We have a tale of a tail in store for you today.

So much is in a name – the one your animal came with or the one you named them.

Over the years, we’ve had a number of pet parents ask us, “Does the name I give my animal really matter?”  Our answer always is – Absolutely yes!

Why is the name so important?

Well, just like you, animals don’t always like their names.  And even worse, certain names may actually elicit undesirable behavior from your animal.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting a name for your animal:

  • Most names have a meaning behind them.  The meaning is something that can be looked up online if you are unsure.  Names are also open to interpretation just by how they ‘sound’ or what that name is normally known for.  Names can even be out of a sign of respect for another.  So first ask yourself, “What does this name really mean?”
  • While some animals don’t mind a name because they realize it is out of ‘love’ that it’s been given to them, others do, and it can hurt their feelings that this is the name you chose for them.  Rooster was a lovely gelding with a white star on his forehead.  He took me into the back country of Yellowstone on several guided trail ride adventures over several years.  Why was he named Rooster?  My guide named him that because he ‘pecked’ at other horses.  Rooster told me he didn’t care for that name and would prefer that he was called Domino.  I called him that during our time together and also shared his preference with the guide.
  • Have you thought of naming a dog or heard of one named  “Havoc”, “Terror”, or “Killer”?  What personalities do you think these names provoke or feelings they emote?  We are what we say, think and do.  So our our animals.  We are our names as they represent us.  So are our animals.  When you name your animal a name like this, you can instill in them this type of behavior.  Animals understand when we talk to them and understand what most words mean.  While you may be naming this type of name for fun, many times pet parents do so because they see this trait in their animal, or this ‘used’ to be what the animal was like.  Think about how this can really affect your animal’s behavior as it reflects on what YOU think of them and then perhaps how they feel YOU want them to portray themselves.  Ask yourself, “Is this name how I want my animal to act and think of themselves as?”
  • Know that even if an animal came with a name, within just several days they can get used to their new name.  We just adopted a small dog named Wonder Bread.  While that is cute and gets a laugh out of people, let’s face it, it’s bread.  And when the shelter staff introduced her to me, he said “Here’s the little lady”.  We renamed her Little Lady, also in honor of our Lady that recently passed.  Little Lady loves her new name.
  • So how do you know if an animal likes a name?  You ask them.  When you know animal communication, this heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul, telepathic connection, it’s a game changer.  You are able to speak to animals and find out so many things, including what name they would prefer to be called, known as and live by.  Asking an animal if they like their name is a sign of respect.  And it’s never too late to change a name.  If your animal has a name that makes you question it now, consider finding out what your animal thinks about it.  You may find that the name is not in the best interest of your animal and you hadn’t thought of how it may affect them.

Never underestimate the value of a name. 

While humans may try to ignore others, they do not like to be called names that make them feel bad in some way, even if only called something undesirable once in a while.  Animals have feelings, too, and their outlook on life can totally be affected by the name they are being called EVERY day.

Meaningful Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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