Animal communication is also known as interspecies communication where the conversation or exchange of information happens telepathically.

In case you didn’t know, we are most known for our animal communication instruction, including our professional communicator program. Our most popular consultation we do is animal communication, especially of those animals in spirit.

Some of our students wanted to share about learning animal communication (AC) and what has been the best thing about bringing this innate ability forward.

Animals have always been my “thing”. I have been drawn to them as long as I can remember, and have always felt a special kinship to animals. There seemed to be a trust and understanding between us, and I often felt more comfortable in their company than with some people. I’ve worked in the veterinary field for many years, and dreamed of a deeper understanding of my own pets and those I encountered on a daily basis. When I heard that animal communication was real and started doing some research “The Lightfoot Way” kept popping up. It felt right….and opened doors I could never have imagined! Learning AC has brought me a peace I didn’t know before. Animals are so pure in spirit, and so honest. They are actually very funny at times too, and I continue to be amazed at the depth of their wisdom. All the animals I’ve spoken with over the years have something different to teach me, and have opened up my heart in different ways. I can picture the Grinch where his heart swells until it’s ready to burst…..that’s what AC has done for me. It’s a great feeling!  Michelle

I first got interested in animal communication as I felt I had a special connection with the universe and nature. I’m a very people oriented person. I had feelings that I knew about and things that I had not read about and I wanted to develop that. The animal seems the best way to encourage this and develop it. It has not only helped me with my own pets and other people‘s pets but it’s also helped me in encouraging and uplifting other humans in my surroundings. It’s also given me insight into the universe and nature. I greatly appreciate Kim and her classes and in the development of this is not really a talent as this is a connection that we all have but we just need to recognize and develop within ourselves. Pat

If I learned AC, I could help my dogs have a very beautiful and satisfying life. The best thing about learning animal communication is knowing that I can help ALL animals. Delilah

I’ve always felt a pull to communicate with animals, but didn’t have the confidence or, know how, (SO I THOUGHT! ) Kim and Allison, gave me the gift and confidence in myself ….. to STOP, slow down and listen, and most importantly, to center. Voila! Before you know it, you’ll see, feel or hear and communicate! I believe it’s allowed me to open my heart, third eye and crown chakra wider, if that makes sense. I’ve become more in tune and aware of ALL nature around me. Being able to communicate with all life is not only our gift, but it’s our right. It’s just not something that our industrialized society believes in. I have found that animals are so smart and the wisdom they share, is just absolutely “MIND BLOWING!”  Tere

Being fond of animals, I’d been subscribed to your newsletter for years, and found the articles fascinating, so I always thought it would be interesting to do AC. Then when a couple of my adopted strays living in a public park in India started having behavioural problems with people there, I felt AC would help to resolve the issues (and it did, thanks to Kim and Allison).  There has been more than one best thing about AC!! It has revealed  so much about the emotions and issues of my rescues, so I like to think they feel heard and I can deal with them better.  My first major rescue came to me following her communication during the basic course, after which other communicators on the group connected with her and confirmed the situation she wanted to be rescued from. The other major thing was when another rescue (now 7+) confirmed with details what I had suspected….that he had been with me in a previous incarnation. Finally, it has opened up immense possibilities of connecting with all forms of life, trees and nature.  The meditations and grounding exercises which are part of AC complement my other spiritual and energy healing practises.  Nita

I wanted to learn animal communication because it just felt right. I openly talked to my animal companions all my life and would just guess at what they were saying back to me. Sometimes their eyes were so expressive, you just feel what they wanted to say to you. They were my best friends, confidants and always there to comfort and protect me. Often, family members would come into a room asking, “Are you talking to yourself?” God no! That’s crazy! “I’m talking to the dog.” Now, with training and practice, I really can! Rheama

I never knew anything about animal communication. I never even had an animal. They scared me. I used to have animal nightmares and wake up screaming. Enter a whopping near death experience. After the dust cleared, I realized I had the ability to communicate with animals. I loved this work immediately. The best thing about AC for me was that it showed me a path into the unseen world. The animals have taught me how to communicate with people who are speechless such as those with Alzheimers, unborn babies, those with strokes, etc. I am beyond grateful for this trust. Linda

These students shared what was in their heart. If you haven’t learned animal communication yet, perhaps it will stir something in your heart and encourage you to connect with the hearts of animals.

Our next animal communication teleclass is on Sunday, May 23rd

In this one-day class you can do from the comfort of your home by phone or laptop/computer, you will learn to connect to animals, heart to heart, and change your life forever.

We hope you can join us. Registration is due by May 15thClick here to learn more and register.

Animal Communication Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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