June 9th is World Pet Memorial Day.  This article is in honor of the beloved animals you have lost in your life, and how you can honor them in unique ways.

First off, if your animal is approaching the end of their life, we offer guidance in a free video you can watch and documents that you can download here.  Just scroll down the page and you’ll see the video and document links.

Also, if you or your animals are dealing with grief, even if the loss of an animal is from years ago, know that you are not alone.  On the same page link above, you can also watch a video and download documents to help you and your animals through this difficult process.

Honoring animals can be important to both the pet parent and animal.  Perhaps you recently lost an animal or it may have been years ago.  It is never too late or too soon to honor your animal in some way.

Honoring animals can bring you peace and closure, and simply make you feel good.

There are a variety of ways that you can easily honor a beloved pet that has passed on:

  • Have a ceremony honoring your animal’s life.  You can do this indoors or outdoors.  You can invite family and friends.  Your animals can join the ceremony.  Think about not only what would your animal want this to look like, but what do you need from this experience to honor your animal and help you heal.  Most importantly, your animal is going to want what is best for you, which means creating a ceremony that will bring you the love, peace, and support that you need.  You can use candles, music, flowers, meditation, prayer, etc.  There is no right or wrong – just listen to your heart and it will be perfect.
  • Get a special plaque, stone, or statue in honor of your animal.  It could be made of resin, concrete, or marble, etc.  Some come pre-made and others you can special order with personalization.  Some garden stores have pre-made items available like this, such as the dog angel statue above.  If weather appropriate, you can place this in your garden or yard in a special location.  If for indoors, find the ideal spot in your home to place this dedication.  The placing or hanging of this item in a specific location could also be included as part of your ceremony.
  • Plant a tree in honor of your animal.  The tree can be planted in your garden you have or stand alone.  If you don’t have a place you can plant a tree, you can look into organizations such as Arbor Day,  A Living Tribute, and Plant Memorial Tree, that offer tree planting services.  Planting a tree can help you know that their memory is honored by being a part of nature that continues on.
  • Kim’s ring

    Get a piece of jewelry that signifies your love and memory of your animal.  It can be something as simple as a charm and include their engraved name.  It can be something more elaborate such as a ring or pendant made from their ashes.  Kim had her ring with her dog’s ashes in it created by Star Seed Gems.  Whenever you need to feel close to your animal, you have this special jewelry you can wear.

  • Create a tribute collage using poster board or cork board.  You can place photos and simple items on it in memory of your animal.  You can place words like Love and Best Friend or phrases like Forever Together and Always in My Heart on it.  Get creative with colors, fabrics, etc.  Sometimes narrowing down a favorite photo can be hard as there are so many wonderful memories.  Having a collage that reflects multiple thoughts and memories, that you hang where you can see it daily, is a great reminder of your love for your animal.
  • Create a memory book.  You may have a special photo album already, including those from places like Shutterfly and Mixbook, but a memory book is where you not only put photos in it, but you write down your thoughts, feelings, and include anything you want to say to your pet.  Yes, you can always speak out loud to your animal and they will hear you, but writing can be helpful in the healing process.  Your memory book can be all about your time together, how your animal made you feel, what you learned from them, how much you loved them, and so much more.
  • Create a keepsake box.  This box can be a special designer type box or a simple acrylic/plastic container.  Kim has the latter that holds special memories like a hand-made ornament from when she adopted her dog and a collar her dog used to wear.  A box can be more helpful for storing items in one place that you want to keep in memory of your animal.
  • Get a customized item created like a shirt or mug.  While this may seem not as meaningful as some of the other suggestions, perhaps you would prefer something more practical.  Every time you take a sip of coffee from your mug, you can be thinking of your animal.  Every time you wear your shirt when you go out, others can also share in the memory of your beloved pet.  There are many online opportunities to get a variety of practical items with your animal’s photo and name on them.
  • Set up a ritual where you do something simple either daily, weekly, or monthly, to honor your animal.  It can be reading a passage from a meaningful book, lighting a candle, saying a prayer, listening to specific music, meditating about your animal, looking at a photo album, drawing your feelings, writing your thoughts, etc.  Sometimes consistency is a great healer, and repetition of something can be beneficial.  This duration doesn’t need to go on for a long time.  Just tune in to how you are doing and you’ll know what’s right for you.
  • Do a good deed or service in honor of your animal.  Whether it’s buying dog food for your local shelter, volunteering with animals, or helping your neighbor with their pets, make a commitment to do something special that your animal would appreciate and that warms your heart.  Give of yourself in memory of your animal.  It can be a one-time opportunity or an ongoing one.  Challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before, so that it’s extra special and makes you feel good.
  • Have an animal communication session with your animal or learn to speak telepathically to your animal yourself.  While it’s great to learn how to communicate mind to mind and heart to heart with your own animals, many people feel more comfortable with having a professional communicator be a bridge for them.  Either way, it is a life-changing experience if you have not done it before.  It’s incredible what animals have to share with us, especially those who have crossed over.  And it can certainly help you to connect and find peace and closure.  Find a communicator or teacher that resonates with you.  Perhaps a friend can refer you to someone.  Animal communication is the most popular class we teach and the top consultation that we do.  Kim specializes in Rainbow Bridge animals.

Hopefully, this information will give you some ideas.  You may find that you want to honor your animal in multiple ways.  Listen to your heart and you will find exactly what you need to honor the memory of your animal.

Pet Memorial Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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