Introduction to Intuition


Animals play a huge role in intuition.  From your pets to wild animals, they want to help guide you in your life.  When you become aware of how animals are trying to reach and teach you, you have an awareness about life that is simply profound.

Intuition is also about nature.  On a hike, the majority of people go from point A to point B.   If they used their intuition, they could tune in to Mother Earth and receive her messages.

When you strengthen your connection with animals, nature, and Mother Earth, your intuition increases and creates a ripple effect in your life such as:

  • You can know what animals, nature, and Mother Earth are trying to tell you.
  • You have more of a feeling of self-worth, while standing in your truth.
  • You have more clarity in your daily life, and your path and purpose seem more clear.
  • You find it easier to stay present and grounded, while finding balance and harmony amidst challenges.
  • You understand humanity as a whole better, including individuals, which encourages you to create a ripple effect that will benefit all of life.

When you allow intuition to help guide you, you realize that like an intricately woven spider’s web, we are all energetically intertwined in the delicate facets of life.  And when you understand this, it helps you to believe in yourself – and in all of life.

We created the Introduction to Intuition Package to assist you with expanding your intuitive abilities.  This is ideal for those getting started with intuition or wanting to enhance their skills through possible new insights and experiences.

If your ultimate goal is to learn to speak to animals or become a better communicator and voice for the animals, understand that the core foundation of animal communication is intuition through strengthening your energetic connection to animals, nature and Mother Earth.  So with this Introduction to Intuition Package, it’s possible you can actually start receiving information from animals, nature and Mother Earth before ever taking a real animal communication class.

The Introduction to Intuition Package is just $37 and consists of 7 features:

  • The Introduction to Intuition Ebook – This 10 page downloadable PDF ebook provides helpful tips to increase your intuitive abilities.
  • Intuition Expansion Checklist – Use this handy downloadable PDF checklist daily to help you get the most out of your intuitive abilities.
  • Intuition Expansion Audio Meditation – This 13 minute downloadable audio meditation takes you on an intuitive journey with animals and nature, that helps you dive into a deeper connection with all of life.
  • Intuitive Abilities Video – This 30 minute video discusses how to clear your space, grounding, balancing your chakras, and energy techniques to help you increase your intuition. (From our Learning Center)
  • Techniques to Improve Your Energy & Intuition Guide – This downloadable PDF guide reviews 9 different energetic techniques to help with both your intuition and energy, that complements the Intuitive Abilities video.  (From our Learning Center)
  • Nature Connection Video – This 10 minute video touches on how to look at nature from a different point of view so you can have a stronger connection.  (From our Learning Center)
  • Elemental Cards – Four downloadable PDF cards featuring metaphysical properties of the sun, moon, water, and rainbows to help enhance your intuition, that complements the Nature Connection video.  (From our Learning Center)

If you are interested in taking your skills further, we have several options:

  • If you are interested in taking an all-day animal communication in-person class in MT, TX or CO, click here.
  • If you are interested in taking an all-day animal communication teleclass by distance (phone or web call via laptop/computer), click here.