Anxiety can occur with any type of animal, not just dogs. We’ve helped many animals over the years with resolving or reducing this condition.

Many pet parents have anxiety, too, and this can certainly contribute to the behavior of animals as they often feed off of the energy of those that are around them.

Anxiety can affect animals in a variety of ways and can stem from an emotional issue or a physical condition.

As concerns are going up nationwide and throughout the world, this can contribute to anxiousness beyond just the cosmic energies that both animals and people are experiencing.

It is important to look at each individual animal and figure out why it’s happening, then using ‘heart and soul’ techniques, you can determine the best way to help them.

Some common signs that can demonstrate that an animal is anxious are:

  • They may be nervous and want to hide
  • They might be destructive, tearing up things
  • They may salivate extensively
  • They might pant excessively or breathe heavily
  • They may whine, whimper or vocalize non-stop
  • They might try to bite, claw, paw or hoof their way out of small spaces
  • They may self-mutilate
  • They might not have an appetite or want to eat
  • They may have a known fear of loud noises such as thunder, fireworks or gun shots

Grounding is crucial. Stay grounded as best you can which will in turn help your animals to be grounded. So many people are feeling like they’re in a daze and are unable to focus. More people are getting sick, too.

Click here for an article on grounding. Remember to ground your home and office, too.

We’ve written two previous articles that go into detail about how to help an animal with anxiety on a body, mind and spirit level. 

Keep in mind that these tips can apply to humans, too.

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Really pay attention to your animals. Think of them as barometers. Animals are trying very hard to reach their pet parents to let them know what’s going on. Wild animals have messages, too.

When you look at the whole picture of an animal or person, including their environment, you can then address the issue on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level – the whole-istic way to wellness and healing on all levels.

Peaceful Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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