Did you know that colors have the ability to heal both animals and people?

It’s not about the color that is seen, but about the energetic vibration that color gives off.  Every color has its own frequency.  That’s why it doesn’t matter what colors your animals can actually see.  They can sense the energy and receive the benefits.  So can you!

In honor of Fourth of July today, we are going to talk about the healing properties of red, white, and blue on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and how to easily offer color therapy for you and your animal’s well-being.

Physical Health

  • Red has the ability to help body parts and conditions such as teeth, nails, spine, bones, back legs and paws, knees, tail, bowels, adrenals, kidney, large intestine, colon, appetite stimulant, obesity, anorexia, fatigue, colds, chills, circulation, growth, anemia, pain, reproductive, arthritis, constipation, incontinence, and hemorrhoids.  Keep in mind that the color red can aggravate inflammation in the body such as cancer and arthritis.
  • White may assist with digestion, stomach, liver, pancreas, adrenals, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, small intestine, nerves, infection, pain, scarring, skin, crippling conditions (cancer, MS, etc.) ulcers, and food allergies.
  • Blue can help the mouth, teeth, jaw, vocal cords, teething, sore throat, swallowing, excessive barking, infection, fever, thyroid, lungs, digestion, colds, blood pressure, arthritis, pain, back, bleeding, and itching.  Dark shades may become depressing.

Emotional Health

  • Red has the ability to help with motivation, courage, assertiveness, and shock.  It’s best not to use red if anger or aggression are present, as it can cause these emotions to worsen.
  • White is generally thought of as pure and peaceful.  This color can bring serenity, harmony, balance, and clarity.
  • Lighter shades of blue can be soothing, tranquil, and help with depression.  It’s always a great idea to keep a light blue towel or sheet in your home, business, and vehicle in case an animal needs calming, especially to prevent shock.

Spiritual Well-Being

  • The root chakra is one of seven primary chakras that animals and people have

    Since red is associated with the root chakra, it can help with being more grounded.  Just take into consideration the above instances of when not to use the color red.

  • White can help with cleansing, meditating, finding your inner light, and enlightenment.  An aversion to white may indicate not wanting to discover or accept your spiritual path.
  • Blue may assist with wisdom, dreams, visions, and astral projection.  If you or your animal has troubling dreams, consider using light blue.

How to Offer Color Therapy

  • For animals, you can place a towel, sheet or blanket on the floor in an area where they lay.  They will lay on or near it when they want the energy from that color.  This gives animals the ability to choose when they want color therapy.  You can also choose accessories such as collars, halters, bowls, grooming tools, etc.
  • For yourself, you can wear clothing or jewelry in a healing color.  If you are drawn to a certain color one day, it’s probably because your body knows that you need that color at that time.
  • The best way to know for sure what color you or your animal needs at a particular time in life is to muscle test.  Anyone can learn how to do this energetic technique that can be life-changing for yourself, your animals, and your family.  Muscle testing also shows you which foods, supplements, products, and healing methods are ideal.  When you use the body’s natural wisdom, it can tell you many things, including how to help prevent illness and heal.

Colors can be healing for the body, mind, and spirit for both animals and people.  Don’t underestimate the simple but powerful energy of colors.  Give color therapy a try!

Red, White, & Blue Blessings!

Kim & Allison

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