In our last two articles, we shared about fairies, unicorns, dinosaurs and dragons.

Today, our final article is about angels, another fantastical being.

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “In the company of angels.” 

The word “Angel” originates from the Greek word “Angelos”, which means messenger.  Angels are celestial beings that have never existed on Earth as humans, though they may take “human” form temporarily so we can see them.

I was first drawn to angels most likely viewing them in various depictions in books and churches.  I’ve enjoyed wearing angelic pins and have always delighted in placing the angel atop our Christmas tree.  When my husband’s grandmother passed, we got her framed Hummel print featuring a guardian angel with a child. I didn’t start studying about angels, though, until my latter thirties.

When I first learned reiki, a type of energy work, my training included working with the angels.  I then found a wonderful teacher that had studied with Doreen Virtue, and I became a certified Intuitive Angel Guide with her.  Over the years, Allison and I attended lectures that teacher would host with updates the angels wanted her to share.  We both attended sound current healing classes together for the angelic component of it.  More recently, I was drawn to study angelic reiki.

Throughout my life, the recurring theme from the angels has been one of love and support.  The angels help me communicate with animals and those in spirit.  They assist me with Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy sessions and other holistic methods.  It’s been amazing to see the angels show up, through clairvoyance, for both animals and humans.  Whether I’m teaching in-person or classes by distance, I know the angels are with me.

It is thought there are three levels of angels, based on Dionysius from the 6th century.  One of the levels is called the “Angels of Earth” because they are most involved with humans and their lives.  Archangels are part of this level.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is one of the angels that I feel is always by my side.  Michael means “He Who is Like God” and helps with strength, courage, protection, compassion, and truth.  You can ask him to help cut away any negative ties you have, as this can feel like an energetic drain on you.

I feel a strong connection to Archangel Ariel, too.  Ariel means “Lioness of God” and she watches over the animals, those in the elemental kingdom such as fairies and nature spirits, and environmental issues.  You can ask her to help whenever you have a sick pet or for the numerous issues going on with abandoned animals and the wild animal kingdom. 

I have other wonderful angelic guides including my guardian angels.  My prayers also include thanking the Cherubim angels for their wisdom and guidance, the Virtue angels for helping those that need healing and the Power angels for protecting me, my family, my animals, my property and The Lightfoot Way.  We believe everyone has angels in their lives and perhaps you have felt this or are drawn to them in some way.

While you can talk to the angels out loud, you can also communicate with them telepathically, just like you would an animal, tree, rock, etc.  I remember my very first class I took on angels years ago.  It was just a few hours long, but it was powerful.  I was talking to the angels and writing down my conversations with them.  I was so excited to realize the reality of this incredible gift that anyone can experience!

Angels will never tell you what to do but will lovingly guide you on your path, allowing you to make your own choices in life.  One of my teachers used to say that the angels were ‘unemployed’ because they were just waiting for humans to reach out to them to ask for specific help.  Like with manifesting in life, the more details you can provide them with, the better they can assist you.

It’s also possible to sense the angels in different ways.  One night during my angelic studies, I invited an angel to come into my room.  I could feel a shift in energy and my dog started barking at the presence in my room.  Some people have seen an angel or felt wrapped in love by their wings.  Animals are very sensitive and can often feel and see things better than many humans can.  Pay attention to your animals, for you never know what company they’re sensing.

There are so many ways angels can work with us in our daily lives, both personally and professionally.  Perhaps you’ll want to explore more about them and how to utilize your own “A team.

Consider joining us for an amazing adventure with fantastical beings.

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Fantastical Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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