Kim was on two podcasts recently talking about grief and loss, animal communication and animal and nature wisdom.

Pam Roussell’s podast, “Purrrfectly Holistic”, is about valuable and commonly not known well-being facts on cats and other animals.  For Kim’s talk with Pam where they discuss a variety of body, mind and spirit ways to help overcome grief and loss for both animals and humans, click here to listen to the show. Click here for the Facebook recording (though Kim’s image is in slo-mo on the video.)

Kristine Backes’ podcast, “Natural Wisdom”, is to help people remember themselves as part of Nature, and give them practical ways of aligning their lives with natural rhythms for their own well-being and the well-being of the planet (cosmos).  Click here to listen to Kim’s talk with Kristine where they discuss what domestic and wild animals want us to be aware of and some steps to take for a heart and soul connection.

In the spirit of embracing you, recognizing you, uplifting you, and manifesting “you”, here is something you might want to say out loud to yourself or write it down that came to Kim on a walk in nature with her dog.

Think of it as your higher self speaking to and honoring your human self.  Being human is hard and we can certainly be our biggest critic.  Thanking yourself is a beautiful thing to do that can affect you positively on a cellular level.  Perhaps you’ll want to create your own personal mantra that will help you.  You can even create one for your animal.

Thank you (your name), for all you do.    (You do so much and sometimes we need to pat ourselves on our own back.)

Thank you (your name), for being you.   (You are special as you are.)

Thank you (your name), for your body, mind and soul.   (Your whole self in harmony and balance.)

Thank you (your name), for being completely whole.   (Envisioning you are this, even if you feel you are not.)

Thank you (your name), for taking your spirit’s flight.   (Allow your spirit to soar and know even a small step is a step forward.)

Thank you (your name), for being a shining light.   (You are a light to others, even if you don’t realize or believe it.)

Thank you (your name), for being here today.   (You are appreciated and needed, especially during this momentous time in history.)

Thank you (your name), these words I pray – to stay.   (May these words stay in your heart and know that your life matters – YOU matter.)

We are grateful for you and wish you much love during this holiday season.

Grateful Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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