Energy Work

File written by Adobe Photoshop? 4.0Healing energy work takes many forms and The Lightfoot Way has been guided to develop their own energy program.  Our energy work training began with Reiki which translates as universal life energy.  An energy healing method originating in Japan, it is offered as an alternative treatment in hospitals such as M.D. Anderson and also in animal shelters.  We learned and taught a newer energy, from the same source, called Shamballa or Multidimensional Transformation energy work.  We have studied other forms of energy healing.  As energy work is central to our practice and teachings, we have been blessed with guidance from the animals to create Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy™ (SASA.)  Click here to learn more about SASA and the incredible classes for everyone.

Benefits of SASA energy work for animals include:

  • Healing animals, people and Mother Earth.
  • Working with healing energy that will never harm you or an animal.
  • Experiencing freedom from fear, judgement and love without conditions.
  • Becoming more grounded and in tune with yourself and the animals.
  • Experiencing an increased sense of your own mastery and spiritual awakening through the animals.
  • Understanding you are a beacon of light and love, connected to the animals and nature.
  • Healing and releasing emotions from traumatic situations such as abuse, neglect, accident or injury.
  • Helping behavioral issues by providing relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Healing occurring more quickly for illness and injuries.
  • Being a great compliment to conventional treatment.
  • Bringing peace and comfort to you and your pet during the difficulty of their transition.
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