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bachflowerDr. Edward Bach, a London medical doctor, created the 38 Bach Flower Remedies in the 1930’s. Dr. Bach believed that diseases resulted from imbalances or negativity on the soul level. He realized that flowers had healing properties that were beneficial to his patients. Even though flower essences were originally created for people, animals are very sensitive so the effects can be very healing. Dr. Bach combined five remedies to create the Rescue Remedy, the most well known of his remedies.  Rescue remedy is used by a number of pet parents and animal shelters. While there are other companies that make flower essences, his were the first.

This is Allison’s own success story about her dog, Bob and how he brought her to the light of the holistic world through Bach flower essences.

Big BobIn 2004,  I picked up this 8 week old puppy at a pet adoption. He had been dumped in a park with his entire litter. I do not know why I went right to him and picked him up and never put him down – even to do the paper work, my husband had to fill all the paper work out. Now, I know he was sent to me by my angels and guides, no doubt! I knew nothing about caring for a dog – I only had cats in my adult life.

Bob was my fuzzy son, and I was driven to make him the healthiest, happiest dog I could. I researched every food company, every ingredient, every trainer, every doggy daycare, every product, there was no end to my endeavor to give Bob the best, but Bob, at age 6 months or so, started getting bald patches all over his face and around his eyes and ears. I was devastated when the vet told me he had demodex mange and that it comes from the mother like a herpes virus. The vet was insistent that doing a series (not just one, but several) of chemical dips was the only way to get rid of it as it is very hard to get rid of these mites. I reluctantly scheduled Bob’s first dip that week.

I cannot help but sob now thinking about what it did to my Bob. When I picked him up that afternoon – I knew something was very wrong,  – besides the experience, which had to have been horrible, Bob was a shell of what he was – he was almost coma “esque”, no expression, barely moved at all, did not have any interest in food, tears running down his sweet face, his eyes were dark and hollow. Oh, I could not bear what I had done to him – that chemical dip had altered his entire personality and being. I would NEVER put him through another one, ever, and I knew I had to find something gentle and natural to rid him of this mange.

Through my, yet again, tireless research I discovered Bach Flower Essences and a few of them when blended together like a custom blend would get rid of mange. The divine told me to look no further. I made the essence blend of Agrimony, Beech, Cherry Plum, Crab Apple and Walnut and began offering it to Bob. I was amazed that in one week I started to see the redness and inflammation decrease and the spots were getting smaller. Bob completely recovered after about 2-3 weeks and it has never returned. The only thing I did was give him the flower essence blend. I was thrilled and knew that I had to change my way of life and learn everything I could about natural and holistic ways as I vowed to keep chemical toxins out of our lives for good.

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