Tara just turned 29 years old on the 13th. I’ve had her since she was a yearling. She’s a true heart animal for me and we’ve even shared some past lives together that I have knowledge of. (In case you aren’t aware of, animals do reincarnate and there’s a strong chance you’ve been with at least one of your animals before.)

I asked Tara, in honor of her birthday, would she like to share a message with you. And she said “Of course, I’d love to.” When I got to the last paragraph, I had tears in my eyes. Perhaps you’ll see why and feel the same.

I’ve seen many things during my present lifetime here. I’ve seen the sun, the moon, the summers, the winters, and so much more. They all have special meaning to me.

I treasure the mountains here where I am now. How vast they are and so much ancient wisdom. You see, they are made from volcanoes so they hold very strong energy. Did you know the land holds energy? The sun does too, and the moon. Everything holds energy.

We are all energy. But I ask you, where is your energy going? Is your energy put into the positive, or the negative? How are you directing your energy? For an outpour of positive energy is good, and reflects upon you and the rest of the world. If you chose to be negative, you will reflect negative energy upon yourself and others. For what one does to themselves, their energy ripples out into the energetic field of others. Please know how you are, how you choose to be, your state of being, your energetic nature, greatly impacts far beyond yourself.

And please know that when you choose the darkness, the negativity, that you affect animals and nature. We feel this from humanity. You cannot create a shift in the ultimate outcome that will be substantial if you choose more dark over light. Everyone needs to know this so they can help make others aware, and the vibrational frequency can be raised here on Mother Earth.

How does one impact the many? Simple. You take action. You live your life as if each day were your last. You treasure each moment. Each sunrise. Each moonrise. Each and every day. You treasure the people and animals around you. You help one another. You make each day the best it can be. For when more people can do this, a huge shift will be created. The massive departures of animals last year and into this year has created the perfect timing. They gave of their lives for the hope of humanity. To save their Motherland, their people.

Will you help the animals continue to create this energetic shift, to raise this vibration so high that it makes only light shine? We are all capable of doing this and working together, united. Call on us for help and guidance. We are there. Yes, please call on your animals, other animals, wild animals, nature and of course, Mother Earth herself. Please help make 2020 the year of the light. Profound light that drives away the darkness that envelopes some. Be a part of team light. Join the animals now. For this is my birthday wish. While I am still present here in this body, I wish to see a great effort unfold before my eyes. I hope it will be your wish, too.

Always in light and love!


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