Many animals have a groomer in their life.  There are a number of ways that groomers can not only outshine their competition, but increase the quality of care and services they provide, through a holistic approach.

If you are a pet parent that uses grooming services, perhaps you’ll want to seek out groomers that provide that extra heart and soul touch.

A great groomer is like a great hairdresser.  When you find one, you hope they’ll be around forever.  Sometimes, you need to locate one as a fill-in.  Other times, you may need to find a new one.

How can groomers take their skills to the next level?  Holistic animal care (HAC) of course!

  • Holistic grooming is about focusing on the body, mind, and spirit of the animal.  It is not just about the physical aspect of the grooming process.
  • Take a look at the colors you are wearing and that are in view of the animals.  Red can make an animal more nervous or agitated.  Soft colors like beige, light blue, yellow, and green can be relaxing.
  • A number of animals are nervous when they arrive, while being groomed, or while they are waiting to be picked up by their pet parent.  Playing soothing music that’s created for animals can help.  Click here to see our product resources.  
  • Talk to the animal throughout the process.  Speak out loud to them.  Let the animal know that you are going to take good care of them and that they are only with you for a short while.  Some animals may think their pet parent is giving them away and that they may never see them again.  Tell the animal how beautiful they are and that they are loved.  Talking to an animal can make a huge difference.  If you know animal communication, this is super.  If an animal is afraid, you can ask them what will help them to feel safe and secure.  If an animal does have physical issues like skin conditions or ear issues, the animal may know what is causing it or what may help.
  • Energy work may help an animal during the grooming process.  Tap your collarbone and thymus (center of chest) with your fingertips.  Rub your hands together and set your intention that calming energy for the highest good of the animal will come through your hands, only if the animal needs it.  Then proceed with your grooming.  Your hands are already on the animal and this intention may help them to settle more.  If an animal is very nervous, offering energy work to them before the grooming starts can be beneficial.  You can offer 5-15 minutes, whatever time allows or how much the animal desires.  If you can, sit down from about 5 feet away.  After you rub your hands together, direct your palms towards the animal and intend that calming energy for their highest good come through your hands, and that they take only what they want.  It’s best not to touch them during this time, so they can absorb the energy more easily.  This mini energy session can be complementary or an additional charge.
  • While some animals are very sensitive to essential oils, a lavender spray may help to calm them.  Place 4 drops of therapeutic lavender essential oil in a 4 oz. spray bottle, fill it with purified or spring water, shake, and spritz once into the air.  No need to spray the animal as they will receive the benefits from smelling the air around them.  Diffusers are not ideal because animals can’t get away if they need to, and these machines normally are on for multiple minutes or more.  Sadly, some people have accidentally caused serious harm, including loss of life.
  • Be aware of the cleaning and grooming products being used.  Most products have harmful chemicals in them.  Learn to be an ingredient detective and read labels carefully.  Just because a product is popular does not make it safe.  With cleaning products, you can purchase those with safe ingredients or make your own.  You can look for natural based grooming solutions.
  • Muscle testing can show a groomer which shampoo and conditioner are best for an animal.  It’s wonderful to have product choices, depending on what kind of coat the animal has and the condition the coat and skin are in.
  • A groomer may sell products like shampoo, conditioner, skin care and supplements, and ear products.  With muscle testing, they can help the pet parent select the ideal product for their animal.  This is a wonderful complementary service they can offer.
  • Even better, if groomers are trained in both nutrition and muscle testing, they can educate their clients and perhaps offer nutrition consultations which can provide additional income.  We have a number of students that are groomers and they often see animals with skin conditions and ear problems.  Nutrition is the root of many skin and ear issues.  If you work on the core diet first, then on the supplements.  When the core diet is correct, you may find an animal doesn’t need supplements or needs less of them.
  • Flower essences may be beneficial.  Many physical conditions are emotional based and often a groomer is so in tune with an animal that they may sense this.  By utilizing muscle testing, a groomer can determine if a custom flower essence blend would help, and if so, the ideal essences for that animal.  This is a great add-on service.

It’s hard for a groomer to see an animal uncomfortable while they are working on them, whether it is due to physical or emotional reasons.  When a groomer can increase the quality of their care and supplement their income with other opportunities, it’s a blue ribbon situation!  By incorporating HAC into their care and services, it can be life changing for all involved.

Holistic grooming helps a groomer to not only become more in tune with animals, but all of life.

  • If you are a groomer, think about how you can incorporate at least one item from above in your practice.
  • If you are a pet parent, consider seeking holistic focused groomers.
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Heart & Soul Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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