Intro to Animal Communication Zoom Class

Animal communication is a profound method to connect with any animal on a deeper level.  You can learn more about animal communication here.

Speaking with animals is sometimes referred to as telepathic, intuitive, or psychic abilities.  It really is all about connecting with animals on a true heart and soul level.  This is an innate ability we all have.

Animals are constantly trying to reach and teach you and offer guidance in your life.

This Introduction to Animal Communication Zoom Class is ideal for:

  • Any animal lover.
  • Any pet parent that wants to know their animal on a deeper level.
  • Any animal professional that wants to get a feel for how this ability can help their clients.
  • Anyone that is not quite ready for the time or expense of an all-day class with us.
  • Any student that has already taken animal communication and wants to experience the class in a different way or refresh their skills.

In this introduction class, you will:

  • Receive a PDF class document.
  • Learn about what animals are capable of teaching you and questions you can ask them.
  • Learn how animals try to communicate with us, including wild animals.
  • Learn how to become the best receiver for the animals.
  • Learn how you can process the information from animals in various ways.
  • Experience guided exercises to help you achieve a stronger heartfelt connection with animals and nature.
  • Bring something from nature (such as a rock, stick, feather, etc.) that you collected specifically for the purpose of this class (not something bought or given to you or something you already have.)
  • Practice tuning in with a few animals to get the feel of connecting and receiving their energy and essence.
  • If you are interested in attending all-day training, learn more about in-person class here and the teleclass (phone or web call via laptop/computer) here.
  • Please note that this is an introduction class and not a part of the Animal Heart & Soul Communication Community or the Animal Heart & Soul Professional Communicator Program.

This introduction class will start you on the path to a deeper connection with all animals and nature.   

How this class works:

  • This is a Zoom class so you will need to have a web cam and working speaker and microphone.  Most computers and laptops have this.  If not, you can purchase a separate web came or headset.  Some people have used Zoom on their phones or tablets but this is harder to do.
  • The Zoom class will be recorded.

Class Details

  • Date:  TBD
  • Time:  9-11 am mountain time
  • Registration:  Special price of $59.  Register by October 30th.  Upon registration, you will receive an email from us with class information.
  • Cancellation Policy:  There are no refunds or transfers.