Dog Dancing

bobfreestyleDog dancing is choreographed heel work and “tricks” done as a handler/dog team to music that matches your dog’s personality. Your dog is the spotlight in this one, folks! So, no, YOU don’t have to know how to dance – you will train your dog to do the fancy foot work!  It is breath taking to watch a dog and his handler move as a team performing choreographed routines to music!

A fun activity your dog that enhances your bond and illustrates the joyful relationship between you and your dog.  Dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and most importantly all mutts enjoy this sport with a big bounce in their step!  Dancing helps your pet relax, focus and reduces their stress and anxiety.

Allison has been dancing and doing yoga with her dogs for years, enriching her life with her animals. Look online for a canine freestyle class near you or if you are in the Houston area, you can check out The Texas Six Steppers and join us for fun with canine freestyle!

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