Free Animal Healing


Introduction Class Required for Free Animal Healing Sessions
In an effort to make the most of our time with you and your animal during the healing session, you must be eligible to register:

Type of Healing Offered
We are facilitators of the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Ultimately, it is their decision. We can provide help for your animal in various ways:

  • We can help you take a look at your animal’s nutrition as often that can be the cause or contributing factor to health and behavioral issues. To learn about muscle testing for animals, please click here.
  • We can offer energy work to your animal and instruct you also how to offer it. To learn more about the energy work offered in a free animal healing session, click here.
  • We will muscle test to determine what healing methods show up to best help your animal.
  • Please note that holistic animal care is never a replacement for proper veterinary care.
  • If your animal wishes to tell us anything during the free animal healing session, we will share this information with you. Click here  to learn more about animal communication.

What to Expect with Your Animal
Our donation based healing sessions are done by distance with a photo.  Energy work, nutrition and communication can have the ability to heal on a body, mind, and spirit level. In other words, on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. When we offer this service, our intention is for the highest good of the animal. We are just a channel for this ability that is inside each and every one of us. We are facilitators of the body’s natural ability to heal itself. We never know what kind of results will be achieved. It is possible that multiple or life long sessions will be ideal for your animal.

  • You can find out more about classes here.
  • If you would like to read about some animals that have been helped at the free animal healing sessions, you can read the testimonials here.
  • To see the wonderful TV news story featuring The Lightfoot Way free animal healing and animals we have helped, see the above video.

To Schedule a Healing Session

  • Remember from stated above that you must meet the requirements of having attended the 2 hour Introduction to Holistic Animal Care online or in person class OR be a Learning Center member.  If you do not currently meet the requirements, please do NOT complete the form below unless you plan to meet the requirements in the next 2 weeks.
  • To schedule a healing session with your animal, please complete the form below and provide a photo.   We will advise you of next availability.  Keep in mind it takes a minimum of 2 weeks due to scheduling and availability.
  • The healing sessions are available 6:30-8:30pm central time.  You must call by 6:30.  We take the callers in order that they call in.
  • You may call in using your phone or web phone (must be on computer/laptop with google chrome or firefox to use web phone)
  • Your session with your animal is private.
  • ONE animal per session only.
  • Sessions last around 15 minutes each.  Because you will have taken the intro workshop already, we will be able to jump right in to what will help your animal heal the most.  It is a powerfully packed session.  Have pen and paper ready!
  • You must complete the form below and provide a photo. 
  • You must respond to any emails in order to verify your session.
  • Spaces fill up quickly so register early.
  • The sessions are donation based but we rely on donations to offer this service.  Each session is valued at $35.  Give from your heart and soul whatever you are led to do.  Your donation is greatly appreciated!  You can donate through the paypal button below.  We thank you from our heart and soul!

Animal Healing Consultation Form

  • One of the two is a prerequisite for attending the healing consultation.
  • please post a recent photo of your animal you are submitting for the healing consultation
  • Full disclaimer can be found at www.TheLightfootWay.com.