In recent articles, we’ve shared with you some highlights of how muscle testing can help physical and emotional conditions with animals.

But there is so much more to muscle testing even with helping animals, including the ability to help yourself and other people on both a personal and professional level.

How Do You Determine What Muscle Testing Method is Best for You?

There are muscle testing techniques that you can do by yourself and those you do with a partner.

  • We teach seven different techniques on how to do muscle testing by yourself, without the assistance of a partner.  By practicing those techniques, you can determine which one is best for you.  Often, there is more than one method that will work for someone, but they’ll feel like it really flows best with a particular technique.
  • We also teach about using a partner for muscle testing, in case someone is interested in that, but most people often don’t have a partner that they can muscle test regularly with.  So, learning how to do muscle testing by yourself is ideal.
  • Muscle testing is easy to learn, especially with the help of guidance.  With continued practice, muscle testing becomes an innate part of your routine, providing you, your animals and others with many important life answers.

What Wellness Modalities are Best for You and Your Animals?

There are many modalities that can benefit animals and people.  Every animal and person are unique, so muscle testing focuses on finding the best methods for that individual.

  • We feel that color therapy is so simple to offer and there is an ideal color for a person or animal in any particular time of their life.
  • You can muscle test any modality you want to such as nutrition, energy work (many kinds you can test), EFT, intuitive work, crystal therapy, flower essences, homeopathy, aromatherapy, massage, acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy, tuning forks, music, dance and more.  If different procedures or surgeries are a factor, you can muscle test for those, too.  What does the body tell you is needed?
  • Whether you have a list of 10, 20 or more modalities you want to consider, there will normally only be about 3-5 that will actually muscle test strong as benefiting that animal or person.  Those are the ones you want to put your time, energy and any expenses into.  To assist you even further, you muscle test for the order of importance of those 3-5 methods.  This can greatly help so that you focus your efforts first on what’s going to make the most impact, especially if costs are involved.

What Foods, Liquids and Supplements are Best for You and Your Animals?

With muscle testing, nutrition shows up as a top factor for most animals and people, even those on holistic diets.  It’s also easy to focus on food and supplements, forgetting the importance of liquids.

  • A main factor for animals and people is the hot, cool and neutral properties of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits.  Depending on what’s going on physically or emotionally with a person or animal, “hot” foods can heat the body up, creating inflammation, aggravation or agitation.  Sometimes cooling foods are needed to be the focus. In an ideal world, the body can handle a balance of all the properties.  But in the real world, that takes time, and most animals and humans need to assist the body in reaching that state by feeding what the body needs at that time.  Seasons are also a big factor that many overlook.
  • There are so many components to the best diet.  Getting the core diet right is crucial before adding any supplements because often the core diet is the reason the supplements, and sometimes medications, are needed in the first place.  For instance, if the core diet is correct, a supplement to help ongoing stomach issues may not be needed at all.  When you find the proper core diet, then you can muscle test for supplements, including the correct amount and applicable duration.  Many supplements, along with foods, contain too many ingredients, and all it takes is just one ingredient to cause issues.
  • While water is wonderful, there are different kinds of water that may be appropriate at various times in an animal or person’s life.  Besides purified, there’s also types such as spring, well, and alkalized like Willard’s Water.  There are specialty teas that can benefit both people and animals, such as chamomile for calming, or dandelion root and Essiac tea for cancer.  How much daily water is ideal?  Just going off of 6-8 glasses for humans is vague.  You can muscle test the exact ounces that your body requires, knowing that can change during the year.  Muscle testing can be done for milk, coffee, etc.  Many pet parents give dairy to their animals which can contribute to issues such as stomach problems, so muscle testing really helps.

What Products and Environmental Factors are Affecting You and Your Animals?

Some topical products, along with indoor and outdoor products, can contain harmful ingredients.  You can muscle test for non-topical products, too.  There are environmental factors that can also contribute to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of animals and people that you may not have thought of.

  • Consider what you are putting on yourself or your animal or exposing your bodies to.  Eating right is only going to do so much good if you are putting toxins on or around the body.  Even some products marked “natural” like shampoos and conditioners can contain harmful ingredients.  Look closely at your personal, animal, household, pest and lawn products.  Read your labels carefully as some ingredients can result in conditions such as skin and respiratory issues, epilepsy and death.
  • You can muscle test non-topical products for yourself and your animals such as bedding, dishware, and attire.  While the body and nature can work wonders, sometimes devices may prove beneficial, or be a waste of time and money.  If you are considering getting this kind of product for yourself or your animals, this is something you can muscle test for.
  • Indoor and outdoor environmental factors can make a difference such as parasites, EMF’s, geopathic energy, energy from spirits/ghosts, energy attachments to the living or objects, energy portals, and vortexes.  While some of these factors are less likely to occur, there are plenty of factors that happen often, more than you may realize. Being aware of what’s possible and being able to muscle test for the various factors, including details, can be vital to the well-being of animals and people.

What is Best for Your Personal and Professional Life?

Muscle testing can provide so many answers, including about aspects of your personal and professional life.  Even finding a wonderful balance is important.

  • On a personal level, muscle testing can help you make decisions about areas such as your diet, sleep, exercise, hobbies, clothing, home décor, new home, moving to a new city/state/country, new car, relationships, and vacation plans.  You can even muscle test to find a new activity that’s best for your animal or to confirm one that really isn’t making them happy.  You can use muscle testing to get answers from your animal.
  • For your professional life, you can learn what to do about aspects such as an educational course, training program, potential job, possible promotion, new career, office décor and business attire.
  • If you have your own business or desire to, you can find out about a business name, logo, potential staff, marketing materials, important dates for marketing and events, business colors, office décor, and more.

For all of the above, we are going to be getting into the nitty gritty details in separate classes during our brand-new Muscle Testing Series that you can attend live or watch the recordings.

Take as many classes as you want, with special savings for all five.  If register for the full series by October 6th, there’s also a special Zoom group class bonus.  Click here to learn more.

  • Thursday, October 20th: How to do muscle testing by yourself using 7 techniques to find the best one for you, without having to rely on a partner for assistance.  Register by October 14th.
  • Thursday, October 27th: How to muscle test whatever modalities you desire for animals and people to find the very best for that individual, along with the order of importance.  Register by October 20th.
  • Thursday, November 3rd: How to muscle test food, liquids and supplements for animals and people including respective proper amounts and duration.  Register by October 27th.
  • Thursday, November 10th: How to muscle test products and environmental factors for animals and people including things you may never have thought you should be looking closely at.  Register by November 3rd.
  • Thursday, November 17th: How to muscle test for personal and professional aspects of you and your animal’s life, including if you have your own business, as there are so many components muscle testing can guide your life in.  Register by November 10th.

There really is no end as to the answers you can find with muscle testing, using your body’s own wisdom for the benefit of yourself, your animals, and others.

If you don’t know how to do muscle testing or want to take your skills to a higher level, we hope you’ll consider joining us for these life-changing classes.

Success Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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