  Remember, animals feed off of our energy and if we aren’t grounded, this can affect their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being – just like it does for us.

Here are some simple ways to ground, some of which are really neat and you may not have thought about.  Try multiple techniques and see which ones help you the most.

  • Stand on the grass barefooted.  This is probably the easiest way to ground.  Actually close your eyes, stand there, and feel yourself connected to Mother Earth.  You can also sit or lay on the grass and do the same thing.  You can bring your animal to join you.
  • Go hug a tree.  If it is a small tree, place your palms on it.  Embrace the tree for several minutes.  Close your eyes and envision the roots going deep into Mother Earth, grounding you.  You become one with the tree.  This is another great opportunity to visit nature with your animal.
  • Visualize yourself as a tree.  This is a great way to ground as you can do this from the comfort of your home.  Close your eyes and picture your branches swaying, leaves gently blowing, and your roots going down into the ground.  You can also picture animals surrounding you as the tree.
  • Connect with a horse.  Horses are extremely grounding and why they are used for different types of therapy.  You can touch a horse with both of your hands and you can sit on their back.  But if you do not have any horses you can visit, you can even meditate and call upon the power of the horse to help you ground.
  • Call on your animals, other animals, or animal guides.  Animals can be very grounding.  They can be wild animals, too.  But you must state your intention and then allow the grounding to happen.
  • Water can be very grounding.  Think flowing water – standing in the rain, a creek, or letting waves gently flow over your feet in the beach sand.  You can stand in the shower but nature’s water is better.
  • Use meditation to ground.  Think outside the box.  Call on your intuition and ask to be guided with what will help you ground.  For instance, you may see an image of waves lapping up on the shore,  the hooves of galloping horses, or even birds taking flight.
  • Some people wear crystals to help them ground.  But how about sitting with crystals?  You can place a crystal in the palm of each hand, face up, and sit and meditate for several minutes with the intention to use the crystal energy to ground.  Hematite is a great crystal for grounding.  When you use crystals, you just want to make sure that your animals don’t ingest them.
  • Do energy work.  Yes, simple energy work can help you and your animals to be grounded.  It’s so easy to forget this.  Energy work has many amazing benefits.  See this article here to download a basic energy work document.
  • Practice holistic care.  Do this for your animals and yourself.  Holistic care helps you to become very grounded because it focuses on the body, mind, and spirit (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).  Crystals and energy work are part of holistic care along with muscle testing, animal communication, nutrition, color therapy, EFT/tapping, flower essences, aromatherapy, and so much more.
  • Balance your chakras.  Chakras are energy centers in the bodies of people and animals.  Having balanced chakras helps you to stay grounded.  Every morning, you can state out loud that your chakras and your animals’ chakras are balanced, centered, and in alignment.  You can also repeat this before bedtime.
  • Ask angels and guides to help ground you.  Call on whomever you are drawn to, to help guide you.  You can just ask them to ground you but you can also sit and meditate and let them come to you.  Ask them to come to you for the purpose of grounding you.  You may get an image of them or actually feel them grounding you.

As you can see, there are many great ways to ground.  But know that the more you connect with animals, nature, and Mother Earth, and practice holistic care, the more grounded you become on a regular basis.  You will find that you rarely have to think about grounding because you will be maintaining that constant state.

And the world really needs more grounded people right now.

Grounding Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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