EFT/Tapping for Animals & People Zoom Class

We are so excited to bring to you our EFT/Tapping for Animals & People Zoom Class that you can do from the comfort of your home with us!

Date:  Two Wednesdays, September 13 & 20

Time:  6:30-8 pm Mountain Time (total of 3-4 hours)  While attending live is more beneficial, you can also watch the Zoom class recordings instead.

Cost: $125 and includes a certificate if desired; Homework to earn your certificate will pertain to the two Zoom classes, documents and flow chart in an easy Word Document or email format – no online homework needed.

If you want to learn more about EFT/Tapping, please see our articles here:

In our class, you will learn how to use EFT/tapping with animals and people, whether in-person or by distance.

The Two-Part EFT/Tapping for Animals & People Zoom Class Features:

  • EFT points and related feelings
  • EFT instructions for animals including special phrases
  • EFT dog, cat and horse diagrams
  • EFT instructions for people
  • EFT human diagram
  • EFT 2 methods, traditional and intuitive
  • EFT muscle testing flow chart
  • EFT instructions for reducing and resolving allergies and sensitivities
  • EFT resources

Special Bonuses: 

  • EFT intuitive method is in addition to the traditional method and may be just what you need or prefer
  • EFT Muscle Testing Flow Chart to determine the ideal way to do EFT, especially helpful for animals and sensitive people, along with which method, frequency and duration
  • How to test for allergies and sensitivities along with the EFT reduction and elimination process; includes both video and document on
  • Muscle testing instructional 31 page PDF ebook that focuses on preparation, partner method and troubleshooting
  • Access to 4 muscle testing videos that focus on partner method basics, partner testing of people, partner testing of animals and techniques to muscle test by yourself