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We offer a limited number of holistic products ourselves as our primary focus is education.  Our own products can be found here.  The holistic animal care products below are other brands that we and our students use to help our animals live happier, healthier and longer lives.  Please see the disclaimer here.  As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.  We are affiliates with other companies we believe in which means we earn commissions.  Please know that products do not cost you any more.  Not all products below are part of an affiliate program but we still recommend because we use them.

Products are arranged according to category.  Click on product to learn more about that product.  We strongly believe in Muscle Testing to know what products are best for your animals.  One size does not fit all.  We believe in saving time, energy, money and most importantly, an animal’s well-being.

Digestive Products

Joint/Arthritis/Pain Relief Products

Omega 3 Products

Calming Products

Anxiety Products

Aggression Products

Grounding (Click here if you aren’t sure what grounding is.)

  • Earthng Grounding Mat (For humans but animals lay on them, too.  May help with behavioral and physical issues.)

Dental Products

Ear Products

Kidney/Bladder Products

Cancer Products

Respiratory Products

Liver Products

Brain/Seizure Products

Homeopathy Kits

Horse Products

  • Corro (Excellent pricing and customer service)

Intuitive/Spiritual Growth Products

Products Benefiting Animal Rescue

  • Nair & Bjorn “Helping rescue animals one accessory at a time”

Herb Growing Products

Mr. Stacky Smart Farm (grow your own herbs for food & herbal products)

Animal Business Insurance

  • Alternative Balance offers liability insurance for Dog Walkers, Dog Groomers, Animal Bodyworkers, Energy Workers, Animal Communicators, Animal Nutritionists, Aromatherapists, Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Flower Essences, Wellness Coach, Metaphysical Counseling, Medical Intuitive and more, including consultations and teaching.  They have coverage for those working with animals and humans.  As an international policy, it allows you to work anywhere in the world, both in person and online.  Contact them for any questions you have.