Did you know that this coming week is National Dog Week?

It’s time to not only honor dogs, but do so in a unique way.

When many people think of animal guides or animal totems, they think of wild animals. But domesticated animals can be guides, too. And the dog is no exception.

The Dog Guide or Dog Totem teaches and reminds us of how we can emulate them such as:

  • Dogs have such unconditional love. Generally, no matter what challenges a dog has faced in its life, it loves with an open and forgiving heart. While this love may take time, they realize love is the foundation for a beautiful life. Without love, it’s hard to move forward and maintain any kind of momentum and joy.  You can also send love to your fears.  Love like a dog does, deeply and unconditionally, including loving yourself. For tips on self-love, see last week’s article here. 
  • Dogs want to serve humanity. With this deep love that they have for humans, they have been watching over our souls for a very long time. Dogs, both living and in-spirit, want humanity to awaken to what it means to come together for a greater purpose. Whether it is helping our neighbor, serving the community or working on a city, state, country or global level, we can be united and offer ourselves to others in some way, as dogs have faithfully done for us.
  • Dogs are naturally protective. When someone doesn’t have good energy, they often will indicate this to you by snarling at them or backing away. Dogs can show you when the energy in your home isn’t quite right. If they stare at a specific place or object, pay attention. They can see spirits and as long as those are spirits you know, like an animal or person that has passed away and wants to visit you, this is fine. But if this is a spirit such as a previous homeowner or someone who was on the land before a home was built, this energy can create physical and/or emotional disharmony in the home for the people and animals living there. In this case, these spirits need to be guided to move on. Dogs are also great at noticing energy that’s ‘off’ with old furniture or home décor that you acquired. Learn to understand energies as dogs do.
  • Dogs use their senses. Besides being aware of different forms of energy, they want to use their senses to soak in what life has to offer. Dogs appreciate the warm sun on their back, the gentle breeze, the intriguing smells (Jackson sniffing a Montana sunflower), the interesting sounds and unique textures. They also love when their pet parent talks to them, out loud or telepathically. Dogs are so aware of the vast components of life. Remember to use all of your senses, especially when you are out in nature. Don’t just go from point A to point B. Dogs can teach you to really use all of your senses and become one with the world, as they do.
  • Dogs are pathfinders. They tune in to life and know the general idea of where their path will take them. Dogs recognize they each have their own soul path, as do we. They do their best to stay on their path in order to complete their soul purpose. If a dog has ever been part of your life, it’s because you are part of their soul path and purpose. A dog may be with you for a day, a month, a year, their whole lifetime or even past lives and future ones. Dogs remind us to stay dedicated to our course that leads us to who we are and who we’re meant to become.
  • Dogs need proper nourishment. If you’ve ever experienced a dog eating the wrong food or perhaps a sock, you know how things can go poorly. They thrive on the right diet and supplements. The correct nutrition affects the dog on a body, mind and spirit level. Grain and hot proteins like chicken and lamb can create inflammation in the body. The wrong supplements or inadequate amounts can mess their tummies up. Like dogs, we need to nourish our bodies properly, especially as we age. Muscle testing can show you the right foods, supplements and amounts for you and your animals.
  • Dogs just want to have fun. Each personality is different. Each dog has their own unique way of having fun. Some dogs are content to find fun in simple ways such as watching TV with you, exploring the yard or playing fetch. Others need to keep their mind and bodies stimulated more often. You can try activities such as dog yoga, scent work and freestyle dancing, like Allison has done with her dogs (dancing with Bob in the photo). You can read more in the article here. 

Dogs are amazing teachers and guides. Learn from the dog and make each day a beautiful, dog wisdom day.

Dog Wisdom Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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